New York Cliché of the Day: The Rockefeller Christmas Tree Isn’t Built in a Day

Next time my boyfriend implies I take too long getting ready, I’m showing him this:


The Rockefeller Tree Prepares

This was the Rockefeller Christmas Tree on Sunday November 12th. This beauty’s won’t be lit for 2.5 weeks (November 29th) but hey, she’s arrived! And putting more effort into getting ready then I did for all my single dating days combined!

I knew it was a process, covering a giant evergreen in twinkle lights, but I never guessed they start this early.

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree is not a #WokeUpLikeThis situation.

I’m not complaining! I’m stilling trying to savor fall. The scaffold is really working for me, sort of gives off an “oven racks!” vibe, no?

If you’re a professional tree lighter, what do you do in the off season? Get Kim Kardashian ready for the Met Gala? Similar skill set, I imagine, right?

Last year I visited the Rockefeller Christmas Tree alone and swore I’d never do it again.  Didn’t even make it to the holidays without breaking that promise…

But this time was a very different experience. In fact, I recommend if you’re going to go visit this tree all by yourself, go now. Avoid the crowds and you might even catch her naked! Oh yeah, I’m serious.

Maison Kayser: Très Bien Baked Goods for Your NYC Thanksgiving

The season for stuffing your face is practically upon us! November is half over and Thanksgiving is a week away: time flies cliché. I don’t know about you, but ever since the recent cold snap, comfort food has been calling my name. It called me straight into a cozy café in Tribeca, where I was greeted by the most decadent celebration of carbs imaginable.

Oh there’s no place like Maison Kayser for the holidays…

If you’re gluten-intolerant you might want to skip this post…sorry! You can read this one all about Brooklyn’s best chocolate instead! 

Maison Kayser is an authentic artisanal French Boulangerie that has taken NYC by storm in the past 5 years. You see, if New Yorkers chose to indulge in bread, we only want the best. And Maison Kayser is just that.

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New York Cliché Of The Day: Fall in Central Park

While corporate America tries to force us into an early winter (stahhhhp) you’ll find me savoring the beauty of fall in Central Park.

With NYC weather remaining warm through October and now CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS EVERYWHERE (shut up til Thanksgiving, PLEASE), it would be so easy to miss this gorgeous season! Going straight into the cold and gray of winter sounds like the perfect storm for Seasonal Depression. We can’t let those cute fall boots go unworn!

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New York Cliché of the Day: $5 Beverage Trend at Cha Cha Matcha

Food trends are more reliable than seasons in NYC. Last week it was summer, Friday it was winter, and today it’s back to fall again!? You can’t count on the weather but you can count on there being a trendy beverage (available iced or hot) that all the cool kids are sipping (and gramming).

These days we’re all about green drinks. Find us in our Instragram Stories raving about the creamy yet leafy and ever so sweet taste of matcha. I had to try a latte for myself at Cha Cha Matcha.

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[Replay Cliché] The Show Must Go On: In Life & At Carnegie Hall

This [Replay Cliché] is originally from Fall 2013. A memorably shitty time for me. I gave it a re-read as I’ve been struggling with some career things this week and needed some reminders that it’s okay and I don’t suck… I added some gifs in reposting to give it a bit of humor. Hope you enjoy!

The cliché: How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
New York Cliché: How do I get to Carnegie Hall?
A friend gets me comp tickets.

The view from my seat, second row center, is remarkable. I can see every furrow of concentration on the cellist’s brow. I witness the many colors- from pink to magenta to purple- that turn on the bassoonist’s face as he commands his instrument in a career defining solo.

I notice that none of the violin players wear wedding rings. I find myself lost in the music and my thoughts: do left hand bands impede playing or does this orchestra only allows single violinists?

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