Remember that moment in middle school gym when the teacher announced the next unit would be Square Dancing? Did your entire class emitted a groan of angst and anguish? I reckon this is the average American’s association with square dancing. That’s a darn tootin’ shame. Now if you were in the heart of Manhattan last weekend, […]


1 You can read her like a book. Her life is literally an open book blog. 2 Your photography skills will improve exponentially. At some point you may find yourself thinking, “Am I her boyfriend or photographer with benefits?” 3 Epic, exclusive, ongoing private tutorials in social media. You’ll learn more about Twitter/Instagram/hashtagging that you ever wanted to […]


I meet a person who has lived in New York over 14 years, I remember.  I see a fire truck, I remember.  I pass a souvenir shop with painfully outdated post cards, I remember.  I see smoke, I remember.  I hear the word “terrorism”, I remember. I see this beautiful building cutting a fine line on the horizon, […]


Once every 41 seconds, a child decides they hate Shakespeare. I may have completely made up the statistic, but the sentiment is true. People see a poor production or receive a lesson by a mediocre teach and BAM they close their books, refuse to see his plays forever. Ugh, it’s boring! I don’t understand it! It’s old! […]


If there was a bar eight blocks from where you work- with cold drinks and perfectly spiced bay fries, where there’s always a cool breeze even on 90 degree nights- you’d go all the time, right? This bar would become your summer house, your summer boat house I should say, for indeed the bar floats a top […]


So you decided to end your relationship. You want to do it in person, and not be a douchebag ghost. Bravo! But breaking up is hard, especially in a city with as little privacy as NYC. Where do you have this conversation with your soon-to-be Ex? Anywhere but here: 14. Your Neighborhood Coffee Shop The […]


The museums of New York City are renown all over the world. Tally the number of museums, galleries, exhibits and you’ll find the figure somewhere in the hundreds. We have plenty devoted to art, a couple for New York City, a Museum of the Moving Image, there’s even a Museum of Sex and a Morbid Anatomy Museum. So what’s […]


Imagine a world where pedestrians rule the city streets. Where no one has cars and bicycles ride supreme. The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) brings such a world to life. For the first 3 Saturday mornings in August vehicles are banished from a huge stretch of street right in the middle of Manhattan. It’s pretty amazing! Summer Streets […]

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ONE WISH I threw a penny in Bethesda Fountain and made a wish. I wished I was a better blogger. I held the penny in my hand and imagined waking up at 7AM every morning, fresh and ready to write. Sitting at my desk with fresh coffee in an instagram-worthy mug, my mind uninhibited by doubts. Free […]


I just got back from a week on the beaches of Cape May, New Jersey. While the experience is still as fresh in my mind as the sand lining my tote bag, you need to throw your bathing suit into a bag and run away to the Jersey Shore ASAP. (I mean, I’ll probably convince you right off […]