Hey guys, this secret’s out. There is a webseries you should check out called The Jane Games. Why should you? Well, not just because I’m in it (but yes, I am), here let me give you plenty of reasons- 1 You love a good modernization of Jane Austen’s work. Especially since they’ll never make a sequel to Clueless. […]


This weekend was warm and sunny and beautiful. New Yorkers left their apartments in droves. Anyone who wasn’t bedridden was outside. I opted for a trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park. People picnicking and just hanging out on a green grassy lawn for the first time in 2015! It was the perfect day to finally check […]


I write a post about a great second date everyone is so supportive and nice. I got so many comments from you all saying how excited for me you were! There were  lovely tweets. @NewYorkCliche so excited for you!! — Zoë Gulliksen (@bookishbelle) April 10, 2015 There were giddy Facebook comments. There were the sweetest blog comments. They were all […]


You’re walking down the street, just minding your own business, when WHAM. You walk straight into an art display that looks like it’s in a museum. You have to stop and look at it, marvel that you get to run into world class art in this city. No wonder New Yorkers are notoriously late. “Sorry, I […]


Continued from this previous post. I had a boyfriend in high school who was half Brazilian. You never would have guessed it looking at him, he was about as pasty as any white boy you can find in Northern California. You never would have guessed it talking to him, because, well, people don’t often embody giant clichés. Well, unless […]


The NYC Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival, one of my favorite New York events, flooded 5th Avenue with spring-time fashion and festivity yesterday. You’re unfamiliar with this fabulous event?  Prepare yourself for more color then you’ve seen all winter. Here’s what it’s about, you’ll see why I love it so much! It is a joyful celebration of spring! […]


I want you to think back to the Easter egg hunts of your youth. The colorful baskets and brightly painted eggs, the pastel stuffed rabbits and transparent plastic grass. Next, think back to your childhood nightmares. The darkness and unfamiliar scary feeling, the monsters chasing you and taking away your treasured possessions. Now pretend you’re making […]


I was excited about a second date. Do you understand how rare that is? I’m a jaded New York Cliché, I’m not supposed to get excited about dates! I’ve been on so many dates in this city, I’ve lost count. Dating is just part of my routine. It involves minimal expectation, I’m usually able to keep […]


1 When an adorable baby on the train locks eyes with you. He’s  so cute you don’t even care when the train gets stuck in a tunnel for ten minutes. You’re too busy playing peek-a-boo with the one person train who won’t break any laws of common decency if he shit himself on public transportation. 2 When “SHOWTIME” means a Broadway-worthy performance. The cast of […]


Awesome Guest Post by Lilly Vanek They looked happy. Maybe she wasn’t as cute as me, and someone had clearly blurred out his chronic acne with Photoshop, but they looked happy. I made the mistake of looking at the Facebook page of my first college boyfriend, who, apparently, had just gotten married. With a dull ache […]