The sky was threatening, ominous and cloudy, as my group of friends entered Washington Park in Park Slope, Brooklyn. We plunked down our picnic blanket amidst the sea of others and kept our expectations low. It was probably going to rain. The production was probably going to be disappointing. None of us knew anything about the company, […]


There’s little I love more than New York summer nights. Nights where you have no real plans other than spending time with two of your best friends in the world. Nights where the sun doesn’t set until 8:30pm. You all show up wearing matching outfits. You didn’t plan it, you swear!   Your red trio sits […]


My phone buzzed with an alert shortly after 10AM on Friday morning. I was on the subway and surprised to have a text come through. I stared at my phone a little dazed. SCOTUS RULES MARRIAGE BAN UNCONSTITUTIONAL. MARRIAGE EQUALITY FOR ALL. I emerged from the under ground onto the bright, sunny streets of New York […]


I’d been on four great dates with this guy. He made me laugh, he remembered my favorite cookies are macarons, and he didn’t let a little rain ruin a lovely evening. Smart, spontaneous, and also really cute. I was starting to think he might be someone I could actually really like. After our fourth date he kissed me […]


Here’s a New York summer tradition you may not know about. Every summer solstice June 21st, for the past 14 years, a group of people gathers in Times Square to practice yoga. At the start it was just a few friends, just a few mats, just a few sun salutations. This past Sunday, June 21 […]


This past weekend saw NYC’s niftiest party of the summer, the Jazz Age Lawn Party! Governor’s Island was transported back in time to the roaring ’20s. But with legal alcohol and much better cameras! This year marks the 10th anniversary of this swell event. Live music, performances, dancing, vintage, fashion shows, even a pie baking contest: […]


I’ve lived in New York for seven years, but I was born and raised and spent the first 18 years of my life living in San Francisco. At least once a day people ask me where I’m from and it’s with great pride I get to say, “San Francisco!” That question is often followed up with, […]


When I moved to NYC in 2008, construction of the Freedom Tower was well under way. As a naive 21 year-old infatuated with my new city, it looked to me as though had just begun. The structure was just emerging from the foundation but below-ground construction had been going since April 27, 2006. Over the past 7 years, I’ve […]


A favorite NYC summer activity, last week I went to see FREE Shakespeare in the Park! Now I can tell you all about it… On one hand, the weather was extremely appropriate for Shakespeare in the Park’s first preview of The Tempest. At 7pm the sky was black and threatening as could be. As I left […]


I went into my Time Out New York Undateables interview with the objective of producing “good copy”. I wanted the write-up to be fun to read. I didn’t worry about being nice. I didn’t consider the feelings of the person I’d been on a date with. When the interviewer laughed out loud as I described my date’s facial hair, I thought,”Yeah! This […]