45 Things To Do Instead of Feeling Sorry for My Single Self on Valentine’s Day!

1 Wear red lipstick.

2 Throw on heart shaped rainbow sunnies and feel festive AF.

3 Take a selfie.

v day 1

4 Enjoy the February sunshine!

5 Enjoy the dozens of smiles caused by my festive eyewear. Especially one intimidating security guard who did a double take through the window of a store, then broke his stoney face into a grin when he saw the hearts on my face.

6 Walk down 5th Avenue in my favorite  leopard print shoes.

v day 2

7 Not worry if the 3 inch heels make me taller than my date.

8 Work a bizarre Fashion Week event that hopefully I can blog about later without violating the NDA I signed…

9 Get out of work at 5 and revel in the fact that it’s still light out!

v day heart art

10 Walk by Laduree.

11 Go inside and wait in line.

12 Enjoy watching the aproned workers behind the counter, swiftly packing boxes with colorful macarons.

v day laduree

13 Enjoy watching the people in front of me in line careful chose which macaron flavors they want to fill their box.

14 Imagine the delight of the recipients opening those boxes.

15 Start counting the days ’til official Macaron Day (March 20!)

16 Get one petit cherry (new flavor for me!) macaron all for moi.

17 Window shop while savoring every bite.

v day kate spade

18 Feel sorry for carriage horses who look far more lonely and in need of cuddles than any single person.

v day carriage horses

19 Walk by Trump Tower for the first time since the Women’s March.

20 Hold down vomit.

21 Flip off Trump Tower.

v day 3

22 Call my congress reps and demand a investigation into Russia’s involvement in the election.

23 Peek in the windows of chocolate shops on 5th Avenue.

v day choc

24 Enjoy not having to wait in the crazy lines!

25 Walk by Victoria’s Secret wearing GRANNY PANTIES.

v day 4

26 Rejoice in my comfortable AF ass.

v day VS

27 Buy sexy underwear just to put off laundry one more day for me.

28 Take the last Citibike (couldn’t have done this if I was in a couple!) and bike across Central Park.

vday citi bike

29 Buy myself tulips.

v day flowers

30 Buy my roommate irises.

31 Buy my cat daffodils.

32 Read old blog posts from Valentine’s Days past.


14 very serious

33 Say “They’re pretty great, if I do say so myself!”

34 Beg my readers to seriously, go read some of the old ones!

single on vday

35 Write a new Valentine’s Day blog post.

36 Watch the Empire State Building shine with a red light that pulses on and off like a beating heart.

v day empire state

37 Get $5 tickets to an Off Broadway show I’ve been dying to see.

38 Yes, I said FIVE DOLLARS. My secret is willcallclub.com. It’s so worth it! I’ve seen a ton of AMAZING cheaper-than-two-macarons theatre this way!

39 Text my best friends how much I love them.

v day emojis

40 Use every single Valentine’s Day emoji.

41 Take the subway home.

v day subway

43 Pretend the rose petals strewn in front of the entrance were put there just for me.

44 Tell my readers how much I love them.

45 Wish you all a happy, happy Valentine’s Day!

v day street art

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22 thoughts on “45 Things To Do Instead of Feeling Sorry for My Single Self on Valentine’s Day!

  1. So cute!! I had no idea the Empire State Building was supposed to be a heart beat, I saw the red but didn’t notice the pulsing. Must have been later in the evening or I wasn’t looking too closely. I love it! Also numbers 10-17 speak to my soul. There’s no better way to feel like a classy lady than Laduree macarons! My long-distance best friend and I share a box of macarons and a bottle of prosecco every time we’re together…and I usually keep the beautiful boxes to hold my jewelry in after <3
    Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day~!

    1. I have no idea if the ESB was *supposed* to be pulsing like a heart beat, but that’s what it looked like to me! Haha, maybe it was a technical malfunction that they later fixed- I loved it though!
      That’s a perfect BFF tradition, wonderful. And I’m right with you on saving Laduree boxes! Have you partaken in Macaron Day before?

  2. I love this list! I often bought myself treats and window shopped the pretty stores in SoHo. Not to mention, with all the wonderful things around NY, it’s hard to feel sorry for yourself! Solo adventure days being cute and walking around the city are the best. -Sometimes. you even get a cat call. (And think) “I SO got it!” 😜👌🏻

    1. Yes! I loooove solo adventure days! Haha, cat calls not so much, but hey, if they make you feel like you’ve got it, great! Then I’d cat call you any day. Haha I’d actually think that would be kinda great – if stylish NYC women just yell at you out taxi windows- “You look fab, girl!”

    1. Ehehehe, yeah, I hadn’t been past TT since the election! So it was weird to pass it, definitely called for this appropriate salute 😉

  3. Aw, this was all so cute. I like how you wove photos throughout the list. It wasn’t stuff off the top of your head; it was all real things you actually did. I like that. It makes it so much more real and relateable. ♥️

    Breanna Catharina

  4. Nice to see a positive post about being single on Valentine’s day! I love the idea of a serious security guard smiling at your glasses :’) I hope your cat appreciated their daffodils!

    1. We had a New York moment, that security guard and I, and it was just delightful. It’s really fun to wear something that makes people smile, ya know? Haha as for my cat…I should’ve gotten him kitty grass to eat! He kept trying to eat the daffodils and I really don’t think they’re good for him!

  5. I LOVE this, I am in a relationship but find Valentines Day a little bit pointless (and a money sapping machine!) totally love number 9 though, loving the light evenings now <3

    Thanks for sharing xx


    1. Hehehe I hadn’t walked by it since the election! It’s so so so weird how it’s right in the middle of my city…ugh

  6. Hi, great post. I love your sun glasses such fun. Taking the last CitiBike because you are single to venture across central park made me smile. Your post also makes me want to revisit New York now, Chloe #TeacupClub

    1. 🙂 I got my sunglasses on Amazon and they were such a fun purchase- everything is better with hearts and rainbows, right? Citibike is amazing, but it is really frustrating when all bikes are taken- I lucked out here.

      Hope you get to visit NYC again soon!

    1. Thanks so much! Haha I think that was my favorite thing about writing it AND wearing rainbow heart sunglasses – I love putting smiles on people’s faces!

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