The Newest Foodie Craze in Town: Raw Cookie DO NYC

Have you ever bought one of those tubes of pre-made cookie dough and eaten the whole thing straight from the container? Ever attempted to make cookies from scratch, taken a bite or twenty from the bowl until -oops- only a couple cookies actually make it into the actual oven?

Basically, I’m asking if you are human.

If the answer is yes, rejoice! There is now a shop in NYC where you can get fresh cookie dough scooped straight into a cup. To be eaten in its natural, God-given form. Pure, unfucked with by fire.

Cookie DŌ NYC

cookie do nyc dreams

DŌ opened it’s DŌors at the end of January and there’ve been lines stretching down LaGuardia Place in Greenwich Village ever since. This is the line on a sunny, cold February Friday at 3PM. I waited a little over half an hour to sample NYC’s newest dessert craze.

cookie do nyc line
That pink awning at the farthest right of the shot is DŌ. that’s how big the line is! At 3PM!

I don’t think DŌ was prepared for the immediate and immense popularity when they opened on January 23rd. When I went the first week of February, the outside of the store was barricaded by boxes – of cups! Unbranded cups and spoons! Reserves called in to keep up with the crazy NYC foodie crowds! Visit their website and a pop up will tell you they’re so overwhelmed by support, they aren’t accepting online orders right now!cookie do nyc outside

It makes sense. New Yorkers are notoriously neurotic. We’ve been dying to eat cookie dough for years, but feared the potential food poisoning. We’ll happily wait on line for hours if it means saying good bye to the anxiety that licking the spoon will poison you with salmonella. These eggs are pasteurized.

Cookie Dough Confections

DŌ is accommodating to neurosis and the trendiest of NYC diet restrictions. They offer gluten-free AND vegan options out of their 16 different flavor options.

cookie do nyc flavorsThere’s your classic chocolate chip, a brownie batter, lots of different peanut butter options, a rainbow sprinkle sugar cookie, even an aptly titled “Heavenly” with Nutella and caramel.
I went with “Confetti” because I can’t say no to rainbow sprinkles. Complimented by milk and white chocolate chips.

cookie do nyc review

If you want to get serious about your flavor selection, Time Out New York tried every single one of the 16 and ranked them all.
Have I made it clear how much buzz there is surrounding this place? Which begs the question:

Is this raw cookie DŌ worth the hype?

Worth the sidewalk blocking crowds and hour+ wait ?

Yes and No.

cookie do nyc inside

YES because we all have the memory of some slumber party of our youth. Lounging around your best friend’s kitchen with your friends, making cookies. You each had a spoon in the bowl and your BFF said, “Why do we have to pretend to bake these? I wish we could just eat all the dough straight from the bowl.” You were the one who said, “There should be a place that just serves raw cookie in little cups. Wouldn’t that be amazing?”

Then a parent came into the kitchen and said, “You kids are going to get sick if you keep eating that!” Well now, thanks to Cookie DŌ NYC, parents don’t have to say that any more. That makes the world a little sweeter than when we were kids.

cookie do nyc behind the scenes

NO because according to their website, it’s gotten way more crazy since I visited! Turns out, I was really lucky to only wait 40 minutes! This is crazy:

“Our line typically starts forming around 9 am. We open at 10 am. Expect to stand in line for 1- 4 hours, depending on the day/time. You will get a ticket in line, and will not be served unless you have a ticket. The only way to get a ticket is to stand in line.”

If you ever wondered how fanatical NYC foodies are, I think you have your answer!

But YES because there is no where else like it. Just like when the Cronut entered the scene, you won’t find raw cookie dough available by the scoop anywhere else in town right now. Who knows, maybe like the Cronut and the rainbow bagel, maybe in a couple years Dunkin’ Donuts will have their own sub-par knock-off version of raw cookie dough. You’ll want to say you waited in line for the original, when it first opened.

inside cookie do nyc

As far as taste is concerned?

Well, it tastes like cookie dough! All the added flavor options are really fun. If you love eating cookie dough, you’ll love this DŌ. You don’t actually have to eat it raw, you can also bake it. I couldn’t finish my whole cup so I took the left overs home and made exactly one cookie. It came out warm and Ō. I think I might actually like a cup of DŌ even better in the warmer months. It’ll be interesting to see if the line dies down or only gets longer!

cookie do nyc dolicious

DŌ is closed on Mondays. Every other day they open at 10AM and that’s when you’re likely to have the shortest wait! They close at 9PM, 10PM on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Do you have a memory of eating raw cookie dough? What do you think of crazy NYC food trends? Is there anything in the world you’d be happy waiting on line for FOUR HOURS to eat?! 


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27 thoughts on “The Newest Foodie Craze in Town: Raw Cookie DO NYC

  1. So jealous you got to try it! I waited in line last Saturday afternoon with a group of friends and after 2 1/2 hours of standing out in the cold- literally watching the day turn from light to dark – we abandoned ship WITHOUT COOKIE DOUGH because we all had other plans for dinner. We ended up buying fully-baked cookies from Insomnia around the corner lol. My boyfriend, a native New Yorker who wasn’t thrilled about waiting in line in the first place, said we should just make our own cookie dough at home next time! haha Glad you seemed to enjoy it though!

    1. YIKES! I thought it was worth a 40 minute wait, 2.5 hours? NO! TOO LONG!! Agh, I’m so sorry you waited that long for nothing! I should’ve bought a bunch of pints while I was there and had a blogger party!

    1. Awesome! Oh my goodness, I can’t even imagine how much kids will love this! Can’t wait to hear about your experience!

  2. Hey, there is at least a 2 hour wait for a cupcake from Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken. Just because it was on a regular television show for awhile! Who says New Yorkers are oblivious to fame? Apparently not when food is involved! 😜 -but- I can get behind that.

    1. hahhaa that’s so true! We’re too cool to ask celebs for selfies when we see them on the street (that is kinda a respect thing though- not so oblivious more like…I respect your right to exist in this city without being bothered constantly?) but not so cool we won’t wait in hour long lines! I have to admit, I’d never heard of Carlo’s Bakery before though! Ha…and I do have to wonder if those lines were New Yorkers. Cupcakes so buzz worthy they get NYers to go to Jersey?! DAMN!

    1. I’d like to think the queues will have died down by then, but who knows! I hope they’ll have some fun holiday flavors! Thinking red and green sprinkles…maybe a mint? YUM!

    1. Well one thing is for sure- this place isn’t going anywhere! In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if another location pops up very soon- it’ll be here ready and waiting the next time you’re in NYC! 🙂

    1. Hehehe, glad to make you laugh! Yeah, buzz of this place sure has traveled fast! Seems tres American, non? Seriously- the flavor choice is overwhelming. Lots of people got 2 or 3 scoops to try more! Haha I couldn’t even finish my one scoop though!

    1. Yes, a line like this requires a serious love for cookie dough- or at least a serious love for a sister who does! OR a need to tell your blog readers what the experience is like at NYC’s new buzzed about place 😉

    1. haha yes, it’s very much “such is life” in NYC. Hard to complain really, and you’re absolutely right I’m very happy I get to say I tried it!

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the cookie dough craze spread across the pond! Might take a little while though… hehe I wonder how hard pasteurizing eggs is (haven’t a CLUE!) and if it’s something manageable on your own!

    1. I really wish I could have tried the Nutella one too- so many amazing sounding flavors, it was overwhelming! Hope you can visit NYC! And maybe by the time you do that crowds will had died down a bit 🙂

  3. I’m in recovery from a serious flu bug, but all I could think about today was THIS!!!!!!! Dear God, why could I think up something like this?? Maybe Nashville needs a “franchise” – call me when you’re ready! 🙂

    1. Hahaha I’m so glad the sweetness of this post could get through the dreadfulness of a flu! Hope you’re feeling much better now! Hehe it sounds like there’s been a ton of franchise interest already- wouldn’t be surprised if that comes to pass!!

  4. I need this place where I live ASAP! I am a big cookie dough lover, and will do just about anything to sneak some out of the bowl before the cookies can be prepared to put in the oven haha.

    1. haha yes you are the perfect person for this place! I know they used to do deliveries from online but had to shut down because of demand!! Well, at least there’s still always sneaking from the bow, raw egg risk be damned! 😉

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