Weekly New York Minute #3

Every Friday I feature some fleeting moments from my week that made me stop and think, “I’m so lucky to live in NYC!” Here we go for the last week of January (so glad that month is DONE!)

Looking up and seeing someone’s birthday balloons stuck to the ceiling of Grand Central! This made me smile so hard. Think it was intentional or an accident? I can’t tell but I love it regardless. How the hell will they remove them? Will they just wait until they deflated? So many questions!

Snow in Central Park! I walked through the park after the dusting of snow we got on Tuesday. It was magical as always. But then I saw something completely CRAZY/scary?

FLOWERS. There were SPRING FLOWERS in Central Park on January 30th! I’m a little terrified about what this means for the world but also I LOVE SPRING FLOWERS.

Someone dropped this tiny fake flower on the dirty, dirty subway stairs. This is the kind of spring flower I expect to see the last week of January!

I just love seeing people walking around NYC with balloons. Especially when they’re not the kind of person you’d expect to see walking around with balloons (a la a blogger doing a photo shoot!) I can’t help but wonder where he’s going…

Someone who lives in a brownstone on West 23rd Street (#goals) put these adorable red birds in their front yard. How cute are they? They were up originally since December but now I realize their perfect for Valentine’s Day too!

What were memorable minutes of your week?

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