7 Sweets for Your New York Sweetie on Valentine’s Day

A heart-shaped box of chocolates is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift cliché. If you want to think outside the box this Wednesday, NYC has countless treat options. Here are some of my favorites! 

Li-Lac Chocolates

If your Valentine is a certified Chocolate Lover get them something special from New York City’s very first chocolatier! Li-Lac has been churning out chocolates for V-Day since 1923. One of the more unique things they do are chocolate molds. You’ll find something fun for every taste from pure chocolate miniature dinosaurs to Empire State Buildings, footballs to grand pianos.

Levain Cookies

The most decadent cookies in NYC are from Levain. They’re so big they look like scones! Absolutely delicious and unlike anything you can DIY, you’ll likely have to wait in a line to get your hands on them. The line moves fast (promise!) and makes them more of a special treat! Four flavors to try that would make a perfect quartet of cookies to try – though it would probably take days!

Laduree Macarons

It’s no secret I adore macarons. And I’m not the only one! There’s something not only delicious about these french cookies but deliciously fancy. A fancy treat for only special occasions. Opening a box of a colorful assortment has something romantic about it just like the city of Paris. Basically, jus trust me that ladies love macarons. Especially if they’re not fans of gluten (macarons have been gluten-free even before the trend!)



A morning surprise of a box of DOUGH will make any gluten-tolerant New Yorker melt! These artisanal doughnuts are worth the hype. They come in exactly a dozen different favors from standard glaze to exotic hibiscus. So decadent and special, DOUGH always feels worth the indulgence.

Cookie DŌ

DŌ brought a new dessert trend to NYC – eating raw cookie dough scooped like ice cream. Since this shop opened up a little over a year ago, it’s consistently had a huge line to get inside the shop- sometimes as long as 4 hours! BUT here’s a secret short cut that will help you this Valentine’s Day – DŌ has a stand in Bryant Park! They sell their famous dough there sans the line! If you’re sweetie always licks the spoon (not a euphemism!) and hates waiting in lines, this is a perfect treat

Fresh Ground Coffee from Porto Rico Importing Co.

Wake up your Valentine with coffee from freshly ground beans that you picked out just for them! Porto Rico Importing Co is beloved among locals – New Yorkers desperately love coffee. The shops feature so many different beans you can buy by the pound – find the perfect roast for your beloved and get it ground to the exact specifications of their preferred brew method. It’s personal, special, and practical – the sweetest trifecta from some sweethearts!

Murray’s Cheese

Not all sweethearts have sweet tooths so here’s some decadent, treat worthy CHEESE! This NYC iconic cheese shop know how much people love cheese so they have a entire menu on their website devoted to Valentine’s Day with even a quiz for finding your cheese soulmate.

What are your favorite treats for Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Oh No! My sugar junkie has been awakened now! Yikes!! I need some cookies and donuts. Thanks for the recommendations to go get my fix. Happy Valentines Day, Mary!

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