[Replay Cliché] Swim With The Fishes Of The Battery’s SeaGlass Carousel

 Originally posted Feb 2016, still an absolutely favorite for escaping the winter blues.

It’s that time of year when New Yorkers dream of running away to a tropical land. So long snow and gray skies, I’d like to scuba dive and swim with dolphins, please!

If a winter vacation is not on the horizon, run down to the tip of Manhattan at Battery Place “The Battery” and take a ride on the SeaGlass Carousel.

seaglass carousel fish

For five minutes of fantasy magic, I felt like I was snorkeling off the coast of Tahiti. Or at least starring in a critically acclaimed production of “Julie Taymor’s Finding Nemo”.

Battle the Winter Blues on NYC’s SeaGlass Carousel

Brand new to the Battery, the ride opened this past August. I’ve wanted to go since I saw the first pictures of giant, glowing fish seats. I ride the Roosevelt Island Tram with the enthusiasm of a kid at Disneyland, of course I needed to experience this!

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Street Art Saturday: Abandoned Building/Blank Canvas on Canal Street

Real estate in Manhattan is so valuable, it’s pretty rare to see an abandoned building. When you stumble across one, you have to wonder what the hell is going on. Why is the owner wasting thousands of dollars in rent!?

To give street artists a blank canvas?

I know one thing about this seemingly abandoned building on Canal and Mercer: it’s become a Soho gallery for rogue street art and graffiti.

These are not commissioned murals, this is art slapped on art in a chaotic, creative, free-for-all.

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Weekly New York Minutes – #2

Some of the fleeting moments in my week that made me stop and think, “I’m so lucky to live in NYC!”

Trees in the West Village embracing fully embracing “Sweater Season”.
Only in New York: an entire store front dedicated to PET PORTRAITURE. What could this possibly be a front for? My guess is assisted suicide (too dark?) – what do you think? Read More

New York Cliché of the Day: Here’s to the Bodega Flowers

Here’s to the single roses in cellophane, the sweet over-eagerness of first dates.

Here’s to the pink and red carnations, the cluelessness of men incarnate.

Here’s to highlighter-colored, dyed daisies, so fake but so real. 

Here’s to the lilies, as white as milk and often more fresh.

Here’s to the blooms that arrive every day, 365, rain or shine.

Here’s to the flowers, reminding us the someday spring will come.

New York Cliche of the Day: Celebrities on Broadway

I sat in a dark theater last week and watched a movie star perform on stage, just a couple hundred feet away. It wasn’t as thrilling as you might expect? Uma Thurman is making her Broadway debut in “The Parisian Woman”.

The Parisian Woman staring Uma Thurman

I didn’t sit down expecting “Kill Bill the Musical”, I promise.

The play tries to be provoking, current, and tantalizing but it severely lacks dramatic tension. The characters aren’t at all likable, and even worse they’re two dimensional. Set in the political sphere of present day Washington DC, there’s so much more intrigue and drama in the actual reality than the relatively banal fictional world of the play. Read More

In for a Treat At Spot Dessert Bar NYC

When it comes to dessert, in 2018 I want to go big or go without! No more newsstand candy bars eaten while waiting for the subway. Occasional indulgences for my sweet tooth rather than constant placating!

This resolve is enough to drive a sugar lover to the bar….

Spot Dessert Bar NYC

This place is adorable, unique, and all around sweet. It’s so popular it has two locations on the same block of St. Marks in the East Village along with another Manhattan location in Korea Town and still another in Flushing, Queens. Spot Dessert Bar is known for unique, whimsical, Asian influenced, signature desserts.

The presentation here makes everything extra special. The minute I saw a potted plant on the dessert menu- UM WHAT?- I knew my curiosity wouldn’t be satiated until I dug into it for myself!

Seriously! A dessert that looks like a potted plant!

Spot Dessert Bar’s Signature “The Harvest”

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15 of the Worst Things I’ve Seen on The New York Subway

1. The person who opened a can of tuna and nonchalantly ate directly from the aluminum while we all grimaced at the fishy sent.

2. The couple who gets on the subway in the middle of an argument. They may try to keep it civil while in a tightly enclosed space, but as likely as not fail. It’s either uncomfortable for everyone or almost fun to feel everyone on the train picking sides.

3. The guy singing to himself. He thinks he’s being quiet enough so no one else hears. He is wrong. (He might also be my boyfriend.)

4. People who leave their phone sound on and play games. DRIVES ME NUTS. But isn’t quite as disrespectful as

5. People who openly listen to music without headphones. NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR MUSIC. I actually said that to a guy doing this once, and guess what? Not only did he not turn off his music, he called me a bitch, repeatedly for the rest of the ride! Read More