Baby’s First Baby Shower and Hangover from Hell

I attended my first baby shower last Sunday. Last Sunday was also the day after Halloween.

Behold! A perfect storm for my 29-year-old self!

OMFG: I am at the age where my friends are starting to have babies.

OMFG: I am at the age where a hangovers are so bad they render me infantile.

  • I couldn’t get out of bed. Standing up was completely out of the question.
  • Swaddling myself in my favorite purple blankie was the only thing that made me feel a little better.
  • I couldn’t drink anything without throwing it up moments later. (Note: For babies this is totally normal. For adults this is totally pathetic.)
  • Solid food was dangerous.
  • My 25 year-old roommate had to bring me a bottle. Of coconut water.
  • All I wanted to do was lie under my covers and cry.

Last Sunday I experienced the worst hangover of my life. You know what else happened last Sunday? The New York Marathon!

While thousands of runners completed the incredible goal of 26.2 miles, my only goal was to not vomit on myself!

While my beautiful friends prepared to celebrate bringing a new life into this world, I celebrated making it to the bathroom in time!

It was the day after Halloween, at least I wasn’t alone! I bet more people woke up hung over on Sunday than ran the marathon! At least I was throwing up in the privacy of my own apartment, not a taxi! Not some one-night stand’s bathroom! I weathered the walk of shame perfect storm! My shame was completely private. Ya know, before I decided to share it with the entire internet on my blog…

At an hour far to close to sunset (thanks Daylight Savings), I peeled myself out of bed, showered, and laced up my big-girl shoes. I ate something and kept it down. I even helped my roommate frost cupcakes. Recovered from Halloween partying just in time for a different kind of party. I was ready to celebrate a baby rather than act like one.

I stepped out my apartment carrying a box of cupcakes. Walking towards Broadway and the setting sun, I couldn’t help but giggle. My friends are ready to take care of a tiny, helpless baby! I still struggle to take care of myself! But hey, I’m not 30 yet, so let’s pretend it’s still okay. Really, it’s all part of the bucket list #30Before30

Were you hung over the morning after Halloween? This year or any year? Please, god, someone commiserate with me! When did hangovers become debilitating for you? This is a pretty recent development for me (and I guess what happens when it takes more than one beer to get me drunk)!

All photos from the movie The Hangover, click for credit 

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    1. HA! You are clearly the stronger one! I was supposed to go cheer marathon runners and just failed! Hope you cheered loud enough for me 😛
      Oh man…the whole babies thing….yeah….I’m not ready for the weirdness!

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