New York Cliché of the Day: Green With Halloween Envy on the Subway

Oh the things us New Yorkers see on the subway. They run the gamut from (occasionally) delightful to (more often) frightful. When the sun on Halloween Weekend, train cars become costume runways.

Every year, I’ve found the nights surrounding Halloween to be one of those rare times when New Yorkers are open, friendly, and there’s a magic sense of community. Lots of asking “What are you dressed as?” and “You look amazing!” and “Can I take a photo?”

So I expect to see some epic sites on the trains this weekend and on the actually day of October 31st as well. What I was NOT expecting at all was to get a preview of it all the Thursday before Halloween, October 26th, on my commute at 8AM in the morning!

Halloween Comes Early to the Manhattan-bound 5 Train!



Was he doing a test run before the big day on Halloween? Was he on his way to work at….Sephora? Wicked? Busking in the subway singing “It’s Not Easy Being Green”?

Your guess is as good as mine! I’ll keep my eye out for him on future mornings! His color coordination with the 5 : Atlantic-Barclays notification is so on point, it makes me wonder if he planned it…

Are you into face paint? Wearing some tonight? Or are you like me and feel pimples forming just looking at it? 

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