The Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade Featuring New York’s Cutest

Last week was rough. The kind of week that leaves you doubting everything about yourself and fighting back tears over Friday night beers. Saturday morning was gray and cold; all I wanted to do was bury under the covers and feel sorry for myself. Instead I hauled myself out of bed and dragged my boots down to Tompkins Square Park.


The park was crawling with dogs, hundreds of pups all wearing adorable costumes. Suddenly all my worries seemed far, far away. Puppies make everything better.

Try, just try not to smile when you look into these eager baby blues!


Saturday was the 25th Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade.

Touted as the nation’s largest Halloween dog parade and proclaimed (by me) New York’s cutest event of the year. Think of every animal video you’ve ever watched, multiply that by this year’s record 400+ participants, and that’s what it’s like to attend this event. SQUEEEEEEE, to say the least.


This year the competition was fierce. Focus is of course on the pups but to win this costume contest dog owners had to be as festive and creative as their canines. The Best in Show was a trio who traveled all the way from Texas to attend this dog parade. Their Dia de los Muertos ensembles made a huge splash, quite in contrast to the size of the tiny winning chihuahuas!


Other finalists included this 3 ring circus.


So much attention to detail from these two ladies and their 3 pups!


Attention to detail was apparent amongst all the winners. “The Bark of Mormon” had Playbills to pass out as well as a collection of hilarious Tony awards with clever labels like “Best Bitch in a Leading Role” and “Best Use of a Pooper Scooper”.


Creativity and cuteness every where you turned! This little piano actually played music. No simple trick either, a key went down with every note and the score rotated just like a life-sized player piano! Hand made costumes are always impressive.


Gotta love instantly recognizable cultural icons.


And high-brow costumes with low hanging tongues. That’s Frida Kahlo the pug.


An adorable child and a 3 legged dog sharing a pirate ship of a stroller as Captain Hook and Tink? Excuse me while I “AWWWWWWWWW” all over you!


And that awwwww ain’t stopping anytime soon.

Many with a “rat-sized” dogs took advantage of the viral Pizza Rat sensation. This little guy wouldn’t stand a chance against an NYC subway rat but what she lacks in strength she sure makes up for in cuteness!


This pup makes Trump look good! Better than good, he’s beautiful! Radiant!


Another Trump look. A belly-hanging-out, needing-a-strong-woman-to-carry-him portrayal.


While there are no refreshments for humans at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade there are many dogs dressed as people food.





POM frites!


and of course hot dogs!


Is that enough cute for you? No? Me neither.

Proving you don’t need a complicated costume to be cute AF.


Ob-Wan Kenobi. I could show you his Darth Vader and storm trooper parents but I kinda love this simple frenchie glamour shot.


Lots of Minions running around.


Rihanna and her red carPET glam squad.


Adorable 2 legged rescue with a whole parade float on his back!


Some dogs looked less than thrilled to be in costumes. Not this guy. He looks like nothing could make him happier than having hair like his daddy’s. SO STINKING CUTE!


Such a fun, happy, festive event, I look forward to the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade every year! Yep, if you want even more adorable pup pics check out my posts from 2014 and 2013. Hope the puppies in this post brighten your Halloween week like they did mine. Turning a rough week into a RUFF week! Which was your favorite (an impossible question, I know!)?


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  1. Those dogs are indeed lovable! Glad to see activities like this, giving some bonding moment between the pet and its owner. Those costumes are very creative and pretty sure those cute dogs enjoyed the day.

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