Street Art Saturday: Double Your Mickey on Mott Street

Hey Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind- and make me see double?

This Mickey Mouse street art by JERKFACE has a lot of people rubbing their eyes when they walk by Houston and Mott.

A tricky optical illusion in paint! What a jerk for making us question our vision, Jerkface! Living up to his name in the best way, really.

The artist has been doing a lot of cartoon characters in his recent work. Including the Care Bear wall I featured a month or so ago! More on @incarceratedjerkfaces on Instagram.

This wall rotates somewhat frequently featuring the work of different artists. The sidewalk at it’s base reflects that with pure magic.

Street Art, Saturday selfies here! I’m listening to Wait Wait Don’t Tell me through my tangle head phones and enjoying a rare moment wear the rain let up. Hope you all are enjoying the weekend 🙂



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