Museum Hack’s Unofficial, Unlicensed, Unbelievably Awesome Harry Potter Tour of the Met Museum

Harry Potter mania is sweeping NYC what with previews of the Potter play “The Cursed Child” just one month away. Now, you could sit in front of a screen for the next two days and attempt to get tickets… Or you can embrace that you don’t actually want to see a 6 hour play with ticket prices that rival Hamilton!

I solemnly swear I’ve got the perfect Hogwarts ticket for you instead.

Put on your house colors and head to the Met Museum for an event that’s faster than a Firebolt! More Potter-full than this theme restaurant in Brooklyn! Yes it’s-

The Completely Unofficial & Definitely Unlicensed Boy Wizard Museum Hack Tour!

Museum Hack, a tour company I love like Hagrid loves terrifying monsters, is known for energetic, off-the-wall, sassy tours of NYC’s biggest museums. Guides craft their own tours around exhibits and artifacts they are most passionate and interested in. This makes for the most intriguing stories, plus excitement and energy that never stop!

Cast a vanishing charm on everything you thought you knew about fuddy duddy museum tours.

Meet our guide Head Boy Scott, who loves the Potterverse so much he went through the entirety of the Met Museum finding anything and everything he could connect to the books.

This ‘Puff Head Boy never stopped moving. I could only get a blurry capture! He’s got more energy than a Golden Snitch and his knowledge for art might rival Hermione’s for spells. Not only that, Scott had enough Hogwarts references to fill 10 great halls! And enough Potter puns to fill five forbidden forests!

My favorite parts of Museum Hack’s Harry Potter- OOPS I mean- BOY WIZARD tour!

Seeing how many of my fellow tour participants showed up in Harry Potter attire (close to half, including the only Gryffindor in the group who was DECKED OUT.)

Sorting into houses – it’s unlicensed and unofficial so we all had slightly adjusted names which were a hoot – Nerdy Birds, Cocky Lions, Puffs, and Sneaky Snakes! (I’m a Sneaky Snake!)

Seeing kids visiting the Met look longingly at our group. I overheard several ask their parents “What are they doing?” and try to follow us. This tour is SO GREAT for kids. Have a Harry Potter loving kid who is bored in museums? This tour would change her life!

Locating and learning about actual poison antidotes from Hogwarts…that were historically thought to be actual antidotes…but science proves they don’t actually work!

Realizing just how many things in the Metropolitan Museum of Art feel like they’re straight out of the wizarding world.

Playing the nerdiest simulation of Quidditch ever and I won! Ok, I actually tied with a Nerdy Birdy… but of course I took the Golden Snitch prize cause I’m a Sneaky Snake!

If you’re a huge Harry Potter nerd and love museums, apparate to this tour immediately.

If you’re a huge Harry Potter nerd and hate museums, I would bet 10 galleons this tour will change your mind. In fact, Museum Hack has a 5 star guarantee: they’ll seriously give you back your muggle money if you don’t have a great time! This Boy Wizard tour is still in previews but you can find limited tickets, and all their other awesome New York City tours HERE!

Please gloat in the comments if you already have cursed Child Tickets! For more NYC Harry Potter mania, check out how the 5 boroughs would be sorted into Hogwarts houses:

New York City Boroughs Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

*All opinions are my own. I was given complementary tickets to attend this tour- thanks Museum Hack!- but not compensated in any other way!

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  1. Scott is just seriously amazing, and everything he touches turns into magic…therefore he’s the perfect tour guide for this! I will definitely be looking this up next time I head to NYC.

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