Girl Power UP with a Anything But Cliché Girls’ Getaway

Once upon a time, long long ago, before the world was scary and we still had hope, I escaped New York for a perfect cliché Girls’ Getaway!


Except there was really nothing cliché about it.

One of my best friends decided to celebrate turning thirty, her bachelorette party, and completing her freaking Ph. D. all in one weekend.

Yep, all three. Isn’t that MIND BLOWING!? We had 3 cakes, one to celebrate each, because just calling it her *Bachelorette Party* seemed wrong. Guys, I’ve never eaten so much cake in such a short span of time. But each bite was laced with her sweet, sweet success so they were the tastiest cakes of all time.


Sorry that’s not a photo of cake. The cakes were much tastier than they were photogenic….especially since we re-used candles (most of us were from San Francisco and a little obsessive about recycling, reducing, reusing and closing the loop).

The beautiful fall scenery of Cold Spring, just an hour Metro North train ride outside of NYC, was gorgeous. As appealing to the retinas as cake is to the taste buds.


Is there anything better than fall and friendship?



It fills my heart with joy that I was able to celebrate such an incredible woman in the company of other amazing women, for an entire weekend!

Hey, America! I know AMAZING, INCREDIBLE WOMEN! Our president may think we’re nothing but numbers 1-10 (#fuckTrump) but all the women I know are worth more than any billionaire could ever DREAM of!

You know how in my last post I said GIRL POWER is the only thing keeping me okay right now? Well you ladies couldn’t have made that more obvious in your comments. Thank you. It couldn’t be more obvious in the text chains I have going on with my girl friends either. I even feel it from the numerous dudes who contacted me after the election to make sure I was okay.

I’m hanging in there. Soon I’ll lift myself up with my Michelle Obama arms and climb to new heights.


It may just be my admitted liberal, privileged bubble, but I’ve felt more Girl Power this past week than I ever have before. Even more than when I was 10 years old and watched Spice World at my first slumber party.

I hope you have too.

And if not? Assemble a group of amazing women for a weekend in Cold Spring. You’ll Girl Power up to Level 10.


(Such a weekend is the epitome of privilege. I know.)

Ready to take it to the ultimate Girl Power Level?  January 21st, Washington D.C.: Women’s March on Washington.

Tomorrow marks one week. Maybe then I’ll feel like I can write about something completely unrelated. Maybe. Today, a week after the victory party that ended in tears? It still feels too soon! Hang in there with me!


Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods? – T. Swift




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