Relationship Cliché: Dropping the Casual “I Have a Boyfriend” Hint

There’s a fine line between OMG DON’T TALK TO ME! I HAVE A BOYFRIEND! and waiting too long to mention to a dude you just met that you’re attached.

You’d think I’d be the premier expert on knowing exactly where this line is.

Credentials: four years of being single AF and over analyzing that status in hella blog posts! Multiply that by the handful of crushes on dudes who –oh! surprise!– had girlfriends and I should know the precise minute to drop a super casual, “I see you’re drinking coffee. You know who also likes coffee? My boyfriend!”

You’d think.

Turns out, I DON’T! Turns out I’m just as shit at this as everyone else!

Now, I have gotten a lot better since June when I wrote this post: When You Have A Chronically Single Reputation, It’s Hard To Start Saying…Uh…Something Else. But put me in a work environment where I already feel a little weird sharing ANYTHING about my personal life…and you might end up having a crush on me cause you think I’m super single cause I never mention otherwise.

Shit! I’m sorry!

Turns out my boyfriend is bad at this too! *OMG-SO-MUCH-IN-COMMON* He’s currently avoiding his favorite meditation studio because the receptionist has a giant crush on him because he IS SUPER HOT AND FUNNY AND AWESOME didn’t drop a, “You know who I’m kinda trying to get into meditation? But like in really super low key way, not like, pressuring at all? Cause I’m totally zen and supportive? My girlfriend.”

Is anyone out there NOT bad at this? Can you school us, please? Is it just something you get better at with time?

If dudes really were crushing, wouldn’t they internet stalk me and learn everything from my blog? Come on, isn’t that a perfectly reasonable expectation??

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10 thoughts on “Relationship Cliché: Dropping the Casual “I Have a Boyfriend” Hint

  1. It’s definitely something you get used to after a while! My fiancé and will have been together 4 Years in July and it took us a good few months to learn how to do this haha

  2. I’m exactly the same, hahaha. I have no idea how to break the news to anyone. To be honest I never thought I’d have to say it again but now I’m dating someone and just don’t know how to say that? I mean, even writing it in a comment feel soooo weird. People should write a WikiHow on this, hahaha.
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  3. Hahaha this post made me giggle so much and it really shows your personality and that’s so important! I think it’s safe to say many people know I have a boyfriend since every social media platorfm I have is shared with him, as we do blog together and that in itself is always a conversation starter, “oh yeah I have a blog that I share with my partner” and bang it’s out there with zero effort hahaha but promise I don’t do it on purpose, it is what it is!

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  4. Practice, practice, practice! Sugarbear, didn’t you use the “fake boyfriend” to get out of awkward convos when you were single? You just GET IN THERE! The next time you’re talking to somebody, a cashier, a bank teller, whatever, just throw it in there. “My boyfriend uses this bank!” “My boyfriend loves grocery store checkout line tabloids!” until it feels natural. I can’t believe you never used a “fake boyfriend” to get out of gross dudes hitting on you before! “Can I buy you a drink?” “Sure! I’ll have an old-fashioned, MY BOYFRIEND loves those!” Well, now that fake boyfriend is REAL, so it’s like, method acting. Good luck!
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