New York Cliché of the Day: The Holy Grail of Good, Cheap Coffee in NYC

New Yorkers love coffee. It’s a prime New York Cliché that there’s a Starbucks on every corner. In the busiest parts of NYC, you’ll see this is simply fact. At the Empire State Building last week, I realized there are two Starbucks’ both on the ground floor of the building! Sometimes it can feel really hard to avoid the Starbucks take over. And if you do avoid it, you end up paying $3 for a hipster brew or $1 for glorified dirty water from a street cart.

So where’s the happy coffee medium? Does such a thing even exist in pricey Manhattan?

Yes it does! In none other than Greenwich Village.

Visit Porto Rico Importing Co. on Bleecker Street for excellent coffee at unheard of New York prices (that means reasonable)!

The shop has a charming old school feel. You can see proudly embossed on the window, “Since 1907”. This Coffee and Tea shop has managed to stay afloat despite the siege of coffee chains.

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All Lit Up Like A Christmas Tour: Dyker Lights with A Slice of Brooklyn

During December it gets dark in NYC around 4PM. Which is really rough. Fortunately, an outpouring of twinkle lights creates the perfect antidote. It’s hard to find a street sans some sort of nod to “making spirits bright”. Now, if you’re looking for the  brightest place in NYC post 4pm (outside the billboards of Times Square)? Head over to Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. 

The Neighborhood So Lit, They Nickname it Dyker Lights

Dyker Heights goes ALL OUT for Christmas. A spectacular sight to see. Anyone can go walk around this deep Brooklyn neighborhood and get a dazzling eye-full! However, it’s not exactly easily to get to. We’re talking multiple hours on different subway trains, followed by sizable walks from residential stations. No one has time for that kind of trip in December! Unless it’s their job! 

A Slice of Brooklyn has done just that, offering tours of Dyker Heights through out the season.

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[Replay Cliché] Christmas Clichés: The Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Originally posted December 2012

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is the epitome of a New York cliché. I’d lived in the city for over four years and I’d never been. I started feeling guilty: “And you call yourself New York Cliché!?” A quick search on the internets and I found $20 tickets. They were front row center…of the 3rd mezzanine, but still good seats. They were for 11am on a Wednesday….but I have enough friends with weird schedules to find a date. The main thing was, they were cheap, I was free Wednesday morning, and excited to see just what this show would be like.

Radio City doesn’t stop you from taking picture like most theaters in NYC.
I’ve seen ballets before, attended operas, there is a box under my bed full of playbills from plays and musicals. This was my first spectacular. There is nothing else to describe it.

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A Shocking Christmas Confession AND Where You Can Watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” in NYC

 I have a shocking Holiday season confession to make.

One that could synch me any game of Never Have I Ever

Are you prepared to gasp in horror, exclaiming, “Are you serious?! What was wrong with your parents!?”

Never have I ever seen the beloved holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life.

Golly gee, Mary, that’s bonkers! I know! How the heck is it possible that I’ve avoided cinematic, classic Christmas masterpiece for 31 years? Read More

Relationship Cliché: Dropping the Casual “I Have a Boyfriend” Hint

There’s a fine line between OMG DON’T TALK TO ME! I HAVE A BOYFRIEND! and waiting too long to mention to a dude you just met that you’re attached.

You’d think I’d be the premier expert on knowing exactly where this line is.

Credentials: four years of being single AF and over analyzing that status in hella blog posts! Multiply that by the handful of crushes on dudes who –oh! surprise!– had girlfriends and I should know the precise minute to drop a super casual, “I see you’re drinking coffee. You know who also likes coffee? My boyfriend!”

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