New York Weekly Minutes #50

Way back when (read: May 2019 – so honestly not that long ago, but…I’m my harshest critic…anyway) every Friday on the blog I would feature New York Weekly Minutes. Fleeting moments from my week that made me stop and think, “I’m so lucky to live in NYC!” or, “Bahaha this city is ridiculous and I love it.” It’s that back-to-school time, which always brings a burst of productivity. So here I am, trying to get back into the swing of blogging things wit some minutes from the past week(s).

Outdoor Yoga on the LIC Waterfront

Outdoor yoga is a joyful idea in theory and in photographs it’s absolutely FOMO inducing. But I was there, on this grass in this moment of NAMASTE under the sweltering New York City sun and WHEW was it grueling! Borderline brutal! If you can’t resist a drenched downward dog with a view, the LIC Waterfront hosts FREE yoga every Saturday at 10AM – go on a cloudy Saturday, or find a sunset option!

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An Illustration of Every Mets Game 2019

Andrew Herman’s beard immediately makes him stand out among the throng of fans waiting to enter Citifield on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in June. The beard is the same brilliant orange found on all Mets merchandise and it perfectly suits this life-long Mets fan. Herm, as he is called by his friends and thousands of Instagram followers, is here for his 30th game of the season. The 36-year-old Queens native plans to attend every New York game of 2019, including the times they play at Yankee Stadium.

Artist Herm Herman is illustrating every Mets 2019 home game

Herm’s goal is grander than simple attendance, he’s not exactly a typical season pass holder. Each game he sits in the stands with a piece of paper, a brush pen, and draws the action that unfolds. He might take a break for some crinkle fries, but by the 5th inning, he moves on to watercolor. “I’m really good at drawing the back of people’s heads,” he laughs. Herm Herman is a freelance artist and illustrator and he’s illustrating every Mets home game live at Citifield.

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Take a Day Trip to Montauk for All the Summer Fun You Can’t Quite Get in NYC

No New York cliché summer is complete without a trip to the Hamptons. Contrary to what you might believe from episodes of Real Housewives or current fundraiser scandals, you don’t have to be a high roller to trek out to the east end of Long Island and enjoy beautiful, breezy beaches. My fella and I woke up at 6:30AM last Saturday, put our bikes on the LIRR, and didn’t get off until three hours later at the very last stop: Montauk. Hamptons adjacent but sans snobbery, Montauk is awesomely accessible by public transport and makes for a fantastic summer day trip form NYC!

A Day Trip To Montauk from NYC= SO MUCH SUMMER FUN

Imagine CLEAN, NOT CROWDED beaches! I know that’s hard to believe, New Yorkers, but they are the reality in Montauk! I AM SERIOUS: Montauk Beach has so much free sand space, so very little garbage, and is a walkable distance from the LIRR train station!!

Excuse me while I jump for joy.

Walk south (make a right) from the train station to get to the beach. You’ll find an adorable beach town, so quintessential it seems like every single store sells souvenirs and surf supplies. It’s a summer fantasy life out here! Montauk Brewing Company beers flow from every tap!

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June New York Minutes

Usually on Fridays I feature some fleeting moments from my week that made me stop and think, “I’m so lucky to live in NYC!” And maybe some that made me think, “Bahaha this city is ridiculous and I love it.” This month, the weekly post just didn’t happen so I’m sharing them all in one go! Here are some New York minutes from June:

Park Avenue Lemonade Stand

Outside an apartment building on Park Avenue and 75th Street, definitely in the top 1% of luxury addresses in NYC, two little girls were selling lemonade and cookies. Best deal on the Upper East Side, I bought a big Solo cup of their strawberry-infused lemonade for just $1. I’ve happened across these urban lemonade stands before, they always warm the cockles of my heart and I always buy a cup (if I have any cash! Though I wouldn’t be surprised if these savvy Gen-Z tykes accepted Venmo…)

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Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2019: The Most Magical Event of NYC Summer

Once upon a time, long long ago in 2016 when the world still felt bright and hopeful, I attended the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. It is a glorious, beautiful event that bursts with creativity and body positivity. I’ve longed to go back ever since and this weekend my wish finally came true.

So Much Fabulousness at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2019

I was invited by Coney Island Brewery to watch from the VIP judges area. Which meant not only did I have a spectacular view of the action, I got to sip stellar summer beers the entirety of the parade. Truly a dream come true.

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Summer of Love Shakespeare on the Lower East Side: The Mechanicals NYC Presents “As You Like It”

This season is shaping up to be the Summer of Shakespeare for yours truly. I’ve seen 3 Shakespeare productions in the past two weeks. All have been wildly enjoyable, especially for a theatre nerd like me. I just can get enough iambic pentameter!

The Mechanicals theatre company opened their production of As You Like It last night. It’s a perfect play to start your very own Summer of Shakespeare. Or just enjoy a night of groovy drag, love-triangles, and theatrical hi-jinks.

9 Reasons to See The Mechanicals’ “As You Like It”

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Occupy Harry: Rollicking, Raggle-Taggle Shakespeare in the Park at Summit Rock

For many New Yorkers, it doesn’t feel like summer until you’re engaged in one of the following activities:
1. Sunbathing at Rockaway Beach
2. Scarfing down a hotdog on the Coney Island boardwalk
3. Catching the first whiff of sweltering garbage

If you’re a giant theatre nerd like me, it doesn’t feel like summer until you’ve watched an outdoor production of Shakespeare.

Last night, Shakespeare in the Park opened their production of Much Ado About Nothing and the rave review in the Times today means the infamous line is likely to balloon for the rest of the final 12 days of the run. You should absolutely try to see it and read my article first: A Former Usher’s Tips for Getting Shakespeare in the Park Tickets.

In the meantime, this weekend June 13-16, you can catch a delightful production of Shakespeare in the (lowercase) park just a short walk away from the Delacorte Theater. Totally free with no need for tickets or any kind of line!

I was lucky enough to see Occupy Verona’s production of Occupy Harry last Saturday. With that kick-off, it’s officially summer for this theatre nerd.

Occupy Harry at Summit Rock in Central Park

The “production value” of this show is a stark contrast to that down the hill with the Public Theater. Thus this production of Henry V (rebranded “Occupy Harry“) becomes a prime example of how the brilliance of Shakespeare lies in the words. Just like your college theatre professor promised- don’t need much else!

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