PsychoBarn on the Met Rooftop

There’s some new real estate on 5th Avenue. It’s got killer views and looks like a the home of a serial killer.

transitional object psychobarn met rooftop

Every summer the Metropolitan Museum of Art opens their rooftop to the public and commissions a work of art for display. This year, Cornelia Parker’s blood red Transitional Object (PsychoBarn) sits high on the hilltop museum top.

A visually stimulating piece, especially after last year’s murky installation. I love the contrast of the Victorian gothic architecture with the skyscrapered backdrop of Manhattan.

transitional object psychobarn

The artist is British but the piece certainly harkens to American iconography: red barns, Hitchcock’s Psycho, film sets, even billboards in Times Square. It’s not a real red house, it’s just made to look like one on TV. Exactly like the house in Psycho was only a set piece.

transitional object psychobarn back

The red and white of the house looks positively patriotic against the blue sky, no? I’m not sure this exhibit will be drawing big crowds on July 4th, though the Met is open on the holiday, from 10AM-5:30PM. Halloween might be a more appropriate holiday, especially because October 31st marks the closing day for the rooftop and this installation.

met rooftop transitional object psychobarn

If you’ve never been to the Met Rooftop, I highly recommend it! There’s a bar up there with specialty cocktails. On hot days a nice breeze usually floats above the treetops of the park right onto this rooftop.

Fridays and Saturdays the museum stays open until 9PM. The view of the sunset over the park is especially gorgeous. met rooftop sunset

It’s the Met Museum, one on NYC’s biggest attractions. You might expect nothing but tourists. That’s true most of the time, but on Friday and Saturday nights, the scene is dominated by locals. New Yorkers love a good rooftop bar. We also know that admission to the Met is “suggested donation” and that You Should Never Feel Bad About Not Paying the Met’s ‘Recommended’ Admission Fee.

transitional object psychobarn cornelia parker

Check out the Met Rooftop from now until October 31. It’s open everyday, weather permitting. Yes, it does close during rain storms!

Don’t you wish you could watch the fireworks for the Met Rooftop? Alas, we have to find a different rooftop for that. Or fire escape. Or head down to South Street Seaport! Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! Hope you have a red, white, and blue blast if you’re stateside! If you’re in NYC for the weekend, Mary in Manhattan has a great list of 4th of July activities you can check out.

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