Sunshine SUNday #6: Golden Gate and Golden Retriever

This season I’m devoting every Sunday on this blog to SUN! What our skin lacks in Vitamin D we will make up for with our eyes! As a person born and raised in San Francisco, this most gray time of the year is especially hard. Together we will combat the winter blues, living vicariously through pictures of greener, sunnier pastures!

I worked a 25 hour weekend: 13 hours on Saturday and a mere 12 today. I’ve been up since 3:30AM (when I left the house for work, the bars were still open). Let’s just look at some sunshine, an ultimate San Francisco cliché, and a puppy dog.

Sunshine SUNday #6: Golden Gate and Golden Retriever

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An evening stroll in San Francisco with one of my best friends from childhood and her family’s new dog. This was about 500 times better than my weekend. Hope your weekend was much sunnier than mine!

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    1. It’s pretty much my favorite place in the world to stroll! The view from almost every direction (except south to the freeway) is gorgeous!

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