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People will tell you nothing is free in NYC. Don’t listen to them. Some of my favorite activities in this town don’t cost a dime- walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, Shakespeare in the Park, kayaking on the Hudson. Did I lose you with that last one? Who ever heard of kayaking in Manhattan? That’s something […]


This weekend I experienced New York’s #1 reason NOT to be a vegetarian: This is not a joke. This is a real event. Bacon and picnics would feature prevalently in my personal rendition of “My Favorite Things”, bacon and picnics and whiskers on kittens, so I was super excited when this event was announced. Even more excited to attend […]


You could call me thrifty, you could call me cheap. Potayto, potahto. The outfit I’m wearing as I type this cost a grand total of $37.98. Top: $7.99 Goodwill Jeans: FREE My roommate got too skinny for them so she gave them to someone fatter (me). Shoes: $29.99 Nine West Outlet Necklace: FREE I worked […]


I was the babysitter’s worst nightmare. I vividly remember standing hunched at the window of our apartment, crying my eyes out, my small frame racked with sobs. Just when you’d think it was over, that I couldn’t possibly have the energy for more, I’d take a breath and release another string of wails. My mother had gone out for […]


A Mother’s Day dating story for your reading pleasure… It seemed like a mutual fade out. We’d been dating about two months, I hadn’t heard from him in over a week. This was fine by me. Oh sure, he was a good-looking and very sweet guy. I just wasn’t that into him, as they say. I remember rolling my eyes every time […]


It’s that time of year when you want to spend every moment possible outside. Sunny, 70s, blue sky, every thing in bloom. This is not museum weather. Museums are best visited on rainy or sweltering days. Everyone knows that. So it felt a little strange to drag myself inside to visit a museum on a […]


Happy May everyone! My absolute favorite month in NYC. The weather is great, roof tops bars are open, and flowers line most every street. The Big Apple is warm and beautiful. It even smells good! I’m not kidding! I go out of my way in May to see the prettiest spring sights. Yesterday I took the super awesome Roosevelt Island […]


I consider myself a strong, sophisticated, (and sometimes super silly) independent woman. You won’t find me sitting around complaining to my friends about the lack of men in my life. You don’t even really see me complaining about it on my blog. Yes, I recently decided I would like a boyfriend. There’s a world of difference between would […]


The are 3 types of New Yorkers: Yankees fans, Mets fans, and people who hate baseball. This is of course, a gross simplification. But if you lived in NYC for a while, chances are you’ll find yourself preferring one of these New York based teams over the other. If you’re a person who gets really angry […]


Sunday was the 3rd annual 9/11 Memorial 5K Run/Walk, a race started “to raise awareness about the National September 11 Memorial & Museum and encourage volunteerism in memory of 9/11″. After crossing the finish line, participants along with the public, were greeted by Family Day. The street on the east side of the memorial was blocked off for family […]