1 When an adorable baby on the train locks eyes with you. He’s  so cute you don’t even care when the train gets stuck in a tunnel for ten minutes. You’re too busy playing peek-a-boo with the one person train who won’t break any laws of common decency if he shit himself on public transportation. 2 When “SHOWTIME” means a Broadway-worthy performance. The cast of […]


Awesome Guest Post by Lilly Vanek They looked happy. Maybe she wasn’t as cute as me, and someone had clearly blurred out his chronic acne with Photoshop, but they looked happy. I made the mistake of looking at the Facebook page of my first college boyfriend, who, apparently, had just gotten married. With a dull ache […]


On Sunday the Metro Transit Authority (MTA)increased all subway fares. New Yorkers are not happy. A single ride went from $2.50 to $2.75. Those, like me, who take the subway multiple times a day, saw their Monthly Metro Card fee increase from $112 to $116.50. $4.50 may not seem like a lot folks, but it’s […]


It doesn’t feel like spring. Not one bit. The snow on the first day of spring just added flakey salt to the wounds of this brutal winter. Ugh! Winter, I said we were never ever getting back together, so stop hanging around! Fuck off! Seriously, no one likes you! Sunday afternoon the sun was out but temperatures hovered in […]


New York Cliché sent Tolly “Rose” to cover this awesome foodie event.  In the spirit of this blog, I arrived to the Village Voice Choice Eats 2015 event wearing a huge bag, high heels, and a press pass, on the outer edge of “fashionably late”—talk about a NY Cliché. I entered a bit frazzled, which might explain […]


March 20th, 2015 was all about the white stuff. I’m talking SUGAR and SNOW. Macaron Day was the sweet spot of this trés bizzare first day of spring. If there was ever a day this town required free cookies, yesterday was it. Fortunately patisseries and bakeries are some of the coziest places you can go. My Macaron Day 2015 Crawl […]


I’m way more excited about Macaron Day than I was about St. Patrick’s Day. That sure says something about my vices. Bodes well for my liver, looks bad for my teeth. Macaron Day is tomorrow, March 20th! In celebration of delightful French cookies (which were gluten-free long before it was trendy) and to raise money for City Harvest, bakeries […]


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! If you’re in Manhattan, chances are an intoxicated person in green has yelled this at you today. Every March 17th the Big Apple turns green with an influx of bridge and tunnel visitors whose one goal is to get so wasted they barf. St. Paddy’s Day in the city has become synonymous with Drunk Douche-Bag […]


Outrageous New York date ideas that I pretend to hate but would secretly probably love… Awesome Guest Post by Gwendy Taylor I’m not much of a romantic person, and really never have been. Don’t get me wrong—I believe in being sweet and finding your own unique way to “be in love”. But I don’t need […]


In ninth grade I got my first boyfriend. There were a lot of reasons I liked him. We both were teased by our circles of friends for not wearing jeans. Jeans aren’t comfortable! No one else understood. But he and I, we got each other. We both preferred walking through parks over malls. Another boy would have thought […]