museum of ice cream SCOOP

It’s that time of year when I eat ice cream as often as I can. Because WINTER IS COMING. When I heard a Museum of Ice Cream pop-up exhibit was in NYC, coinciding perfectly with my annual binge, I had to get! Metaphorical winter is already here: the museum is completely sold out for its entire limited run. Freeze […]

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 10.03.07 AM

It’s been a thrilling two weeks watching the Olympics, hasn’t it? Cheering on the unstoppable Simones, watching Michael Phelps rack up more medals than there are NYC subway lines, and seeing Katie Ledecky seem to swim faster than any taxi I’ve ever been in. I’ve been feeling especially inspired , thoroughly in awe of human achievement. I don’t […]


I’ve been on my share of bad dates. One date so boring the woman next to me tried to save me. Then there was the guy who took me ice skating at Rockefeller Center to tell me he was seeing someone else. Most recently, a wine snob who was so pretentious it made my eyebrows ache from so […]

jazz age lawn party dance floor

The Jazz Age Lawn Party, my favorite party of the summer, coincided with a brutal NYC heat wave. 90 degrees Sunday morning, there were two choices: 1. Run away from the heat like an action star escaping an explosion, sequestering oneself to only air-conditioned spaces OR 2. Remember that AC was extremely rare until the 1950s, that […]

gramercy park building

Once upon a time in New York City I dated a trust-fund hipster with trendy AF facial hair. His name was Bluebeard and he was so charming I ignored any creepy vibe I got from him. He was sitting at the bar at Gramercy Tavern one Saturday brunch and kept sending my table of girlfriends Bloody Marys. Hammered off my ass […]


I escaped NYC last week for a land of blue skies, blueberry bushes, and patchy cell phone reception. A trip to the one state in the union actually nicknamed “Vacationland”. A beautiful, picturesque Maine vacation. I spent at least a week every summer of my childhood running around the woods and rocky coast of Maine. My family […]

Buskwick Collective Lexi bella

If you fall down the rabbit hole of the L train and get off somewhere between the Morgan Street and Halsey Street stops, you will emerge from the underground into a street art wonderland. Thanks to the Bushwick Collective, you can’t go a block in this part of Brooklyn without passing walls splashed with color.  The Bushwick Collective calls itself […]

turning 30 birthday

This is my last entry as a 20-something blogger. By the time you read this, I will have joined the ranks of a breed much more rare and sophisticated. (I think? I hope?) The 30-something blogger. It’s 11PM on July 11th, thus the final hour of my 20s. I could’ve ended this decade dancing on a bar, doing keg […]

indigo girls central park

I know some people hate to heat of summer, but I love it. I want to be outside all the time. Luckily one of the best things about New York City this time of year is free outdoor events. There’s at least one every day throughout the five boroughs, from now through September. Wanna find […]

the bagel store nyc

Only in New York can you find a food that combines your love of unicorns, gay pride, and gluten. Scot Rossillo’s Rainbow Bagel immediately recalls happy memories from childhood. Specifically, those precious few moments of magic before all the play-doh colors you mashed together turned an ugly brown. Is it this feeling of nostalgia that’s made the Rainbow Bagel NYC’s […]