No One Gives A Rat’s Ass about a Rat Costume on the NYC Subway

They say before you judge someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. It’s one of my favorite cliché sayings. Thus, as of this morning, I am thrilled to announce I am now officially allowed to freely and fully judge 2 of my most detested New York clichés!

Subway rats and Times Square costumed characters!

cats rats nyc costumed characters

Are you kitten me? No. No, I am not. This is how I started the work week, folks. Let’s pretend I booked a bizarre job Monday morning solely to earn supreme judgement privilege. 

Hey NYC commuters, what’s up? Missed your train? Rats!

rat CP

Am I worse than an actual rat on your subway car? You tell me!

rat subway nyc

Look in the eyes of that woman in the headphones and I think we have our answer!

What the fuck was I doing? Well, I shouldn’t give details (uh, maybe shouldn’t even write this post- too bad!), but I will say that I spent my morning riding the subway. Dressed up as a giant piece of New York City vermin! Hey, I got fewer stink eyes shot my way than others who boarded the train with a, “Ladies and gentlemen, sorry to bother you…”

subway creatures nyc

If you know New Yorkers, it won’t come as a surprise that I was largely ignored. Nothing phases New Yorkers. We see giant rats running around the subway all the time. Meh, whatevs.

rat sub cp

Those people coming down the stairs? They were looking for directions to get to Grand Central. The minute I pulled off my head, they asked me if the N train would take them there. Even tourists aren’t phased by a giant rodent! Maybe they thought I was cute?

rat cab nyc

Cab drivers weren’t into it. No one wants to hear the story of that time you had a huge rat in your cab…

So back underground, where rats belong.

rat train

Maybe people thought I was just Splinter’s rebellious teenage son. That their childhood fantasies of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being real were finally coming true!

Living the dream, NYC, I’m living the dream.

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9 thoughts on “No One Gives A Rat’s Ass about a Rat Costume on the NYC Subway

    1. Ha hahaha yeah, that was tooootally my intent with the Insta photo- I didn’t want anyone to know! Seperate my Insta-lerkers from beloved blog followers 😉 No everyone gets the full ridiculous story!

    1. Right?? Doesn’t get more New York cliche than that, right? Can’t make this stuff up 😀

    1. I published it on the same day as the event, I was a little worried someone from the company would find it and have an issue. Even though we were never told explicitly NOT to share! It’s a week late, so I feel okay letting you know a little more in this comment – it was to promote a TV show! Only in NYC, right?

  1. I just come back from the high line, and googled Kobra… Your post came up first, and it’s the only one that tell all about the two murals I was looking for (the kiss and Einstein)… I just thought that I miss them because I was tired… But no… So sad!!!

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