Costumed Cuteness at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade 2016

Saturday afternoon in the East Village, I was like a kid in a candy store. If the candy store looked like this:

These pups won the 2016 grand prize!

The 26th Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

It’s unequivocally the cutest event of the whole year. Combine adorable puppies + creative costumes = nothing but sweet, sweet doggy cuteness.

The sweetest banana split!
There were massive crowds Saturday in Tompkins Square Park, even with the cold rainy weather.


We were far too distracted to complain. Why can’t every line I wait in have this friendly a face in front of me?

He’s a puppy wearing a puppy costume and he’s the sweetest.

The Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade is the biggest costumed pet parade in the country (and in my heart). Costumes run the gaMUTT- from store-bought to hand-made, simply to more intricate than a Faberge Egg. Some dogs hate their costumes and try to wriggle out of them, some absolutely love the attention. Similarly, some dog owners get super competitive, but most people are just there for fun.


Because there’s nothing better than being surrounded by puppies! Obvi.

A dog chain gang. Imagine them singing “Look Down” from Les Miz: I promise this Inspector Javert’s bark is better than Russel Crowe’s voice.

To all my humans who feel social anxiety at events and pray there’ll be a dog at every house party you attend- I feel you and- this event is a dream come true.

One of quite a few different “Game of Bones” costumes.

The dogs lined up to parade across the Beggin and Petsmart sponsored stage where they introduced themselves. Some even showed off a trick or two. This lovely Goldilocks got completely upstaged by Baby Bear. She seemed used to it by now.


The best costumes typically play to the fur baby’s strengths.

If your dog has three legs, give him a peg leg and make him a pirate!


Is your dog a dead ringer for Dana Carvey? Then you better slap on a wig and a hat and become the iconic Wayne’s World duo.


Dog looks like a mop? Clean up as janitors.


Got a pup that could rival Grumpy Cat with his pouty frown? Play it up by putting a raincloud over his teeny-tiny Eeyore self.

His name is Brussels Sprout and if that isn’t cute enough, check out his Instagram.
And if you have a Pomeranian? Please, oh please, take this opportunity to make a glorious POM pun. This year did not disappoint!


Not a fortune teller but a POM reader!


Not the Homecoming Princess, she’s the POM Queen!


Everyone’s favorite way to get anti-oxidants: POM! Brilliant. ALL OUT with the costume and the perfect POM pun!


This dog doesn’t even need a costume, he looks like Simba simply in his birthday suit.

There are plenty of dogs that are just so freaking cute, you don’t care what their costumes are! These faces say “I won’t win the costume contest, but I’m too cute too care!”
Hello sailor!
“I won the genetic lottery, not a costume contest.”
If there are two things every one LOVES it’s PUGS and HARRY POTTER.

“No Slytherpugs allowed on our train car!”

Have you ever seen a creature so suited to wearing Harry Potter glasses?

Recognize the Gryffindors aboard the Hogwarts Express? They’re Simba and Pippin, and they’re kinda a big deal on Instagram.

This is New York City, of course there were celebrity dogs at the biggest Dog Event of the year!


This is Chloe Kardoggian. She gathered quite the crowd with her kissing booth. This chihuahua is not just talk, if you stepped up to her booth she’d kiss your face with her famous tongue!



That was basically all I said for the duration. Exclusively alternating between “CUTEST THING EVER” and , “CAN I PET HER??”

Some remarkably similar beards here: on Sandy and Danny driving their GREASE lightning.

These itty bitty Brussels Griffons are a big deal on Instagram too, no surprise! Sandy pup’s IG and Danny pup’s IG

And on these lumberjacks! Who bearded best?


You can find the adorable bear, Indiana, also on Instagram.

pop (pup) culture references dominated the costumes last year. This year was noticeably more classic.
I llove Calvin & Hobbes and the choice here for a pup Calvin and human Hobbes.

Reigning champions, last year’s grand prize winners. were back from Texas (yes, they fly in just for this parade!!) with a wild space theme this year. Tiny chihuahua aliens and an astronaut, arguably overshadowed by their humans’ costumes.


They took second prize.

But seriously, when you’re this cute? Everyone’s a winner. That’s the gift of attending the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade!


I’m already looking forward to next year. And secretly wishing I’ll have a dog to dress up by then! (Don’t tell Pip!)

Stay tuned for more NYC Halloween in store for this week. But for now-

The end.


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