It’s that time of year when New Yorkers dream of running away to a tropical land. So long snow and gray skies, I’d like to scuba dive and swim with dolphins, please! If a winter vacation is not on the horizon, run down to the tip of Manhattan at Battery Place “The Battery” and take a ride on the SeaGlass […]


There are about 100 museums in New York City. I haven’t been to even half of them. Who needs museums when you have city streets? Okay, that was harsh. I love museums. I also love wandering around the streets of Soho feeling like I’m on a Street Art Treasure Hunt. Color and Creativity mark the spots. […]


So this happened On a first date. Oh I am not kidding. I wore the most ridiculous balloon hat you’ve ever seen on a first date in New York City. No, I wasn’t on a date with a clown. Nor a balloon…sculpturist? No, I wasn’t breaking up Jeff Koons‘ marriage #highbrowjoke. It wasn’t an exercise dictated by […]


Picking a place to eat in New York City is completely overwhelming. Think about it too much and you’ll feel out of control, start emotional eating, order from the greasy take-out place around the corner, and give up ever eating outside the home again. NYC understands those stakes (and steaks too, but I digress). In an effort to keep […]


Christmas ended a month ago. I’m well aware of this, but very time I step outside, two Christmas carols play in my head. Like that kiddie holiday record I was obsessed with when I was five, this makes me absolutely giddy. Sometimes I change the words. Warning: if you spent the holidays cursing the tunes stuck in your head, […]


In the middle of Blizzard Jonas, I stood in the middle of Times Square. The billboard lights shining in my eyes, the snow pelting my face. Why why wasn’t I in the warm, safe apartment during the biggest snow storm New York’s had in decades? Here’s the story. I’d worn my pajamas inside-out in an act […]


Once upon a time there was a three-day weekend. All in the kingdom of Manhattan had three days off work! Three days off school! There was much rejoicing. Some left town for ski slopes or beach houses in Florida. Some crawled under blankets, feasting their eyes on every episode of Making a Murderer. Some rejoiced too much […]


Her tiny, diminutive form slipped out the door of her apartment and into the hallway. In the prime of bone density, she might have claimed the height of 5 foot (in shoes). Time and osteoporosis (or something of that ilk) whittled her away to a size that put her, uh, well, approximately at eye level with my […]


Yesterday I returned to New York from a seaside vacation in a quaint coastal town. By that I mean I was home for the holidays in San Francisco. Yes, San Francisco is where I was born and raised for the first 18 years of my life. When ever I tell anyone this, the invariable response is, “Why would you ever want […]


Holy shit it’s 2016. Good-bye holiday season, good-bye 2015, hello January. Last week was supposed to be for reflecting on the year but I spent it gallivanting around my home town San Francisco. So here it is, the first Monday of 2016, (and actually Tuesday by the time I publish it). Instead of writing a blogger […]