New York Cliché of the Day: Terror Attack on New York City

There was a terrorist attack on New York City yesterday. My phone was flooded with texts from concerned friends – Are you okay? Yes, I’m fine. I am fine and jaded. I read the news and felt more jaded then I ever have in my entire life.

My reaction to hearing there was a terror attack mere miles from where I sat was painfully matter-of-fact.

There was an attack on New York? Of course there was. This is the world we live in. I walk the streets every day aware that something horrible could happen at any moment.

Our beloved city is top of most evil, hateful bucket lists. People who live here accept thisfact.

I’m not completely jaded. My heart breaks for the 8 of my fellow New Yorkers who died violently, horrifically. My thoughts go out to their loved ones. It’s all far too easy to imagine. Honestly, people of New York think about it every day. Deeply on September 11th but really every time we see One World Trade on the skyline. Any time we see smoke or hear multiple sirens we know it is a possibility.

Fear of the unknown is the hardest. Knowledge is power. We know this isn’t the last terror attack on New York City. There will be another. And another. If you can’t accept that of the place you call home, you won’t last long in the Big Apple. And that’s okay.

Florida has hurricanes, San Francisco has earthquakes, and New York has terrorist attacks. This is the world we live in in 2017.

It’s heart breaking and terrifying. Just like life in general, if you stop to think about it. We can’t stop because every second is full of this and a million other risks.

“New Yorkers are strong, New Yorkers are resilient,” said Mayor de Blasio. New Yorkers know what the fuck they sign up for when they sign the lease on their tiny shoe-box apartments. We know what we’re getting into and still We F***ing Love New York City. Today and Everyday.

I absolutely hate to say terrorism is a New York cliché but….fuck.
Isn’t it?

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One thought on “New York Cliché of the Day: Terror Attack on New York City

  1. I love this and tend to agree with the sentiment. I hate that I wasn’t shocked. I want to live in that pre-9/11 world where any little thing that happened shook me to my core. Now? Mass shootings, terrorism, violence, etc? I’m kind of like, “yep. Not surprised.” (Also I <3 NY always)

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