New York Cliché of the Day: The Cold Calm After the Storm

It snowed non-stop in NYC yesterday, but today you might never guess it.

I am always amazed at how quickly the city clears the streets after a blizzard.

Never have I ever shoveled snow. Or dug out a car from a snow bank. These are two of the beautiful things about spending winters in this city where most people live in apartments and don’t have cars. Many of the people who do shovel snow are pros. Literally paid to clear the path as quickly as possible.

When I stepped outside this morning after the storm, the sun was shining deceptively. Adjusting for windchill, it felt like 0 degrees in the middle of the day. ZERO DEGREES. That’s NOTHING.

Yet I bundled up and took a little walk on my lunch break. I’m a California girls who needs Vitamin D, damn it!

I’m a California girl but this is my TENTH New York City winter. All these years and still I find joy in the white stuff. Guess I’m not a jaded New York cliché after all/yet!


We’ll see if I still feel this way after the weekend which is supposed to be unrelentingly freezing. Sounds like a perfect time for writing blog posts and applying for jobs #NewYearNewJob. With a season or two of Black Mirror thrown in for fun.

Will it get cold enough to freeze the Hudson? Does that ever happen?

Hope you stayed warm during the blizzard and have fun/cozy weekend plans! 

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8 thoughts on “New York Cliché of the Day: The Cold Calm After the Storm

  1. (Repeating comment, without links.)
    “Will it get cold enough to freeze the Hudson? Does that ever happen?” I wondered, so I Googled. Yes, once, in 1821. NYT 2/2/03 NY Region. I also came across Dr. Hudson Freeze, Sanford Children’s Health Research Center. What a name.

  2. I can’t believe the snow in NYC – it looks absolutely crazy! NY is so much better at getting out there and clearing the streets than the UK. The UK just kind of stops when it snows. I’m still dying to see NYC in snow though!! Nikki x
    Nikki recently posted…Final Flight to BeijingMy Profile

    1. Aw I’m sorry you missed it! Though it does make travel a nightmare. Why can’t snow be perfectly timed? With White Christmases always and everywhere?
      Hehe also the grass is always greener…some times I wish I lived somewhere that shuts don’t when it snows! Sounds so cozy PLUS the ultimate excuse to CHILLLLL

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