While most kids were running around the soccer field trying to score tricky goals, my friends and I were standing entirely still on risers, trying to master tricky notes in musical scores. I was a choir kid through and through, over a decade before Glee made it cool. These days I don’t sing as often as I’d like. Which […]


New York City has a tradition of holiday shop windows. People come from near and far to view the decorations and displays department stores showcase this time of year. Fifth Avenue and Macy’s are where sightseers flock. There is only one store New York locals go out of their way to view: Bergdorf Goodman. It […]

Pageant - 5th grade 1996

Christmas pageants were my gateway drug into theatre. I was a pageant queen, but not in a “Toddlers in Tiaras” way. No fake tans in our Episcopal Church. Over a decade, from age seven to seventeen, I tried my hand at some of the most iconic roles of western civilization. The Virgin Mary at age 9 with actual live infant as […]

rockefeller christmas tree beautiful

Think New York at Christmas time and what immediately pops into your head? The colorful lights and stories high evergreen of the gigantic Rockefeller Christmas Tree? I’d say it’s NYC’s biggest Christmas cliché. And if I say it’s the biggest, you better believe it. Last night was the tree lighting ceremony for this iconic fur. […]


I was in NYC for Thanksgiving this year. Bet you can guess what that means! 5:40AM on Thanksgiving morning. In puffy parkas, each wearing multiple pairs of socks, several sweaters, long johns, with whiskey shots warming our empty stomachs, there was only one place in town my roommate Rose and I could be headed. I’ll give you a hint: […]

Clip Clip Clip went her nail clippers in front of me. Bang Bang Bang went his cell phone next to me. I sat in the middle of Whole Foods on Bowery Street, sipping a Jamba Juice, transfixed by atrocities in public decorum. STOP STOP STOP! Is this seriously happening?  The seating area in this Whole […]

Doctor, Lawyer, Banker: those are all the clichés. Let’s fantasize about my next boyfriend having a more modest (and realistic) profession. 1 Delivery Guy I assume every time he came over he’d bring take-out with him. Or flowers! Picking between a flower delivery and a food delivery guy would be really hard! 2 Taxi Driver Free rides all […]


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (and if you do I ♥ you), you know I was in Boston this weekend for my cousin’s wedding (congrats Chris!). This means I missed an awesome NYC event, the first ever New York Festival of Light. Fortunately my friend Sage (you remember Sage) went and was kind enough to […]


1 Stop in the middle of the subway stairs when you see the express train arriving. 2 Stand in the middle of the escalator so no one can pass you. 3 Bike on the sidewalk. 4 Belly ache about how much you walked today! 5 Ask us “When are you getting married/having kids/moving to the suburbs/surrendering to death?” […]


New York has always felt like home. I always felt like I belonged here. I never understood why until I visited an exhibit at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. You see, there’s a Sesame Street exhibit at the Library for the Performing Arts, “Somebody Come and Play: 45 Years of Sesame Street Helping Kids […]