City Streets Are Scary: Happy Halloween from New York!

It’s officially the Halloweekend and NYC is ready. You might not realize it at first glance. Times Square just looks like another day of buskers dressed as mangy Elmos. In the Financial District, you might spot of festive tie in the sea of suits. But head to the city’s more residential neighborhoods and you’ll find New York Halloween popping out of the bushes and lurking in doorways. Ya know, in the best way.

Halloween on the Upper East Side


Some of these million dollar homes go all out. Can you imagine the kind of candy they give out? Sometimes I wish I had a kid just so I could go trick-or-treating again!


I’m gonna say the “production quality” here is better than average “Halloween Attraction”. anywhere else in the country. Just go for a walk on East 67th Street by the park and you are in for a treat.


Or is it a trick? This house…is it a house? Is that a hearse under the tarp??? Is it part of the look, or a real hearse?? Is the scaffolding real, or just set up to complete the image! I DON’T KNOW! When you have millions of dollars and love Halloween….is this what happens?


Get closer to that squad of zombies on the right and see an intimate home-made quality that makes them are seriously creepy. Like they are literally wearing the close of a recently deceased grandma who went to Reilly University.

Warning: if you have a spider phobia, don’t look up.


Not scared yet? Let’s check out the scene in the West Village where they know what’s really scaring people this Halloween 2016.

Halloween in the West Village, NYC


AHHHHHHHH. Make him go away!! Shield your children!

Fortunately the children are too busy trick-or-treating. Yes, I’m jealous.


I love seeing kids running around the streets in costumes.


What was your favorite costume as a kid?


Can’t you just imagine running up those stairs, ringing the door bell and yelling TRICK OR TREAT? It seems like the kind of house that gives out full-size candy bars. It’s been almost two decades since I last trick-or-treated and I still know how to spot that kind of house!


These guys are classy as hell. This is a Ghirardelli kind of house, don’t you think?


I walked up these stairs just to take a picture. I didn’t ring the door bell, I swear!

Jackson Square on Greenwich and 8th Ave might be the most festive public park for Halloween in all of NYC.


It’s a graveyard smash. I made some friends.


I went down Perry Street looking for the amaaaazing Dr. Who Tardis I found last Halloween, but it wasn’t there! Good thing I took pictures and documented just how magical it was last year!

Halloween in Chelsea, Manhattan

Chelsea Market gets all decked out for Halloween. The marketplace always full of restaurants, cafes, and adorable shops is now full of skeletons and monsters.


When you enter on 15th Street and 9th Ave, you come face to face with a motion-censoring terrifying clown. I wonder how many people run screaming from Chelsea Market every day…

Don’t worry, I’m not sharing any clown photos!


Pumpkin Rat is the new Pizza Rat.


I was walking through the leaves in Central Park this week, when I stopped and stared. No one else noticed it except me.


Look closer at the very middle of this park scene, and you will see:

Even the Metropolitan Museum is decorated for Halloween!


The rooftop is still open, feature the PsychoBarn exhibit that I visited this summer! Spotting it through the changing leaves was equal parks magical and creepy. Psycho in NYC!

I only explored Manhattan, no doubt the are neighborhoods in the outer boroughs that are even more impressive!

Do you have any decorations up for Halloween? I have one big pumpkin that needs carving and a Hansel costume that needs assembling. My BFF is visiting from Germany (I’M SO EXCITED!) She’s wearing an authentic dirndl while I wear some American bastardization of lederhosen and we prance around NYC with lolly pops and bread crumbs as Hansel and Gretel. Should be cute! I’d love to hear your costume plan! And if anyone is taking a kid trick-or-treating, please share so I can live vicariously! Happy Halloween everyone!


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