A Walk in the Dark in Central Park

Oh sure, Daylight Savings Time, I enjoyed stumbling into bed on Halloween at 3AM rather than 4AM as much as the next New Yorker. But now the sun sets before 5 and all I want to do is complain about you! Gah! You suck, Daylight Savings Time, you’re a big black hole of LAME!

Welcome to my internal monologue upon leaving work yesterday. It was pitch dark outside (total lie, it’s never near pitch dark in this metropolis) and I was cranky. Instead of hopping on the subway, I decided to take a walk. I soon found myself at the south-east entrance of Central Park.

The park was strangely deserted. For New York City anyway. A couple sat on a park bench and a few people walked further down the path. I hesitated. If my dad was here, he’d tell me walking in the park alone after dark is dangerous. But his concept of present day NYC is still heavily influenced by the ’80s. It’s still early! It’s not even 8PM! This walk is totally safe, I’m being silly!

Maybe you’re a real New Yorker when NOT being surrounded by constant crowds is what makes you anxious.

Crossing the bridge I could hear distant sounds of laughter and pop music.


It felt way too early and way too warm, but I knew where the noise was coming from. I knew what lay in that oasis of light behind the trees.

Ice skating! Wollman Rink is open for business. Yep, y’all know we have Trump to thank for that…


I’ve walked in Central Park at night many times. My first summer in NYC I worked for Shakespeare in the Park and walked across the park every single day after 11PM. Those nights were warm, it was summer. There was something slightly creepy about walking through Central Park on a lonely, autumn Monday night.

I knew I was headed for the Mall but when I got there I thought I was lost! It looks so different when it’s dark and NO ONE else is walking down it!

Yeah, yeah, I should’ve stayed on a main road. There were plenty of other people there. But I was never far from one, I never felt unsafe, and honestly it was pretty cool to feel alone and a little lost in the middle of this huge city. Literally instead of figuratively for once.

When I got to the 72nd Transverse there were bikers, joggers, and still signs of the previous day’s marathon.

Consider a walk in Central Park after dark. Because it rhymes. Because we’ve still got a month before it’s dark AND freezing. Gotta make the most of that!


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9 thoughts on “A Walk in the Dark in Central Park

    1. I’ve seen it so many times in the day, I loved the different photographic perspective in the dark! Plus I finally have a camera that can actually handle low lighting! Yay and thanks!

    1. YES exactly! “Naughty” is the perfect description and that and the serene beauty just made it all the more fun. 🙂

  1. Okay, haven’t you ever watched Law & Order SVU??? I’ve lost count how many story lines begin with Central Park 😉 Seriously, I loved your post! Having now spent a number of my visits to NYC visiting the park, I actually could understand where you where and loved the nighttime vibe. Cant believe Wollman Rink is already open though. It’s not THAT cold yet, though I hear that’s to change this weekend 🙁

    As for Daylight Savings Time? 130 days until we’re back on it. Sigh …
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    1. umm…..I don’t think I ever have watched SVU! Hard to believe, right? That’s awesome you’re familiar enough with Central Park to understand the path of my walk- that gives you some real NYC cred 🙂 And SERIOUSLY it is reeeeeally not that cold….I have a feeling the ice is kinda soupy; a fall = soaked through pants. Not my idea of good skating conditions!

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