20 Places I’ve Met Men in NYC

I totally fail at cliché when it comes to meeting men. I’ve never met a man at a bar. Never been introduced by mutual friends (will one of you please meet someone perfect for me already?). That said, if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I’ve met (and blogged about) plenty of dudes.

I know I have, this blog is written proof!

After a bad date (2 actually, I’ll tell you about the other one soon), too many lack luster OKCupid messages to count, and weather that forces me to wear a puffy jacket that obstructs any hint that I have boobs….I need the reminder.

So I compiled a list of places I’ve met men. I came up with 20.

See, Mary Lane? You’re good at meeting guys! Okay, fine, I guess I am. And you know what? There’s gotta be ONE dude in this city of 8 MILLION who will laugh at my jokes, think I’m adorable, and won’t be a bohemian man-child.

I have absolutely no clue where I’ll meet him, but maybe it’ll be place #21. Hm…seems like that should be a bar…anyone want to be my wing person?

So where does a goofball like me meet all these boys?
So where does a goofball like me meet all these boys?

Here’s my list, in no particular order. For most of them, you can click to get the full story.

  1. A bench in Central Park
  2. The after party of Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical
  3. Trader Joe’s
  4. Elementary School
  5. Walking up 9th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen
  6. Walking down Lexington Avenue in midtown
  7. The sidewalk of Times Square whilst promoting a Broadway show
  8. Again on the sidewalk of Times Square
  9. Online
  10. Goodwill
  11. Bodies: The Exhibition
  12. Strawberry Fields in Central Park
  13. On stage 
  14. Back stage
  15. Company Christmas party
  16. New Year’s Eve party
  17. My best friend’s boyfriend’s surprise 30th birthday party
  18. A Soul Rebels concert in Brooklyn
  19. A friend’s show at a super hipster venue in Williamsburg
  20. The subway

What’s the most interesting place you ever met someone? Have you ever met someone on the street (it’s not as weird as it sounds!)

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5 thoughts on “20 Places I’ve Met Men in NYC

  1. I recently discovered your blog after an unproductive bout of NYC nostalgia that led me from Youtube vlogs to scoping out the Manhattan real estate market on nakedapartments.com and finally, one of your expertly compiled lists of witty observations on living in New York. As a self-professed NewYorkophile who has been dreaming about the city since I watched Breakfast At Tiffany’s at 16 years of age, seen ever single episode of SATC at least 5 times and still posts throwback photos I took in NYC on social media from my 5 weeks there in January, needless to say, I am hooked. I used to be the teenage cliche in high school, writing posts on Tumblr about my personal life, attaching cute monikers and acronyms to my crushes, and going into chick lit-esque detail about how the boy finally asked me out after 5 months of unrequited love. Coming across your posts detailing your dating escapades in the Big Apple was like having a flashback to my Tumblr days, albeit less sappy and more sophisticated.

    I’m currently based in Melbourne but despite the apparently bleak dating scene in NYC, I’m planning on moving there after graduation. After spending the month of January in the city, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no other place in the world for me. In a city of 8 million, I’m sure there’s room for one more New York cliche right? To answer your question, the most interesting place I’ve ever met someone would probably be meeting a tall dark handsome stranger in Washington Square Park. I was taking some artistic shots of the dusk sky through a row of tree branches and lagged behind my friends. At first I thought he was genuinely curious about my photo when he asked to see it. My excuse is that I hadn’t dated in two years and was blinded by the glamour of New York City. The runner-up would be a hipster warehouse club in Bushwick but that’s because I don’t usually go for guys who sidle up to dance with you with the opening line that he has a smile fit for a toothpaste ad.

    Stranger in the Park ended up breaking my heart (whirlwind winter flings never work out, a fact I am sure you and I can both attest to) but Toothpaste Commercial ended up being a nice guy who I’m still in touch with. Romances in New York City are messy affairs but it’s a small price to pay as the real love affair is with the city itself.

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