The Ultimate I Love New York Gift Guide

Most other blogs would call this a “Last Minute” Gift Guide. Not me. In my world, it’s not last minute til it’s Christmas Eve: last New York Minute! It’s certainly not last minute while standard shipping rates are still available! Please!

With 12 days til Christmas, we still have plenty of time! Sorta? Kinda? If you’re stressed out about what to get all the people on your list covered, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered! Assuming they’re all obsessed with NYC…but, again, in my world who isn’t!?

Gifts for People OBSESSED with New York City

nyc-gifts1. For your practical AF brother: You know you’re an adult when you start wanting socks for Christmas! These subway map socks from the New York Transit Museum are colorful, stylish, and a perfect reminder for any one who has trouble remembering which train lines run east and which run west.

2. For ANYONE you don’t know what to give: A Strand Bag is the quintessential New York gift. It’s better than an “I heart NY” shirt because you can walk around with it and not feel like unforgivable tourist cliche. The Strand is a massive independent bookstore by Union Square beloved by every New Yorkers who reads. Carry any one of their dozens of different designs and you’ll feel literary, smart, and a little superior to anyone outside NYC who doesn’t know what the Strand is.

3. For your fashionista sister: Betsy Johnson’s got her covered with this New York license plate purse. It’s absolutely ridiculous and anyone who calls themselves a fashionista in NYC really needs to pull their Metrocard from this purse.

4. For the dorky intellectual and/or cat lady: This MEW YORKER t-shirt from Mod Cloth is basically a compilation of everything I love in the world: New York and kittens and puns and vaguely intellectual magazines. Look at this close up:


If New York Cliché had a staff, I would demand they all wear this as a uniform. So really, anyone who wears this shirt is joining the staff of this blog! You can write that one the card as an added bonus when you give this shirt to EVERYONE YOU KNOW.

5. For your friend who always has perfect hair: Nothing like the skyline of NYC to brighten a rainy day and that’s what you get on the boarder of this clear umbrella from the MoMA Store! With the frequency with which we leave umbrellas on the subway, in taxis, and at bars, it’s always good to have an extra umbrella!

6. For your co-worker: Also from the MoMA Store, a ceramic version of this New York cliché coffee cart cup. If there’s one thing that unites this city, it’s coffee and this will let any one, any where, start their day the New York way.

7. For your hipster friend OR Granny who’s always cold and has questionable style: It’s a New York Cliché ugly Christmas sweater! It’s so perfect, you need to see a close up:


AND in the time it took me to write this post, it went on sale!

8. For your boyfriend or girlfriend (they’re unisex!) or your friend who always says NYC is her boyfriend: Let them know your love of NYC came first with this beautiful handmade ring of the city skyline. The details are superb and so is supporting  artists!

9. For the Abbi to your Ilana: Get your BFF hooked up with the coloring book trend with this New York coloring book illustrated by Abbi Jacobson, the co-creator of Broad City!


10. For your dude friend who really wants to be featured on Hot Dudes Reading: The NY Times called Never Can Say Goodbye: Writers on Their Unshakable Love for New York, “A collective valentine to the city” and had it on their Best Sellers List for weeks, so it’s pretty much a must-read. New York lovers love reading the words of others who share their infatuation.

11. For your friend who’s so crafty it’s annoying: Okay, I don’t think you should actually buy these because they’re $16 EACH. Instead, just steal the idea of making Christmas ornaments of the train lines! All you need is some colored balls, glue and glitter! Contemplating trying this for myself and blogging about it to fulfill a blog cliché with a DYI post!

12. For Dad: The Christmas cliché Dad gift: a tie!  This tie features the starry ceiling of Grand Central Terminal and would make any blue-eyed papa’s eyes pop. If you’re dad’s super snappy, there’s a bow tie version from the New York Transit Museum as well.

13. For your bossI’m in love with this Kate Spade New York scarf that’s just one big map of Manhattan to wrap around your neck. The map cuts off literally on the street I live on which tickles me and is why your boss will love it. Okay, not at all, but scarves are perfect lady boss gifts. 

14. For Mom: Scarves are perfect mom gifts too! My mom is picky as hell about presents, but even she loves a good silk scarf. Get this one from the Met Museum, “Dehn Spring in Central Park Scarf”, for a classy and unique gift. You can tell her the story of how you’ve seen the painting the print is from in real life and that you’ll take her to see it the next time she’s in town. 

15. For your friend who had to move away from NYC for work or school or something and misses it like hell every single day: They obviously need window curtains with the perfect downtown view of NYC printed on them so every morning they can wake up and for a few seconds feel like they never left New York! These curtains are completely ridiculous and amazing at the same time. Just like life most days in this frantic city!


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