Fashion and Bonnets and Spring, OH MY at the NYC Easter Parade 2017

Every Easter morning I wake with the same anticipation I had as a child who very much believed in the Easter bunny. My youthful excitement for colorfully decorated eggs has been replaced by excitement for fantastically decorated hats.

easter bonnet parade 2017 fab

That’s right, readers, yesterday was one of the NYC events I look forward to all year:

The 5th Avenue NYC Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival!

easter bonnet parade 2017 guys

This event famously started literal centuries ago, in the 1880s, as a way for church ladies to show off their Easter Sunday best. Today it still attracts some church-goers, but also those more inclined to worship the houses of Dolce and Gabbana and Lady Gaga.

easter bonnet parade 2017 drag

One thing I can say for every single one of the thousands of parade attendees: we are ALL beyond thrilled that it’s finally spring! Easter Sunday it was 80 degrees in NYC and sunny! Surrounding myself with flowers and fashion was the perfect celebration of such sundress-worthy weather!

easter bonnet parade 2017 nyc bloggerEaster and spring are all about rebirth. So here I am celebrating the rebirth of dressing for fun (a fascinator is the epitome of fun head wear) rather than function (not being freezing)!

easter bonnet parade 2017 nyc ladies

So much fashion and creative inspiration everywhere you turn at this “parade” (really it’s more of a “mill about”). I want to be just like these ladies when I grow up and was honored when they wanted to take a photo with me!

easter bonnet parade 2017 rock center

I adore this event because it combines so many of my favorite things: Spring, Creativity, Fashion, and Flowers. Every year I push through the throngs of people, a smile never leaving my face. The New York cliché that New Yorkers are unfriendly absolutely disappears. Easter Sunday on 5th Avenue becomes a time where we all smile at each other, complement rather than judge, and share the awesome experience of the quaintly named Easter Bonnet Parade!

easter bonnet parade 2017 scene

Okay, I could wax poetically about how much I love this event. But “A picture’s worth a thousand words”, goes one cliché and “Show, don’t tell,” goes another. So here are my favorite captures from my favorite spring time event. Hope they bring a smile to your face that’s sweeter than any chocolate bunny, and a feeling in your heart more fuzzy than cuddling an actual bunny!

easter bonnet parade 2017 purple

easter bonnet parade 2017 pin ups

easter bonnet parade 2017 nycCan’t get more New York Cliché than these home made hats representing all 5 boroughs with the Brooklyn Bridge, Mets Stadium, the Bronx Zoo, the Empire State Building, and a fully Peep populated Staten Island Ferry!

easter bonnet parade 2017 gentlemen

easter parade nyc bonnets

easter bonnet parade 2017 antlers

I’ve attended this parade for 5 years now (check out old posts if you want more: here!) It’s long enough to recognize old favorites and feel like I’ve made friends! This is Ed Hatter, he hand made this entire, elaborate, amazingly detailed hat!

easter bonnet parade 2017 ed hatter

We’ve followed each other on social media since meeting at the 2014 Easter parade and seeing him yesterday felt like running into an old friend. You should follow him too: @ed.hatter!

easter bonnet parade 2017 let them eat cake

I love the 3 Stooges faces here, perfect complements to these gorgeous and expertly made Marie Antoinette bonnets!

easter bonnet parade 2017 dudes

easter bonnet parade 2017 volcano

I love this woman’s take on the traditional spring theme. No bunnies and chicks here, she’s got a bad ass volcano bonnet with dinosaurs!

easter bonnet parade 2017 selfie

easter bonnet parade 2017 family

How many NYC events are as enjoyable for kids and adults alike? The Easter Bonnet Parade is absolutely one of these rare one-size-fits-all events.

easter bonnet parade 2017 5th avenue

Okay, maybe not all. This kid looks underwhelmed (but for some reason, I love this picture!)

easter bonnet parade 2017 baby

This little dude can’t even keep his eyes open! Teehee.

easter bonnet parade 2017 fab man

easter bonnet parade 2017 crayola

I was expecting more political commentary in the hats this year than I saw! Most people seemed to opt for escapism and optimism in creating a festive hat rather than donning (pun intended) a societal critique.

Of course there were exceptions! Not surprising with the parade ending a block away from Trump Tower…

easter bonnet parade 2017 free melania

Here’s a subtle “Free Melania” bonnet. Also saw quite a few Pussy Bonnets.

easter bonnet parade 2017 pussy hat

More creativity and color:

easter bonnet parade 2017 top hats

easter bonnet parade 2017 ties

easter bonnet parade 2017 real flowers

These bonnets are all made with actual fresh flowers! Impressive, awfully unique, and certainly can’t be saved for next year! 

If there was one thing missing from this parade, it was Bill Cunningham. The iconic Times fashion photographer passed away last spring and this was the first Easter Bonnet Parade without him. He was a fixture of the parade, having photographed it since the 1950s. So many years, so many amazing photos.

easter bonnet parade 2017 bill cunningham homage

easter bonnet parade 2017 ladies

I saw several bonnets made in honor of Bill. It was lovely and heartwarming to see his memory honored in this perfect, celebratory way. 

easter bonnet parade 2017 man

easter bonnet parade 2017 balloon hats

easter bonnet parade 2017 couple

Some people spend months hand crafting masterpieces, others grab a headband at CVS. Plus there are always balloon sculptors on hand for last minute millinery! Across the spectrum, every one gets into the swing of spring fashion at this event. And everyone looks fabulous.

Even/especially the dogs.

easter bonnet parade 2017 dog

easter bonnet parade 2017 group

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

Hope you had a fun, lovely weekend! Did you do anything festive?

Which bonnet was your favorite here? Would you/have you ever made a bonnet for Easter? What would your Easter bonnet style be? Classic/Themed/As BIG As Possible!!!/FLOWER POWER?

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  1. That looks like the cheeriest more colourful event! No wonder you love it so much! You looked stunning, I love your dress and fasinator! So lovely that it’s an event for adults and kids!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  2. This looks like the most amazing experience! I hope I’m lucky enough to visit NYC some day, I’ll definitely be adding this event to my bucket list! Aoife x

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