Battle Winter Blues with Beach Reminiscing #SunshineSUNday

This winter I’m devoting every Sunday on this blog to SUN! (click for SUNday #1 and SUNday #2) What our skin lacks in Vitamin D we will make up for with our eyes! Together we will combat the winter blues, living vicariously through pictures of greener, sunnier pastures!

SUNday #3: California beach

It’s 34 degrees and raining in NYC right now. As soon as I finish this post I’m out the door to brunch with my roommates. Perfect New York Cliché Sunday. In contrast, the perfect California cliché Sunday is spent at the beach. Which I’ll be thinking of to make this weather dreary day just a little brighter.

This is neighborhood of San Francisco is called “The Sunset”, aptly named because it’s the best view of the sunset over the ocean. Which I’m here to watch!


SF dunes and silhouettes.


Ahhh the Pacific Ocean! Isn’t she beautiful?


See all my clothes? San Francisco beaches a warm when compared to NYC. It’s about 50 degrees- definitely not swimsuit weather.
So many footprints and a jump for joy.
There is nothing like watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Breath taking.
A surfer headed off into the sunset! Believe me, he’s wearing a full body wetsuit!


Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you enjoy sunshine either real or reminisced!

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2 thoughts on “Battle Winter Blues with Beach Reminiscing #SunshineSUNday

  1. The water is very calm, like it is saying that everyone are welcomed to dive into it. Your photos are beautiful! It showed the beauty of the place. Some water activities like paddling will surely be perfect for this.

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