A Perfect Theatre Nerd Christmas Party with Drunk Restoration Comedy

There is little I love more than theatre, alcohol, and the company of ridiculous, talented nerds. Combine all these things into a small performance space in Greenwich Village and it’s like Christmas comes early.

By that claim, this Friday December 2nd is Christmas! A CHRISTMAS CAROL!

drunk restoration comedy

Ya know, the play by Charles Dickens that your grandma dragged you to when you were a kid. But your mom won’t yell at you for kicking her chair during this Christmas Carol! And I promise you won’t fall asleep during the 2nd Act! This will be pretty darn close to the wonderful delight of The Muppet Christmas Carol. But far less furry and family friendly.  A jolly fucking holiday because heavy drinking is encouraged. Mandatory even, if you’re one of the performers.

Guess who’s one of the performers!

Well, that’s one of the characters. Guess who will be on stage!


Me! It’s me! I’m performing this Friday in Random Access Theatre’s Drunk Restoration Comedy series!

drunk restoration comedy

I know what you’re thinking… Yes, your notorious light-weight blogger, who has at least half a dozen articles dedicated to getting surprisingly drunk off one beer and inappropriate after two, will be drinking heavily on stage. Hilarity is guaranteed. Oh and it gets better: I may or may not be performing puppetry as the Ghost of Christmas Past. Drink in one hand, puppet on the other: I have no idea how the fuck I’m going to turn pages…

Seeing that struggle alone will be the amazingly affordable $12 ticket! Which INCLUDES one drink! You know you won’t find prices like that anywhere else in NYC!


drunk restoration comedy christmas carol

Yes, there will be generously spiked eggnog. Obviously, best of all, the performers are some of the funniest I’m met in NYC. Everyone I’ve met associated with Drunk Restoration Comedy has palpable warmth and kindness, which is perhaps strange to say, but goddamn perfect for Christmas. The atmosphere of these silly little performances couldn’t be more welcoming- you’ll feel like your part of the group, whether or not you’re wearing an ugly Christmas sweater.

Host Mike Gregorek, who you might recognize from my Full Bunny Contact post or his Man Interviews Audience show at QED, is the ringmaster of this drunken theatre-nerd fest. The guy’s got million dollar charm, razor sharp wit- all those Awesome Performer clichés. Mike “has the power to render us happy or unhappy; to make our service light or burdensome; a pleasure or a toil. The happiness he gives is quite as great as if it cost a fortune.” (Recognize that quote? Surprise! It’s from A Christmas Carol script!)

The show starts at 10PM at The Player’s Theater. The script’s been abridged to high heaven, so don’t worry about being stuck in the theater all night. Find tickets and details here (my sources say it’s likely to sell out at the door): http://drunkrestoration.com




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We’d gotten the first kiss out of the way, saving us from an all too familiar first date New York cliché: the Subway First Kiss. This is a staple of the NYC dating scene: he’s going down town, you’re going up town and you say goodbye before descending to your perspective platforms. It’s a shitty place for a first kiss. Read More

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Except there was really nothing cliché about it.

One of my best friends decided to celebrate turning thirty, her bachelorette party, and completing her freaking Ph. D. all in one weekend.

Yep, all three. Isn’t that MIND BLOWING!? We had 3 cakes, one to celebrate each, because just calling it her *Bachelorette Party* seemed wrong. Guys, I’ve never eaten so much cake in such a short span of time. But each bite was laced with her sweet, sweet success so they were the tastiest cakes of all time. Read More

4 Days Since the Election: Girl Power, Terror, and Safety Pins

It’s been a strange, painful week. I’ve walked around New York City with a constant dull ache in my head and in my heart. New Yorkers are notorious for avoiding contact with each other, but everything about the past 4 days has been different.

Eyes meeting, a brief connection that maybe says “I’m here for you.” and definitely says “I won’t fuck with you.”

You can see so much in people’s eyes:

I haven’t been sleeping well either.
I’ve cried in public several times these past few days, too.
Are we really awake? Is this really real?
Fuck wearing make-up.
Is that Beyoncé I hear, pumping through your headphones?

GIRL POWER is the one thing keeping me okay right now.

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The Victory Party That Ends in Tears

I never thought I’d see this day. It’s gray and rainy outside, my eyes are swollen from crying, and I feel that I’ve lost a dear, dear friend.

Good bye to the America I thought I knew. Today being American feels shameful in a way I never imagined. The pride I felt voting yesterday has fallen away, crushed into the streets like my “I Voted” sticker that fell off my coat somewhere around the Javits Center.


All my troubles seemed so far away…

Yesterday I thought the first female president would be announced right here in New York City. I was excited! I could witness this historical moment at her victory party at the Javits Center on 11th Ave.

The Javits Center is a giant convention center in midtown Manhattan, far west by the Hudson River. It’s where NY Comic Con is held, “All the best events of fall 2016 happen here!” I joked early in the evening. The convention center is all glass: glass walls, glass ceilings. It was perfect: Hillary would celebrate shattering the metaphoric glass ceiling under a literal glass ceiling!


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