A Visit to the Japanese Tea Garden #SunshineSUNday

If you were expecting a blog post about Superbowl Sunday, sorry to disappoint. You can read about my feelings about football here and see my post from last year when I was actually at the Super Bowl (working as a promo model).  Rather than Superbowl Sunday, my focus is on Sunshine Sunday– as it has been the past 4 weekends and may continue for 6 more weeks depending on the outcome of Ground Hog day tomorrow.

This winter I’m devoting every Sunday on this blog to SUN! What our skin lacks in Vitamin D we will make up for with our eyes! Together we will combat the winter blues, living vicariously through pictures of greener, sunnier pastures!

SUNday #5: A visit to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

japanese tea garden SF pagota

This gorgeous garden was created in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park as a remembrance of the thousands of Californians forced into Japanese internment camps during WWII.

japanese tea garden pagota SF

You won’t find trees like this in NYC, those are California redwoods, baby.

japanese tea garden SF bridge

I visited this garden many times as a little girl. This bridge was always a little scary. The first time I climbed it- maybe at age four?- I felt like I conquered a dragon.

japanese tea garden SF bridge top

It’s still a beast to climb, the stairs are near perpendicular!

japanese tea garden SF tea house

Of course there’s a tea house in the Japanese Tea Garden.

japanese tea garden SF tea house view

Jasmin Green tea that’s reasonably authentic and some kind of tea cake that’s likely completely americanized. But still tasty!

japanese tea garden SF pond

This pond, home to many koi fish, goes through out much of the garden. If you’re a kid who grew up in San Francisco, you definitely know some one who fell in this pond.

japanese tea garden SF path

I’m proud to say I’ve never fallen in. Look at these stepping stones over the water and you’ll see that’s not a small accomplishment!

japanese tea garden SF baby

Until a certain age, handholding is essential to remaining dry in this garden.

japanese tea garden SF cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms start to emerge in January in this garden. It’s really not fair.

japanese tea garden SF buddha

Buddha statue and bamboo, if you leave a penny at his feet it’s supposed to bring good luck!


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