12 of the Best Blog Posts that I Wrote in 2017

It’s kinda a rule that you reflect on the past year in the week between Christmas and New Years. It’s more or less mandatory in the blogging world…I think they might take away your URL if you don’t write some sort of End-Of-The-Year post.

Yesterday I shared the love with some of my favorite posts that I read from others over the past year. Today it’s back to all about me. Without further ado,

12 of my favorite posts I wrote in 2017

♥ Bright Lights, Big Screens of the Pixel Forest NYC
My experience of one of the most popular NYC art exhibits of the year. It was pretty magical.

♥ A First Date Worth Getting Excited About?
All about the first date with the guy who is now my boyfriend! Thus this will always hold a special place in my heart. Musing on expectations for first meets… and a surprise ending!

♥ 45 Things to Do Itead of Feeling Sorry for My Single Self on Valentine’s Day!
45 things I actually did on February 14, 2017. I made it a very enjoyable and perfectly New York Cliché Valentine’s Day! Including:
19 Walk by Trump Tower for the first time since the Women’s March.
20 Hold down vomit.
21 Flip off Trump Tower.


♥ No One Gives A Rat’s Ass about a Rat Costume on the NYC Subway
I worked the most ridiculous acting job that involved dressing as a giant rat and sitting on the NYC subway. That rat on the far left of the photo? That is me! 

♥ Fashion and Bonnets and Spring, OH MY at the NYC Easter Parade 2017
Always a favorite event of the year, the Easter Parade is all about wandering around 5th Avenue and taking in the over-the-top festive fashion. New Yorkers get SO creating making Easter hats!

♥ Dating Someone VS Seeing Someone: What’s the Difference?
My most popular post of 2017. I’m amazed by how many people Google this every day! The debate still rages!

♥ You’ll Never Guess Who Got Their Purse Stolen In New York City (Spoiler: Me. It’s Me.)
I got my purse stolen literally right out from under me. But the thief apparently realized the truth: that my purse is the worst purse to steal in all of Manhattan…

♥ Solar Eclipse for the Streets of New York City
The celestial event seemed to bring all of NYC together and bring out the best in New Yorkers. It was awesome to see droves of people out on the streets staring up!

♥ What If Our “How We Met” Story Is More Awkward Than Adorable?
Not a fairy tale, just the true story of how I met my boyfriend.

♥ Picture Perfect Street Harassment
I got cornered on the street and felt I had to take this photo to make the guy go away. One of my #MeToo moments…and every New York woman has countless similar experiences.

♥ New York Cliché of the Day: Sarah Jessica Parker Celebrity Sighting
One Friday night, I shopped at the same CVS drugstore as Sara Jessica Parker. Easily my favorite celebrity sighting ever!

♥ 22 New York Minutes of Fleeting, Fabulous Gratitude
Lovely little moments of remembering how much I love this city and how grateful I am to call it home!

It was a year where I either blogged a ton (every day for the past 3 months!) or very sporadically (sorry summer). Thank you so much for reading and sticking with me! I am excited for things to come in 2017… If you have any things you’d like to read more of from me, please share! And please share any favorite posts YOU wrote in the comments too!

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