We F***ing Love New York City. Today and Everyday.

There are certain things that unite all New Yorkers. From cursing the MTA to hacking the harrowing housing market. Moments shared by anyone who has ever called this city home. The universal feelings of biting into the brunch you waited over an hour for and stepping out of your building on the first crisp day of autumn.


If you live in this city (and have a soul) there will be times when your heart swells. These New York minutes may be unexpected: like discovering a tiny child belting out Journey hits on a subway platform. Sometimes we seek them out: braving the crowds to visit the Rockefeller Christmas. Even the most jaded of us find ourselves overcome on occasion.

This is the greatest city in the world. Goddamn, I am lucky to live here. 


That feeling of looking up and seeing One World Trade on the horizon. A beacon of resilience, a middle finger to any attempt to tear us down.

OWT 11


Today is September 11th. Today everyone who has stepped foot in any of the 5 boroughs has had this thought. 8 million people in not much more square footage, connected through thoughts and sentiment. It feels powerful. Maybe it’s just the winds changing from summer breezes to fall gusts, but I feel something in the air of this brilliant city today that connects us all today.


Millions of New York lovers remembering. Millions NEVER FORGETting.

OWT 10


We fucking love you, New York City. Today and everyday. Yes- even the day that end with us crying in public on your street corners, wondering how much easier everything would be in Santa Fe.

You make it worth it, you magical, challenging, world-class city, you.


This isn’t my first declaration of love to NYC…we’ve had a thing for almost a decade now… I’ve never been shy about shouting my love from every building with rooftop access.

An Ode To New York City Streets

My heart is with my city and all those never forgetting their love ones lost on this horrific day 16 years ago.

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5 thoughts on “We F***ing Love New York City. Today and Everyday.

  1. Where else on earth can you walk down a street, buy your coffee and bagel from a food truck owned by a man of Indian descent, get on a crosstown bus driven by an African-American woman, stop in to buy your lunch for later at a corner deli-convenience store operated by Korean-Americans, walk by a small group of teens in their school uniforms, one is apparently Asian-American , another has strong Meditteranean features and a third appears to be of Middle Eastern background, go into your office building through a revolving door and an Orthodox-Jewish man is exiting via the compartment opposite you, go into the elevator and two women who work in the building are talking to each other in French, and finally enter your office passing the friendly receptionist who appears to be of a Hispanic background. That is NYC in a nutshell. That is what you either love or hate. Many are drawn to move to NYC to be a part of that entire melting pot experience. Visit http://www.nyneighborhood.com to see more of what NYC has to offer when you make the big move here or want to change it up and move to a whole new neighborhood.

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