Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossoms: Prettiest Pink in NYC

Happy May everyone! My absolute favorite month in NYC. The weather is great, roof tops bars are open, and flowers line most every street. The Big Apple is warm and beautiful. It even smells good! I’m not kidding!

I go out of my way in May to see the prettiest spring sights. Yesterday I took the super awesome Roosevelt Island Tram across the East River all in the name of pretty in pink. Cherry blossoms!


You know I love this tram. You can read all about the ride in this blog post. I’d never taken it on a sunny day before though!

From the window of the tram, high about the East River, neck in neck with the Queenboro Bridge….





ROOSEVELT ISLAND CHERRY BLOSSOMS! Doesn’t get much more peak than this!


The pathway lined with cherry blossoms is about 2 minutes away from the tram stop. Just walk down to the main road after exiting the tram, look to the left (south), and there they are. A cotton-candy-flower-spring wonderland.


This was my first spring time visit! I’d heard the Roosevelt Island cherry blossoms were a sight to see and they live up to the hype!



The blossoms certainly compete with the stellar views of Manhattan. The skyline framed in blooms is spectacular.



I may or may not have climbed a tree. Lost my head in the pink clouds.


Tree climber’s view! Even the shadows of the flowers are beautiful.


Tree climber selfie. It’s quite the faux pas to pick any flowers, but there’s nothing wrong with making it look I like I’m wearing a magnificent crown of flowers!



If there’s any way you can make it out to Roosevelt Island this weekend, I couldn’t recommend it more! If you work in midtown, you might even make the trip on your lunch break. The tram station is at 59th Street and 2nd Ave.

Honestly, your boss should make it a required field trip. Maybe it’s just because I’m little miss sunshine, but I left that island with a smile plastered all over my face, dangerously close to a song outburst about the glory of being alive. I’d wager you’d have a similar experience!



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8 thoughts on “Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossoms: Prettiest Pink in NYC

    1. I get more excited about riding this tram than I do about any of the rides on Coney Island. Yeah, even the Wonder Wheel and Cyclone, which are great, but the Roosevelt Island Tram is just the best!

    1. I went in October and wondered the same time. As you can see, it was even better than I imagined!

    1. Yep. Growing up in San Francisco, we’d see some cherry blossoms (usually in February) but it never compared to the amazing display of spring in places with true seasons! Divine is right, especially after the stupid-long winters

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