The Rainbow Sprinkles/Sparkles Effect

There are two types of people in this world.

People who love rainbow sprinkles. Who think 50 cents extra is a small price to pay think for the earthly form of happy unicorn tears. Yes, we think sprinkles are unicorn tears, don’t burst our bubble! Rainbow sprinkles instantly make us smile.

Then there are those who think rainbow sprinkles are stupid, an utter waste of money, and they don’t even taste good!

It should come as no surprise, I’m a rainbow sprinkles fan. I once jumped in a pool of rainbow sprinkles, remember?

rainbow sprinkles

Let’s be honest, I’m still that kid whose temper tantrum, explosion of tears, could be dissipated by the arrival of ice cream. Like a rainbow poking throw the clouds on a stormy day, tiny pieces of multi-colored, crappy sugar brighten my day.

It’s silly I know but for some reason it works. Thus I’m constantly on the look out for ways to achieve what I’ll call the Rainbow Sprinkles Effect without actually getting ice cream.

The Rainbow Sprinkles Effect

My newest discovery came from the racks of Goodwill. There, amongst a sea of beige sweaters and faded black wool, I stumbled across the clothing version of rainbow sprinkles. I grinned.

A rainbow sequin top originally from Top Shop. It was full Rainbow Sprinkles Effect. Who could be depressed wearing this shirt? Sure, it was a lot of shirt…sure it would be intimidating to wear….but I knew I’d have to try.

rainbow sequins topshop thrift

Rainbow Sparkles Effect. None of the calories but all of the joy of the Rainbow Sprinkles Effect!

rainbow sequins

I only want to wear it on sunny days so I can literally sparkle in the sunshine. It’s definitely a look that polarizes the two types of people I mentioned at the beginning of this post. There are two types of people and they either say, “I love your top!” or “That’s an…interesting shirt.”

Which type are you? 

rainbow sequins outfit topshop thrift

I went all the way and paired my rainbow sparkles with my TOMS blue suede shoes. Remember when I used to be a wallflower? Impossible in this outfit! These TOMS are the most comfortable wedges I’ve ever worn and the only footwear I enthusiastically recommend to anyone who wears heels. I’ve run 5 blocks in these 3 inch wedges and been shockingly comfortable- that’s a must-have trait for a chronically late New Yorker who’s constantly running all over town. I Citibike in them too! They come in a million different colors if blue suede is too Elvis for you.

Do you have an outfit that just makes you happy wearing it?

rainbow sequins topshop



rainbow sequins topshop thrift nyc


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16 thoughts on “The Rainbow Sprinkles/Sparkles Effect

    1. dawwww thank you! I’ve never bought anything with a peplum!! so trendy and I bet it’s FAB! For some reason I’m imagining it as a powder blue color- not sure why! – what does the dress actually look like?

    1. I’ll do my best 🙂 And will remember your wise words next time I get ice cream 🙂

    1. Toooootally understand the comfy clothes love! NYC fashion scene definitely values fashion over comfort, but I totally have a beloved onesie too, and nights in wearing it are the bessssst 🙂

  1. that shirt is SO fun; I love it. and only a bold, amazing, confident person would be comfortable wearing it – and that, my friend, is you!

      1. Aren’t they the most comfortable?? I think you wear heels way more often than I do, so please please let me know if you have a preferred pair of comfy wedges!

    1. I mean…I don’t want to pick favorites… but it’s definitely the best group 😉 Annnnnnd ME TOO! I want it too be warm enough to eat ice cream outside!

  2. First of all, you SO went to the museum of icecream didn’t you!? Secondly, I LOVE that top! I’m a rainbow 🌈 sprinkles kinda girl too.

  3. Love your Rainbow Sprinkles! I’ve always loved calling them sprinkles and was sooooo confused that on the east coast they call them Jimmy’s….Also love your Toms’ I have a white pair that came to Vegas with Me, I think I need to treat myself to a new pair of black ones for my “business” events. xoxo

    1. I heard that the brown sprinkles where called Jimmies and that the name had a racist origin! >.< Definitely sticking with SPRINKLES! You are so brave to wear white shoes in NYC 🙂 I've been thinking of treating myself to a black pair too - we could be toe twinsies

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