I walked out of the Performing Arts Library just before closing. I’d gone to get a change of scene from my cluttered apartment and to do some writing. Both objectives accomplished, I left feeling good. Not only had I been rather productive, an unexpected bonus of walking around the Sesame Street exhibit currently on the library’s […]


Saturday was the 24th Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade. Easily my favorite Halloween event in NYC. Are you ready for an explosion of cuteness? Try to get to the end of this post without a smile on your face, I dare ya! These pooches have far better costumes than I plan on wearing come […]


Dating in New York is a beast unlike any other. Rife with comedic gold and something we’ll always talk about. Get together a group of people who have spent time single in NYC. If you really want the good stuff, hand them a cocktail, and ask them to talk about dating in this town. The stories that follow, […]


By now you’ve likely heard: a cause of Ebola has been confirmed in NYC. I could’ve been the first to tell you. Why? The infected individual lives on my street. On my block. I’m not kidding. Yesterday started off strange: myself and my 2 roommates all had the day off. This never happens. My roommate […]


One rainy Saturday morning, I found great treasure on Roosevelt Island. Allow me to explain and spoiler I mean metaphoric treasure! [By the Mummers], a theatre company I’m a part of, was hired by a Renaissance-themed fall festival on Roosevelt Island. A troupe of 6 actors would perform interactive theatre with the guests and occasionally sing folk […]


On my walk to meet him, I realized I was nervous. Whoa, weird. Having spent the majority of my six years in NYC single, I can’t remember the last time I was nervous for a first date. Truth be told, I’ve been on so many first dates I can’t remember them all. I’ve reached that enviable […]

apple picking matching flannel

Every year it’s the same old song and dance. Autumn rolls around and I find myself saying to one friend or another, “You know what would be fun? Apple picking! We should go apple picking!” Then I blink and it’s November, the trees have been picked bare and I’m out of luck. “Maybe next year,” I […]