8 More Times Square Clichés You’ll Always Find Around 42nd Street

Last time I was in Times Square, I decided to swallow my pride, take out my camera and look like a tourist, to snap some pictures of Times Squares biggest clichés. I shared 8 in yesterday’s post, here are 8 more!

1. Show Time Guys

No one knows how to draw a crowd like these guys. They have gymnastics and antics, it’s sure a NYC experience. Their shows usually end anti-climatically and you’ll wonder why you stayed watching for so long but one thing is for sure: everyone is glad they’re out on the street and not in the subway!

2. Someone Naked

The OG Naked Cowboy is the ultimate Times Square photo op. I don’t blame you if you want your picture with him. There’s a reason he’s iconic. You have to be a bit lucky to see him though, these days he’s only in Times Square about an hour a day (if that). That said, he has an army of knock-off Naked Cowboys and Cowgirls who are literally franchises of his brand. How crazy is that?
There’s also a newer trend of “Desnudas” in Times Square, women wearing body paint, a thong, and nothing else. I didn’t see any on this trip, but if you’re there in warmer weather, you will see them. Check out this Daily News exposé to see is what I’m talking about: Topless performers in Times Square.

3. FAKE Monks

Easily the most despicable scam around. These people dress in religious garb to pray on tourists. They hand you a golden amulet and when you take it, they demand a $5  “donation” for their “temple”. They are FAKES! No real monk would do this! Don’t fall for it!





There is a huge NYPD presence in Times Square. It’s known as an easy beat that includes lots of posing with tourists for photos.

5. Stand Up Comedy Sellers

“Do you like stand up comedy?” “Do you like to laugh?” are the common refrain of the people who sell tickets to stand up comedy shows in Times Square. Some of them are better sales people than any used car sales room. It’s not a scam because the shows do exist, but some of them promise headliners but actually feature bottom of the barrel comics. I dated one of these ticket sellers once – it’s one of the most epic sagas on this blog.

6. People Trying To Catch a Break

Hundreds of New York locals go to Times Square every day to work in the giant stores, restaurants, and hotels of the area. It’s exhausting being in such a stimulating area day out and day in. Please don’t ask them to take your photo, they really need a break from the hustle!

7. Spray Paint Artists


Using a very specific, uniform technique, these street artists use circle stencils and spray paint to create celestial landscapes. It’s definitely cool to watch and probably the cheapest original art you’ll find outside Etsy.

8. Brides and Grooms

Times Square is the epicenter of consumerism. Yet it still has an allure of classic New York romance. For some it might be surprising that so many newly weds want their wedding photos in the heart of it. For others, that makes perfect sense. There’s always a bride and groom or 5 being photographed here!

Clichés I missed photographing: There’s always a guy with a giant snake providing a Classic-Britney photo op. Always someone begging for money with a sign that says something like “Money for Weed. Hey, I’m Being Honest!” Expect a team of Scientologists trying to get you to take a “free stress test” at their “church”. Always Elmos. ALWAYS TOO MANY F-ING ELMOS.

Tell me about your visits to Times Square! Love it, hate it? See any/all of these clichés? Have a terrible story about getting scammed? Share below in a comment or a New York Cliché on Facebook or Twitter @NewYorkCliche!

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