It’s a Marshmallow World in Manhattan: Central Park Snow, Yo!

Christmas ended a month ago. I’m well aware of this, but very time I step outside, two Christmas carols play in my head. Like that kiddie holiday record I was obsessed with when I was five, this makes me absolutely giddy. Sometimes I change the words.

Warning: if you spent the holidays cursing the tunes stuck in your head, you may not want to read further. Also, if you hate Central Park snow, get out now.

It’s a marshmallow world in Manhattan


After Blizzard Jonas covered the ground.


It’s a time for play, it’s a whipped cream day!


It’s not a time for running you exercise wackos!

Key change! Vamp!


In the meadow we can build a snowman


And pretend that he is Totoro


We’ll say, “Do you get that anime reference?”

And you’ll say, “Nah but I love snow!”


When it snows ain’t it thrilling?


Though your nose gets a’chillin’

Snowman with carrot weenie, just chillin’

A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight


Walking in a winter wonderland.

This January I’ve been walking through Central Park every day to a job on the Upper East Side. As you can see, it’s pretty magical. The temperatures for the next few days are in the 40s so it’s soon to change from magic to swamp. The Christmas carols will soon leave my head…. I’m guessing “Swanee River” or “Born on a Bayou”  will take their place. Maybe I should write a snow melting song…

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