So you decided to end your relationship. You want to do it in person, and not be a douchebag ghost. Bravo! But breaking up is hard, especially in a city with as little privacy as NYC. Where do you have this conversation with your soon-to-be Ex? Anywhere but here: 14. Your Neighborhood Coffee Shop The […]


The museums of New York City are renown all over the world. Tally the number of museums, galleries, exhibits and you’ll find the figure somewhere in the hundreds. We have plenty devoted to art, a couple for New York City, a Museum of the Moving Image, there’s even a Museum of Sex and a Morbid Anatomy Museum. So what’s […]


Imagine a world where pedestrians rule the city streets. Where no one has cars and bicycles ride supreme. The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) brings such a world to life. For the first 3 Saturday mornings in August vehicles are banished from a huge stretch of street right in the middle of Manhattan. It’s pretty amazing! Summer Streets […]

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ONE WISH I threw a penny in Bethesda Fountain and made a wish. I wished I was a better blogger. I held the penny in my hand and imagined waking up at 7AM every morning, fresh and ready to write. Sitting at my desk with fresh coffee in an instagram-worthy mug, my mind uninhibited by doubts. Free […]


I just got back from a week on the beaches of Cape May, New Jersey. While the experience is still as fresh in my mind as the sand lining my tote bag, you need to throw your bathing suit into a bag and run away to the Jersey Shore ASAP. (I mean, I’ll probably convince you right off […]


There are just some things you can’t do in New York City. Like pick juicy, ripe cherries right off the tree and plop them in a bucket (or directly in your mouth, shhh don’t tell the farmer!). We can’t do that in NYC! It’s not fair! And that’s why we have New Jersey! Leave it to […]


It was two weeks before my birthday when I realized: the last time I went out dancing was the 7AM Daybreaker party. This was unacceptable and my birthday was the perfect chance to rectify the situation. The last birthday of my twenties, my last birthday on a weekend for the near future, this was a go-big-or-go-home state of affairs! That’s […]


One Saturday night in mid July, I achieved a New York trifecta. I cried on a city bus. I cried on the subway. I cried in the back of a cab.  I pour my sweat (hello heat wave) and tears into this city! On every form of public transportation! It wasn’t an epic, unending flood […]


Summer in the City (A Blog in Many Acts) Act I: Brilliant Sunsets Scene One (A city street. The night is though humid, is beginning to cool. Upstage, the sky; the sun just beginning to set. A passer-by might remark, “oh that’s nice”. For every passing moment the sky grows more and more alive with color until deep, […]


I spent my weekend being told I look like Taylor Swift.  A six year old girl pointed at me and said to her mom, “She looks exactly like her!” A security guard said, “You’re been freaking me out. I thought you were Taylor Swift. Tell me you’re her sister or something.” A man on an escalator […]