I Say Yes to Day Drinking During a Work Day

Three things I wish to always say yes to:

  1. The call of a sunny day.

  2. Drinks with charming strangers.

  3. Only in New York experiences.

It was the Thursday afternoon of a long week, one spent working behind a desk. At 3PM I couldn’t take it any more. The only way I’d make it through Friday was if I left my cubicle immediately. So I did. I grabbed a mango-banana-spinach smoothie from the cart outside the office and decided to walk around the block. Sun shining down from the clear blue sky, it was a beautiful late summer day. I sipped up vitamin C, soaked up vitamin D, and smiled at how much better I felt instantly.

I walked down Lexington Avenue, lost in my own little introverted world of if-my-lunch-is-this-healthy-I-can-totally-have-ice-cream-for-dinner and how-breathtaking-does-the Chrysler-Building-look-always? Suddenly my daydreaming was interrupted.

“Hey, do you want to come get a drink with us?”

The question came from two guys walking past me on the street. They were cute, age appropriate, nice-looking fellas dressed in checkered button ups and chino pants (I would ask them later- “Did you guys coordinate your outfits?”). They were jovial, smiling, they didn’t seem threatening or crazy.

Still, my initial response was to say no.

No, I can’t get a drink with you, I must go back to the office! But…I didn’t really, I could take an hour for lunch if I wanted to.
No, I can’t, I don’t know you guys! But…I could sit in a bar in a public place and get to know you guys…
No, I can’t, I’m wearing my glasses! Yeah! How could you possibly stop me on the street when I’m wearing my glasses? I don’t look cute in my glasses! Is this a trick?

A rare photograph of me in my glasses. See? Hideous. (note: I’m both kidding & mocking myself for feeling self conscious.)

It wasn’t a trick. They were inviting me and all four of my eyes.

So I said yes.

Yes! Because all my excuses were kinda lame and I especially need to get over worrying how I look when I wear my glasses. 
Yes! Because where else but NYC does this sort of thing happen?
Yes! Because who am I to turn down something that might, at the least, be a good story?

I said yes and the next thing I knew I was sitting on a bar stool, sandwiched between two tall men in matching outfits. One was blond, the other brunette.

“We’re not gay, you know. In case you’re wondering.”
“I know. I could tell by your shoes.” #newyorkcliche

They were terribly charismatic, and probably already a bit drunk when I met them.

“You have to get the Budweiser here. I highly recommend it,” said the brunette.
“Well, with that kind of recommendation, how can I say no?” I laughed.

The next thing I knew, the three of us each had a bottle of Budweiser in front of us.

“You know what I want? A Bloody Mary,” said the blond.
“Okay, we’re getting three Bloody Marys,” said the brunette.
“Whoa guys! I can’t drink this much!” I said.

The next thing I knew, there was a Budweiser, a Bloody Mary, and a shot of whiskey in front of me.

They both worked in sales.

You try saying no to doing shots with two guys who work in sales in Manhattan. Especially when the job you have to return to is a temp one…
This shot will give me an opportunity to actually use my BA! I studied acting so I can hide the fact I’m slightly buzzed as I sit behind a desk answering emails! 

“We’re taking the afternoon off work. You should join us. We’re getting steak dinner.”
“No. I can’t.”

Now I said no without hesitation. An hour for lunch and returning with a slight buzz was one thing. No one would notice or care. Ditching my job completely? I’m not entirely irresponsible.

“Come on. I’ll write an excuse note to your boss.”

And he did.

excuse to leave work

By the time my hour lunch break was up, I had a slight buzz, an excuse note for the ages, and a date set for Saturday.

I went back to work where no one noticed anything out of the ordinary. On the outside I was stoic. On the inside I was giggling. What a funny, random encounter with two ridiculous guys. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that much with two strangers. (Don’t worry, I didn’t actually finish my 3 drinks.) It was an excellent reminder to open myself up to possibilities. Especially because my date on Saturday? It was great. Maybe I’ll even tell you how great later this week…

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  1. I love this! Classic #newyorkcliche (did I use that hashtag correctly? Still never been on twitter)

    Also who is that fat kitty on your lap?

  2. Haha I love it, such spontaneity! Sounds like great fun and I too need to get over how I look with glasses on 😉 You look great! Lovely afternoon read x

    Bridget @ thenoblefoodie.com

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