A Big Reveal at the Start of Spring Fling Season

I have two big things to share on the blog today. Honestly, I’ve been hoping this day would come for so long. Even so, I never in a million years imagined it would come so soon!

Y’all ready for this?

legs spring

MY LEGS! I’m sharing both my right leg AND my left one!  My two biggest extremities!

These babies were on display in Central Park on Friday, February 24th. Pale as the day I was born but properly shaved for the first time in oh, months! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT!?


legs in february

The sun was shining on Friday and the temperature spiked to 70 degrees. IN FEBRUARY. It was magical and terrifying quite simultaneously. Not unlike the acrobatic tricks of the New York cliché  guys shouting “SHOW TIME!” on the subway.

In Central Park, New Yorkers plopped  down on rocks and benches, sunning ourselves like cold blooded reptiles in desperate need of vitamin D.

sun nyc february

Just like everyone is talking about the Oscars today (OMG #EnvelopeGate), everyone was talking about the weather on Friday (OMG #BeautifulDay). Even those of us who loathe small talk. Restaurants and bars flung open their doors and pushed tables out on to the sidewalks. Staten Island Chuck, our local groundhog, called it correctly on Groundhog Day: spring is here. Arriving earlier than an intern vying for a full-time offer.

Excuse me, but this calls for ALL THE SKIRT TWIRLS.

nyc spring february

Twirls In celebration of bare legs and flowers popping up and even boats on the lake in Central Park. IN FEBRUARY.

central park spring flowers

central park february boats

central park boats february

The temperatures dipped back since Friday, back to a more seasonal 50-ish. Still, spring is in the air and there’s a beautiful buzz calling for the end of dreary hibernation and the start of spring flings.

february fashion

When I say spring flings I mean…

I want a spring fling with fashion (my skirt’s from Eshakti). To continue my life time love affair with thrift stores (chambray shirt and silver Converse both from Goodwill, baby). I want romance to blossom betwixt photography and my self timer (who I thank for these photos). I want an open relationship with reading plays in the Performing Arts Library and seeing art at Chelsea galleries on the same day. I want to make love to each individual flower at the New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show. I want to fling myself into writing and creating more. Away from my comfort zone.  Spring out of bed on Saturday mornings to go look at tulips. Or magnolias. Or cherry blossoms. Or anything and everything that is blooming that day at the Conservatory Garden in Central Park.

spring fling

Traditional spring flings of the romantic variety? I’ll happily take them or leave them.

That’s what I’m looking forward to this spring! What about you?

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4 thoughts on “A Big Reveal at the Start of Spring Fling Season

  1. Thank you for this one, it made me so happy. We are coming to NYC for visit in may, and I hope that the weather is going to be sunny and warm then 🙂 Here in Finland it is about -7 degrees outside at the moment, not any signs of spring yet 🙁

    1. May is the most beautiful month here! Should be the perfect temp- warm and not humid yet. So exciting that you’re visiting! Hope Finland warms up before than (and that the days get longer too!)

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