My Top 7 Posts of 2016 (This Round-up is Belated AF)

It’s taken over two weeks of careful, painstaking consideration to craft this list.

Yeah, yeah, that’s a lie. I simply waffled back and forth on this, like a basic bitch at brunch. Should I be bad and get waffles? Should I be bad and not write this classic blogger cliché round up? Everyone else and their blog roll is! 

favorite blogs 2016

It’s January 18th. No one’s writing these posts any more. So now I feel totes original! Haha, really I just realize I enjoy these post from other people so maybe someone will enjoy mine.

Maybe that’s a lie too. Maybe I’m just trying to uphold the only two things people can count on me for: being late and writing blog posts. 

Favorite Blogs of Last Year



This is the most New York cliché thing that’s ever happened to me. I was walking in a well populated area in Chelsea at 8:30PM on a spring evening and a guy walked past me, said, “I’m taking your phone”, grabbed my iPhone out of my hand and sprinted down the street. How did I respond? By doing pretty much EVERYTHING you’re not supposed to, starting with chasing after him! But the story has a happy ending!


NYC hogwarts houses harry potter

As both an avid New York City blogger and fan of Harry Potter (old school since 1999), I saw it as my duty to sort the NYC boroughs into Hogwarts Houses. You might think “Um, Brooklyn is totally Ravenclaw!” but let me ilLUMOSnate you as to why that is not in fact the case!


online dating worst messages

A peek inside the scary, overcrowded space of my online dating inbox. For every nice message there are about 50 I never replied to. After reading this, you’ll see why! (BONUS: you can scroll to the bottom and read the comment from a Troll who thinks I’m too picky. Feel free to agree or tell him he’s an idiot!)



coney island mermaid parade 5Finally made it to this epic costume parade at Coney Island! This is a feel-good post feel of pictures of creativity, sequins, and boobs. If winter is starting to get you down, it’s a perfect read. Plus, you have plenty of time to plan you costume for the 2017 Mermaid Parade!


When I visited my parents for the holidays, almost every single night, their neighbor knocked on the door to ask my dad to help her with something. This made me:
A. Thankful for my New York cliché unfriendly neighbors and
B. Ruminate on what it will be like if I’m living alone at age 80



high line mural

A eulogogy to this amzing piece of street art. Yes, this iconic mural that was once visible from the High Line in Chelsea was destroyed last winter. The wall painted over gray. No other outlets were talking about it, so I had to break the news in this post.



That’s a picture of me, on a first date. Don’t you want to know how I ended up wearing this ridiculous ballon hat on a date? Yes, yes you do. It’s a cute story and made me rethink my priorities in a potential partner (#1: he must be okay with wearing wacky, embarrassing hats).

Any posts you remember that you feel like I missed? Haha or does 2016 just seem so far away now, who can remember?!



Friday the 13th New York NIGHTMARE on 42nd Street

Your Friday the 13th begins at the crossroads of the world: Times Square. The lights are blinding and each animated sign flashes so quickly it feels seizure inducing. Giant billboards proclaim NEW YORK CITY SUPPORTS TRUMP FOR SUPREME EMPEROR and CHICAGO: NOW STARRING WILLIAM HUNG AS BILLY FLYNN! You’re smashed shoulder to shoulder between tourists, selfie-sticks rise above the crowd like torches and pitch forks. “WHERE IS TIME SQUARE?” bellows into your ears at alternating intervals, always questioned with a whining southern twang. Sneakered feet move in unison, side to side like wind up dolls on their last crank.

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A First Date Worth Getting Excited About?

I made the rookie mistake of getting excited about a first date.

Not even a first date! A Drinks ‘n’ Winks! I’d never met the guy before.

If you have any experience with online dating, you know any excitement before a first meeting is a recipe for Disappointment. With a capitol D.

Don’t be excited for this date, Mary Lane. I tried to talk myself down as I Citibiked to meet him at a bar in the Village. You’re just building up a fantasy that’s all going to come crashing down when you meet him. This isn’t fair to him OR you. Come on, girl! Crash and burn those expectations! Read More

Bright Lights, Big Screens of the Pixel Forest NYC

It was snowing heavily Saturday afternoon and still the line for the New Museum stretched all the way down the block and around the corner. I don’t know why I was surprised, the Pixel Forest is the most buzzed about art exhibit of the season.


We stood in line for over 30 minutes, enduring the elements of sleet and snow, on the Bowery in lower Manhattan. All this to enter the much acclaimed and photographed Pixel Forest, Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist’s latest exhibition at the New Museum.

The Pixel Forest Pipilorri Rist Exhibition

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Snow Day Street Art at First Street Green Art Park

Snow didn’t stop all Saturday. The concrete jungle was colorless with hardly a yellow cab to break up the white and gray. Instead of hibernating in my warm apartment, I trekked out onto the frosty streets in search of color.

First Street Green Art Park


On the boarder of the East Village and Lower East Side, this park is the most reliable, concentrated source of street art in lower Manhattan. The whiteness of the snow really made the colorful walls stand out.

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