Weekly New York Minutes #6

Every Friday I feature some fleeting moments from my week that made me stop and think, “I’m so lucky to live in NYC!” Today I’m a day late (sorry)…but not a minute short! Enjoy!

Reflecting while on wonderful wanders in the unseasonably warm weather. What a week, we literally had it all in the last 7 days: rain, snow, sleet, sun.

This warm weather scene framed by severely outdated Christmas decorations. It was so warm on Wednesday that restaurants opened their outdoor seating. I walked by a micro-park the the West Village that was still adorned with holiday decor and giggled/snickered at the bizarre contrast! Read More

New York Cliché of the Day: Giant (Inflatable) Rats

New York City is known for rats. They scurry around the subway tracks, they eat pizza, they’re basically NYC’s unofficial mascot. I once dressed up as a giant rat and most New Yorker didn’t even bat an eye. Rats are as iconic a New York cliché as yellow taxi cabs!

But have you heard of or seen the lesser known giant, inflatable, union rat?

The Union Rat, as this species is colloquially called, is a giant inflatable rat that a pissed off workers will place outside a business that is not complying with their union. There’s always someone hanging out with the icky-looking rat, handing out flyers explaining their grievances.


Nothing draws attention quite like giant, demonic, inflatable rat!

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New York Cliché of the Day: Talk About the Weather, This Is NYC in February?

Today was a thrilling teaser for spring. It was 77 degrees in New York City this February 21st. This is NYC in February? We emerged, bewildered, from our puffy jackets and walked the warm city streets. Only in a rush because well, that’s how New Yorkers walk. A welcome change from the GET-ME-INSIDE-ASAP hustle that’s gripped pedestrians since November.

NYC in February? This warm? Should we be scared or gleeful?

It was easy to enjoy. Skipping in celebration of sun on our bare skin and limitless footwear options. Restaurants opened sidewalk seating, ice cream shops had long lines but no one minded waiting. All cliché rudeness and impatience melts away for the first teaser day of spring!  Read More

New York Cliché of the Day: Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes

Started as a corner shop in the West Village, Magnolia Bakery has blossomed into a full blown New York City and international chain. It has half a dozen locations all over Manhattan including shops in Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station. While looking up those NYC location, magnoliabakery.com blew my mind: there are apparently more locations in the Middle East than NYC, and in Korea and Mexico as well.

Magnolia cupcakes have gone global.

Magnolia Bakery is famous for its cupcakes. They were featured on an episode of Sex and the City about 20 years ago and exploded into a trendy dessert. Of course you can get other desserts as well. Ask New Yorkers and you’ll hear Magnolia Bakery’s banana pudding is more special than any cupcake flavor. Read More

NY Cliché of the Day: Lunar New Year Celebrations in Chinatown NYC

Friday afternoon, I found myself running an errand in New York City’s Chinatown. It turned out to be the most festive errand ever.

The streets were covered with rainbow confetti and glitter for blocks! The sound of rhythmic drums was in the air along with more confetti, flying through the air like unicorn snow.

What was going on in Chinatown, NYC this February?

It was the start of Chinese New Year celebrations! It’s the lunar new year of the dog, so there were little dog characters every where. Along with lucky red lanterns and colorful lions, from little puppets to life-sized dancers.

Lunar New Year NYC celebration in Chinatown

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[Replay Cliché] Backstage For The Final Runway Show Of New York Fashion Week

Originally posted February 2014.
Fashion week just ended for winter 2018 so it’s a timely taste!

I have a bit of a fascination with fashion. I love reading fashion blogs, love the challenge of making the most of my tiny wardrobe budget. I’ve even considered adding a weekly What I Wore type feature- New York Starvinging Artist Style?- to New York Cliché. Would you read it? (I see my dude readers shaking their heads adamantly nooooo.) I love New York Fashion Week.

I always get caught up in the madness of these bi-annual seven days. For three years I lived in it. Literally lived a block away from it. The September NYFW moved from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center was the same month I moved to W 64th Street. Any time I left the house, I passed by the tents, by the photographers snapping pictures of attendees, by the back stage entrance where all the front-row celebrities exit their town cars. I even worked many events thrown in conjunction with Fashion Week, most memorably one with horribly bitchy models. I saw so many inside elements of America’s biggest fashion parade, but the inside of the tents remained a total mystery.


I always wanted to get inside the tents, even strategized ways of sneaking in. Gigantic, impermanent, impenetrable, canvas structures: they are the main venue of all the runway shows. You can’t get in with out a press pass or your name on a list. Money doesn’t buy you a ticket to a fashion show, unless your a socialite, but the point is the tickets are not for sale. It’s incredibly exclusive. You have to be “deemed worthy” to attend one of the shows.


This year, I found a loop hole. Volunteering your time will get you in the tent. That is how I found myself backstage for the final show of Fashion Week. Amongst frazzled designers, irate PR people, and dozens of naked models who needed me to help them get dressed.

New York Fashion Week Backstage

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Street Art Saturday: Osgemeos Hip Hop Homage 14th Street Mural NYC

Abandoned lots are rare in New York where every square foot of space is worth big bucks.  The exposed walls are prime space for street art. The art that goes up is often the most fleeting – as soon as contractors settle on building agreements the paint will disappear into the concrete jungle.

So catch these murals on 14th Street between 6th and 7th while you can! By the famous street artist twins OSGEMEOS whose signature style may have inspired the Nickelodeon show Hey Arnold! That’s complete conjecture on my part…but maybe you see it too?

I love that the chimneys of the building got incorporated in the fly outfits! Read More