art gallery chelsea

Last night I stumbled into the Japanese anime, art world version of Narnia. Walking down West 22nd Street, I saw a group of people standing outside an art gallery. Some were smoking, most were wearing edgy, fashion-forward clothing. They were all attractive. If you were throwing a party in NYC, these are the people you’d want to come. […]

cat stencil soho

Is Soho painted with CAT-astrophic bad luck or a CAT-cophony of cuteness? Black cat street art is scampering around the cobble stone streets on NYC’s shopping district. It’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. Or to mistake for an actual cat. I saw the first little kitty sitting outside a new juice place […]

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 2.54.10 PM

Are you a couple? You guys are a couple? So you two are dating? How’d you meet? You fucking? With only one exception, every single comedian who came out on stage asked us a version of the same question. The first time I chuckled awkwardly and shrugged. The second time I said “Uh, we’ll see?” At […]

coney island mermaid parade 5

Sunshine, glitter, dancing. Rainbows, art, creativity, confetti. Music, friends, laughter, light. Magic and love. All those words? They’re the best forces we have against darkness, fear, and hate.  They all came together at Coney Island this weekend. The timing was very fortunate, if you ask me, and the thousands of other people who attended Saturday’s Mermaid Parade was […]

New York Cliche little italy

There’s nothing fun about war. Unless you’re playing the classic card game with your niece or taking part in one of my favorite aspects of Twitter. Hashtag wars! A hashtag war is a battle of wits where the “pound sign” is mightier than the sword. If that makes no sense to you, here let me […]

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 9.20.10 PM

Sometimes, if you have a platform, there’s only one thing you can write about. Even if you don’t know what to say, even if others have already said more poignant, important, meaningful things than you ever could. You have to say something. The thought that even one person might interpret your silence as you not caring […]

governors island lawn

The cliche is, once Memorial Day hits, New Yorkers escape the city for the Hamptons as much as humanly possible. But what about those of us who hate three hours of bumper to bumper traffic? Those of us who have panic attacks when packed like sardines on an LIRR train? New Yorkers who can’t tell you the rules […]

mural 10th and 22nd

Walking down 22nd Street in Chelsea, I noticed two guys surrounded by a cluster of paint cans, standing at the end of the block. I quickened my pace, giddy with anticipation. Nothing about the pair suggested they were house painters, no, no, these were artists through and through. “Wow, what did you paint!” I asked, my curiosity […]

Mary Lane at Lake with Binoculars

Giant cameras strapped around their necks, binoculars clipped to their back packs, they walk in pairs or groups, all attired in sensible footwear. The tourists of New York City are easier to spot then red cardinals contrasted against green leaves. But there’s a certain group of New York locals that bare the above description as well. They […]


Looking at the two of us, you might’ve decided, “He’s a douche bag and she’s a dumb blonde.” You’d have been at least half right. We had nothing in common on the outside but everything on the inside. The table cloth of our first date might as well have been a red flag. He suggested a little French bistro on the […]