22 New York Minutes of Fleeting, Fabulous Gratitude

If you live in NYC and heart NY like all the t-shirts say, there will be times when you find yourself overwhelmed with thankfulness that this is the city you call home. Fleeting, fabulous New York minutes:

1. At a corner in Chelsea that is a perfect trifecta of street art, fall foliage, and New York cliché.
2. Sipping coffee and enjoying a sunny Saturday morning in Soho.

3. Spotting a puppy wearing a freaking tie on the F train.

4. Treating myself to a rainy day vegan cupcake from Sweets by Chloe.
5. Getting the weather forecast from kitschy souvenir shops.
6. Seeing that forecast reflected on the lady herself.
7. Seeing the lyrics from one of my all time favorite songs come to life.

The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls. And tenement halls. And whispered in the sound of silence.

8.Finding a wall in Midtown that perfectly understands my brand.

9. Climbing onto my fire escape to catch the contrast of the concrete jungle with nature’s beauty.
10. Watching spectacular midlife crises stuck in traffic on the NYC streets.
11. Finding Jesus on the NYC streets.
12. Important reminders on the NYC streets.
13. Listening to a street musician playing the blues on a rare morning run.
14. Walking into an office for a job interview and the view makes me speechless.
15. Finding lost loves in subway stations.
16. Looking at an iconic view for the time, instead of my phone.
17. Farmers markets that embrace fall in its totality, never rushing Christmas.
18. Art zooming past  me on Houston Street.
19. Sweater weather, even for trees, in the West Village.
20. Lunch breaks in Madison Square Park, savoring every moment of daylight during the workday.
21. Watching the sunrise over 125th Street, a magical quiet moment in the city that never sleeps.
22. Just looking up, smiling to myself as I think, “Things are looking up.”

Remember any moments from this week where you felt thankful to call NYC home? And if you want a list that goes beyond little minutes, check out Time Out’s “20 things New Yorkers can be thankful for this year“.

Happy Thanksgiving prep and safe travels to you and yours! Also, best of luck to anyone attending the parade tomorrow! If you’re going, stay warm (!!!) and please leave your social media info in the comments so we can follow!

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