On my walk to meet him, I realized I was nervous. Whoa, weird. Having spent the majority of my six years in NYC single, I can’t remember the last time I was nervous for a first date. Truth be told, I’ve been on so many first dates I can’t remember them all. I’ve reached that enviable […]

apple picking matching flannel

Every year it’s the same old song and dance. Autumn rolls around and I find myself saying to one friend or another, “You know what would be fun? Apple picking! We should go apple picking!” Then I blink and it’s November, the trees have been picked bare and I’m out of luck. “Maybe next year,” I […]

fall foliage frolick

You can’t expect a place people call “the concrete jungle” to bring it when it comes to fall foliage. For once, New York is behind the trend, with Central Park not revealing its most brilliant colors until November. With the warm weather we’ve been having, one might forget it’s fall. That is, until you step into a […]

Hindsight is 20/20 goes the cliché. When looking back on dates, it’s often easy to see the moment you coulda realized it was never going anywhere. In some cases when you shoulda realized it but infatuation kept you hoping. Then there are the times when you realize right then and there that the relationship is doomed. Woulda and actually did realize! […]


Invite two dating bloggers to a mixology master class and they may spend more time talking about the cute bartender than the cocktails. Especially if he has a British accent. Seriously, you expected us to not be distracted? Honestly, there were many distractions in the rooftop bar of Times Square’s newest hotel, citizenM. citizenM opened its […]


New York City is known as a city of dreams. If you can make if here, you’ll make it any where, as the song goes. There is nothing more inspiring than watching someone’s dreams come true. I attended a performance at the Cutting Room that made my heart sing for this very reason. I couldn’t stop smiling, […]


Today, October 9th, is World Sight Day! So let’s see here… I didn’t need glasses until sophomore year of high school. Unlike your cliché American teenaged girl, I was thrilled to acquire such an accessory. My four eyes added to the artsy-weird-girl image I tried so hard to project and they made me less appealing to […]