I escaped NYC last week for a land of blue skies, blueberry bushes, and patchy cell phone reception. A trip to the one state in the union actually nicknamed “Vacationland”. Beautiful, picturesque Maine vacation. I spent at least a week every summer of my childhood running around the woods and rocky coast of Maine. My family has […]

Buskwick Collective Lexi bella

If you fall down the rabbit hole of the L train and get off somewhere between the Morgan Street and Halsey Street stops, you will emerge from the underground into a street art wonderland. Thanks to the Bushwick Collective, you can’t go a block in this part of Brooklyn without passing walls splashed with color.  The Bushwick Collective calls itself […]

turning 30 birthday

This is my last entry as a 20-something blogger. By the time you read this, I will have joined the ranks of a breed much more rare and sophisticated. (I think? I hope?) The 30-something blogger. It’s 11PM on July 11th, thus the final hour of my 20s. I could’ve ended this decade dancing on a bar, doing keg […]

indigo girls central park

I know some people hate to heat of summer, but I love it. I want to be outside all the time. Luckily one of the best things about New York City this time of year is free outdoor events. There’s at least one every day throughout the five boroughs, from now through September. Wanna find […]

the bagel store nyc

Only in New York can you find a food that combines your love of unicorns, gay pride, and gluten. Scot Rossillo’s Rainbow Bagel immediately recalls happy memories from childhood. Specifically, those precious few moments of magic before all the play-doh colors you mashed together turned an ugly brown. Is it this feeling of nostalgia that’s made the Rainbow Bagel NYC’s […]

NYC garbage smell summer

Summer in the city. With the five day forecast consistently in the 90s, New York is quick to become sweltering, sticky, and stinky. It’s the best time to GTFO and flee to greener pastures and/or the beach. If you stay, the smell of garbage, simmering in the sun, is likely to envelope your senses any time you leave your […]

coney island brooklyn cyclones sunset

Baseball, hotdogs, Budweiser, and the 4th of July. My weekend couldn’t have been more all American if you painted it red, white, and blue.   Everyone’s heard of the Yankees and the Mets, but did you know there’s another baseball team in NYC? The Brooklyn Cyclones play minor league baseball all summer at Coney Island. The games […]

transitional object psychobarn met rooftop

There’s some new real estate on 5th Avenue. It’s got killer views and looks like a the home of a serial killer. Every summer the Metropolitan Museum of Art opens their rooftop to the public and commissions a work of art for display. This year, Cornelia Parker’s blood red Transitional Object (PsychoBarn) sits high on […]

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 1.40.59 PM

There’s a game we New Yorkers play on our daily subway commutes. It’s called: CRAZY or ACTOR? To play, all you need to do is spot someone on the subway muttering to themselves. The game is to figure out whether the person is CRAZY (or eccentric or slightly strange) and talking to themselves OR if they’re an […]

la delice pastry shop

We looked at the sad, three item dessert menu and said, “Let’s get dessert somewhere else.” This is a nice idea in theory. Keep the date going with a location change! A walk to a second location can allow for hand holding! Smooch while waiting for green lights! But when you’re in the real estate […]