Stop and Snap the Roses: I’m Obsessed with NYC Spring Flowers

It’s the time of year when you can’ t take me anywhere. Not in a timely, mannerly fashion, anyway. I’m as prone to outbursts as the clouds. Rather than raindrops, my outbursts go a little something like this,

“Look!!! Flowers!!!”
spring nyc flowers streets

NYC spring flowers pop up over night and it’s better than Christmas.

You know those shoes for toddlers? The ones that squeak every time they take a step? In spring time, I am those shoes. I squeal every time I see a bud. Any person in my presence must quickly decide:
A. Aw, how endearing!
B. Jesus. This is annoying AF.

spring nyc flowers central park south

Hey, this weeds out people who will never like me faster than any herbicide they’ve ever sprayed in Central Park.

spring nyc flowers empire state

“You really like flowers, huh?” my date says as I squeal and drop his hand to run over to a flower box of daffodils. Yes, yes I do. Best you learn this now, dear fellow (and remember it lest you ever make me cry). I apologize in advance for every time I’m late this spring because I stopped to smell the roses. Or dangled over a bridge in Central Park to try and capture the perfect shot of pink blossoms.

spring nyc flowers lake central park

“Stop and smell the roses,” goes the cliché. I take this very seriously. With a slight, 2017 alteration: “Stop and snap the roses.”

spring nyc flowers cherry blossoms

Most of them don’t smell much. Besides, burying your nose into a blossom that resides on the gritty street of NYC is likely to leave your face bespeckled in grime. Hey, I love them, but I have no illusions. If I were a city rat (and I was last week, no joke, check out this post), a flower bed is exactly where I’d want to live.

spring nyc flowers bryant park

While I’ve never seen an actual rat in a flower bed, I’ve seen plenty of flying rats in them. Pigeons live to eat the seeds. Charming, right? And still I squeal on:

“They’re so pretty!!!!”

spring nyc flowers rockefeller center

Well, if you made it this far in the post, you probably love NYC spring flowers just as much as I do. Or at least find my flower power obsession as charming as a April walk in the park.

spring nyc flowers union square

What’s you favorite flower? (Mine are tulips.) If your Instagram feel is full of flowers, like mine is, please link it in the comments. I’ll be posting more flower shots than bridal bloggers this month. Feel free to imagine my springtime squeals at every snap

Happy Spring, NYC!

spring nyc flowers central park lake

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8 thoughts on “Stop and Snap the Roses: I’m Obsessed with NYC Spring Flowers

  1. I’m the same way – after a few longs month of winter and seeing everything barren, gray and ugly I LOVE seeing some color pop up in the concrete jungle 🙂

  2. I keep doing the same. Beijing is full of cherry blossoms at the minute – they’re so pretty! I’m loving the spring colours. Gorgeous shots! Nikki x

  3. This is such a warm and beautiful post! Your love and enthusiasm really comes through here and it’s so wonderful to read! My favourite spring flowers are cherry blossoms, there is a tree in full bloom in the courtyard where my house is at the moment and it’s just stunning! Never let your enthusiasm for the world die, it’s beautiful to see!

    Abbey 😘

  4. Ah we share the same love of flowers! I’m hoping to buy some more indoors plants although I’m quite awful when it comes to looking after them (oops). I need to step up my game though and then maybe I’ll have the courage to grow some outside without killing them!
    Lizzie Bee recently posted…Searching for the Perfect PhotoMy Profile

  5. I’m exactly the same when it comes to flowers…as soon as spring comes round and they all start blossoming and blooming i’m there with my phone :’D New York looks lovely!

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