Step Right Up for A Fancy Animal Carnival on the Streets of NYC

There is a public art exhibit in midtown titled, A Fancy Animal Carnival. With that name alone, it’s no surprise, I’m super into it.

fancy animal carnival 41st street nyc

There are 11 sculptures featured in “A Fancy Animal Carnival” and I’m dying to describe them as the love children of Where the Wild Things Are and rainbow sprinkles.

That’s not exactly what Taiwanese artist Hung Yin was going for. Each sculpture is inspired by a traditional good luck symbol from Taiwan. Thus braving the Midtown crowds to see this outdoor exhibit undoubtedly brings a person good fortune.

fancy animal carnival horse

And likely a big smile on your face as well. A fat lucky horse, patterned in the exact wall paper I wish I had the balls to cover my bathroom in, with a funny little cat person sitting astride, reading a book? How can you not love this?

fancy animal carnival horse nyc

That’s Times Square in the distance. All the tourists snapping photos of advertisement billboards, missing out on delightful street art mere blocks away! They go see Madam Tussauds but don’t visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Don’t fall into that trap, my NYC visitor friends!

fancy animal carnival cow nyc

Street art, bright colors, and whimsy: color me positively tickled by technicolor.

fancy animal carnival cow

This piece is simply titled “Yellow Ox” but I call himCharging Bull‘s Artsy-Fartsy Brother”.

fancy animal carnival buffalo nyc

“Buffalo and Eagle” here, two animals we love to think of as more all-American as Times Square. Turns out they’re also totally-Taiwanese. This buffalo’s snout may indeed say USA but I love how  these pieces made me consider another culture as I walked the five blocks down Broadway.

fancy animal carnival camels

The creatures of A Fancy Animal Carnival parade down Broadway from 41st Street to 36th.
fancy animal carnival detail

Behold! It’s the happiest butt in the world! Belonging to the cutest, roundest dragon you’ve ever seen. Bet you’ve never imagined a dragon with a heart shaped nose before!

fancy animal carnival dragon

“Fortunate Round Dragon” he is, and he faces his less colorful, less happy-assed friend, “Dynamic Round Dragon”.

fancy animal carnival dragon nyc

Dynamic makes my fingers itch to get some sharpies and go to town like he’s an adult coloring book. Don’t worry, I’m not one to graffiti! especially over another artist’s work! The black and white offers a nice contrast to all the color. As well as a mirror to the dirty snow still covering NYC’s streets!

fancy animal carnival nyc camels

The fanciness continues with camels, a giraffe and an owl. None of which I ever realized were lucky. America is so boring with our rabbit’s feet and four leaf clovers. Thanks to my Fancy Animal Carnival  experiance, I now know to look to Taiwan if I want better luck options!

fancy animal carnival nyc giraffe

It ends (or begins, depending on which direction you approach from) with everyone’s favorite: pandas!

fancy animal carnival panda reunion nyc

Nothing black and white about these bears. Bellies full of iconic Asian imagery even recognizable to a westerner like me. Aren’t they cute? Almost makes me wish a worked in Midtown so I could walk past them and get a jolt of happiness to start each work day.

fancy animal carnival panda reunion

Hahaha just kidding. No one wants to work in Midtown if they can avoid it! Plus the Carnival is only open through April 15th! Just 3 more weeks to try your luck with this painted enamel menagerie on Broadway (not to be confused with The Glass Menagerie on Broadway!)

It’s worth the trip. And take advantage of the photo op (unlike me!)


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  1. This is so great with exhibitions are public and open to everybody. Like accessible so that everybody can enjoy art. The pictures are amazing. So many colors. Must be really nice to walk across the city and see all the sculptures. xx Corinne
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