New York Cliché of the Day: NYC on Ice

The Hudson River may not be frozen, but the piers that lead to it are on ice!

I am absolutely fascinated by natural ice! Sure, I’ve been ice skating in Bryant Park plenty of times but that’s manufactured ice. No more interesting than the cubes I take from my freezer. This is the real deal! Large bodies of water becoming solid? I’ll stand on the shore and watch with same fascination as your 5 year old niece watching Frozen for the 200th time.

The cold never bothered me anyway.

Ha ha ha I WISH I could belt that out into the Hudson and have it be true! The cold definitely bothers me. A lot less though because I know how to dress for it and have NO shame. Every picture of me this month is probably going to look the same…me outside wearing my giant puffy coat and heavy-duty boots that my entire family made fun of me for wearing on New Year’s Eve. Eh, you can mock me all you want! I’m warm! My feet aren’t wet and freezing! Let it go!

Last week I wondered if the Hudson ever frozen over. Yes, it did! Once, in 1821. Thanks to my lovely reader Katherine for looking this up! Imagine being able to skate from Downtown Manhattan to Hoboken?

Hey, I have to fill the void of no holiday decorations to moon over, no spring flowers to smell, not even any decorative gourds! January is hard and this week I’m happy to fill that void with piers full of cracking ice. Nature’s slurpy-ified Manhattan’s west side! Next week, who knows? Maybe I’ll be excited about puddles of anti-freeze. Gotta keep that winter blues at bay how ever you can…

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  1. We couldn’t believe all the ice in the Hudson! Our apt looks down right over Pier 92 and when it started freezing up we wondered if we would be able to walk to Hoboken. In Central Park, we saw 3 guys walking around on the ice on one of the small lakes. I was expecting them to fall in and wondered what language they would be yelling for help!
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