Sunshine Sunday #4 in the East Village

This season I’m devoting every Sunday on this blog to SUN! (See previous weeks here.) What our skin lacks in Vitamin D we will make up for with our eyes! Together we will combat the winter blues, living vicariously through pictures of greener, sunnier pastures!

Saturday night at a karaoke bar in the East Village, we belted our lungs out in honor of Miranda’s birthday. When we stumbled out of “Sing Sing” the hour was closer to dawn than midnight. Elaine’s apartment mere blocks away, I happily accepted her offer to crash on her couch. That’s how I woke up this morning, hundreds of blocks south of home with not a whiff of a hangover- miraculous. Thus when I stepped outside onto the single-digit streets I happily greeted the sun and patchy blue skies.

It was warm enough to enjoy the walk, so I took the long way to the D train, enjoying a bit of an urban art tour along the way. Sunshine and art: color me happy. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

east village winter

A burst of art created around road construction just makes traffic congestion so much easier to live with. Plus blue skies and yellow taxis (and dirty snow).

east village nyc art

Bloodshot eye, pierced heart, slimy NY but I still love it. Perfectly put graffiti/mural artist.

east village graffiti

This is my kind of motivational quote. I should assume “bunny” is a euphemism, but I’m unfamiliar so I’m just gonna pretend this is about the long-ear, fuzzball creature.

east village street art

I wish I knew what it said under that tear in the quote, but I think we can guess. Love these.

east village art

So many things I love, honestly: contrast, abstract colors, church steeples, and pretty clouds!

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  1. I so love seeing posts from New York bloggers. I used to live in northern NJ and could visit often. Now that I’m in the South we plan trips to the city every year or two in the fall. I always enjoy seeing pictures in the interim. I hope the blizzard isn’t as bad as they are predicting. Though, I can think of worse things than being snowed in in the city… 🙂
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