Street Art Saturday: Currently Care Bear Corner

Standing at the corner of Jerkface Care Bears and JAS Ladies in Soho.

Also known as the corner of Kenmore and Mott in Soho. These wall change constantly. Last time I was here it was the corner of Where’s Waldo and Alien Eyes.

Go on Google Maps and you’ll see art yet again, completely different! Same corner, completely different vibe, always awesome art.


Who knows what will be there if you take a trip to Mott and Kenmore!


And that is part of the beauty and joy of NYC street art – it is fleeting, just like life! Don’t get too attached, even to the most iconic pieces!

I love how the sun light very much matched the contrast of pink and black here.


Street artist haculla’s work reminds me of anthropomorphic gum drops.

Have a great weekend. I’m trying to take the lesson from street art and live and enjoy the moment!

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