The Ultimate I Love New York Gift Guide 2017

If you read this blog, chances are you love New York City. Want to spread that love to everyone on your holiday shopping list this year? Or maybe you Googled your way here searching for the perfect gift for someone you know who is crazy about NYC? Well you’re in luck because I went on a quest (around the internet and NYC) and found:

The  Best Gifts for People Obsessed with NYC!

1. NYC Empire State Building and Cab Salt & Pepper Shakers Walking the line between cute and kitschy, there’s room for these salt and peppers even in the most shoe-boxy NYC apartment. 

2. NYC City Slipper New York apartments are either sweltering or freezing, there’s no in between. These are for the person on your list who complains their apartment is cold. Who is stuck paying their on heat or whose roommate keeps the windows open (that’s a real thing).

3. Jacques Torres NY Collection – Chocolate Covered Blueberries Jacques Torres is one of the premier chocolatiers in NYC and he has a lovely New York collection of fancy chocolates. The perfect, little something that’s not-too-personal for a boss, co-worker, or employee who loves New York. And who wants to pretend eating chocolate is healthy – the blueberries have antioxidants!

4. Manhattan Subway Map Romper OR Oven Mitt Feel like you’re constantly getting burned by the MTA? Now you can burn it back with these MTA subway map oven mitts! Feel like the MTA constantly shits all over your day? Well…give this onesie to a new baby and know the little tyke will take on the task of shitting back!

5. New York City Map Cavallini Vintage Cotton Tea Towel Pretty dish towels are something I never buy myself but would love to have in my kitchen. Thus they make a great gift. This 100% cotton is a super detailed map of Manhattan with goofy vintage images. 


6. Sith Statue of Liberty T-Shirt Combine their love of Star Wars and New York with the fear for the current state of our country! (There’s one with a green lightsaber too…which I just realized probably makes a huge difference in the meaning of the shirt…but I’m too Star Wars ignorant to understand!)

7. Worn in New York: 68 Sartorial Memoirs of the City Perfect for the person on your list who loves story-telling and/or fashion. This book is compiled by NY Times columnist Emily Spivack and features first-person stories behind a piece of clothing that reminds contributors (some famous, some not yet) of a significant moment of their New York lives.

8. Nouveau York Taxi Clutch Okay, this clutch is $400 and tiny and, well, ridiculous. BUT AHHH! I LOVE IT! If you are looking at me like I’m crazy, read this blog post from Skirt the Issue and maybe you’ll understand.
If you have a disposable income and a manic pixie New York dreamer girlfriend…get her this clutch and she’ll be yours for at least 500 more days.

9. Brooklyn X Chrome Defend Beer Backpack In stark contrast to the above, this backpack from Brooklyn Brewery is practical AF. Your bearded, beer-drinking, Brooklyn, biker boyfriend will think it’s baller.

10. Elements of NYC Pillows Know someone who loves NY so much they wish they could just hug and squeeze it forever? Now they can with these brilliant, (maybe too?) realistic, NEW YORK CLICHÉ AF pillows. BONUS: They’re handmade by Brooklyn artist Ronda Smith.

11. Brooklynese Coffee Set Gift Box For the true New York Native who is fuckin’ proud of their accent or remembers it fondly after years of stamping it out. This cawfee set is expressly Brooklyn and includes two cawfee mugs, a shuguh bowl, and a creamuh!

12. Emily and Fin Unmatched Panache Midi Dress in NYC The magic of the city that never sleeps is now wearable in dress form. Reminiscent of art deco, featuring the shining city scape with Empire State and Chrysler Buildings, this print is subtle enough so she can wear NYC while in NYC.


13. Going Into Town: A Love Letter to New York You might recognize native Brooklynite Roz Chast’s drawing style from the thousand+ cartoons she’s drawn for The New Yorker. This graphic memoir and love letter looks absolutely delightful, a perfect gift to give someone who’s about to travel to NYC. They can likely gobble up all 176 illustrated pages on the plane ride.

14. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan So…I know nothing about video games…but a lot of people love them, likely someone on your list. Really, I just want to know if playing MUTANTS IN MANHATTAN will help you figure out how Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, and Leonardo translate to Sex and the City terms. Is Leonardo the Carrie of the group? Michelangelo, Samantha? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANALYZED THIS??

15. Skyline Necklace New York Delicate, detailed, and handmade. For the person who wants to wear her love for NYC on her sleeve and on her chest. Much more elegant than an I♥NY t-shirt and less permanent than a tattoo!

16 Brooklyn Pet House The purrrrrfect gift for your neighborhood bodega! Or your sister who talks about her cat too much and has mad people following him on Instagram! It is recyclable, biodegradable, and designed by artist Måns Swanberg in Brooklyn. Can you get more BROOKLYN than that? Fuggedaboutit.

17 New York City Chrysler Building Duvet Cover If you have to sleep in the city that never sleeps, you might as well do it in New York style. More art deco inspiration and cheerful yellow to get you out of bed and straight to coffee.

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