This New York Millennial Nasty Woman Election 2016 Cliché

So what’s the New York cliché of today?

I’m a ball of anxiety. Any minute I may stress-vomit all over the world.


By “world” I mean the Trump Tower Globe at Columbus Circle.

I see his name all over the city, and NOT because there are TRUMP-PENCE signs in the windows of Manhattan apartments. TRUMP TOWER in midtown, TRUMP condominiums on the West Side Highway, TRUMP International Hotel. Over the last year, I’ve grown increasingly emotional every time I pass one of these properties. Anger and disgust course through my body and, during certain times of the month, I have to fight the urge to rip out my tampon and hurl it at the letters that bare his bigoted name.  I imagine the SPLAT and the splatter- satisfying for a second but a bloody pointless, grotesque and bio-hazardous, political protest.

I want him out of my town, out of my daily life, out of my fucking thoughts.

The Millennial Cliché of today?

Who cares? Saying it won’t even matter, anyway. I’ll just complain on my blog. That no one reads anyway, unless they want to casually hook-up with me in like, a totally non-serious, non-monogamous way, or something.  Who has time to vote when I have like 6 jobs – “gigs” if you will- I work to make rent? Um, my dad’s voting for Hillary, you don’t get more Establishment than that. I miss Bernie but now he’s kinda a sell-out too so WHATEVER.



Whenever I see the statistics of young voters, it makes me almost as mad as the TRUMP TOWER signs. I turned 18 in 2004, just in time to vote for Kerry and watch him loose to George Bush. I’ll never forget how bleak and depressed my small-liberal-arts-college campus felt the day after that election. I shudder to think what a picnic that would be compare to what a Trump victory. I’ve proudly voted in every single presidential election and I can’t imagine not doing so. IT BOGGLES MY MIND THAT YOUNG PEOPLE DON’T VOTE. I guess now that I’m 30, I’ve out-grown the statistic and  just seem like an old fart for saying this. OH WELL! I’ll FART it loud and PROUD!

I want you in the polls, show old farts what’s good! #YOVO (you only vote once)!!!!!!

And finally:

The NASTY WOMAN cliché of today?

I’M SO EXCITED TO VOTE FOR AN AMAZINGLY QUALIFIED, BRILLIANT, WOMAN TOMORROW!!! I can’t wait get in my booth and make HERSTORY! To get that ballot and get all NASTY all over it!



I want her on my ballot and in my White House. I want my country to not be a fucking joke. I want reality TV, made-up “facts” and orange-faced lies to back away from politics and never come back.

Blogger cliché today? Of course I had to write this post. Sorry not sorry. 
American cliché:

For the love of apple pie, PLEASE JUST VOTE TOMORROW.

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2 thoughts on “This New York Millennial Nasty Woman Election 2016 Cliché

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve been called “young” so I definitely do not understand why so many young people are sitting it out. My opinion is that the younger you are the longer you’ll have to live in the mess that Trump will create! Oh well, how can I saw anything about young folk not voting when so many old white guys are actually voting for He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named? At least my vote will cancel one out of those jerk’s vote…

  2. Far away in Australia we’re waiting anxiously to see how this is going to play out because it’s going to affect people outside the USA as well. As we recently voted in a right wing government ourselves (not me, I voted for the other lot) I’m afraid that things might go the same way in your country. As for voting it’s compulsory here but I’d do it anyway. People should vote. You can’t change things by sitting at home saying “I don’t care.”

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