Puppy Preview for Saturday’s Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade!

Halloween is less than two weeks away and I have no idea what I’m going to be. But that’s okay because my favorite Halloween event is this Saturday and no one will be looking at me. We’ll all be look at super heroes like this beautiful boy at the…


Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade!

Get ready to be surrounded by adorable, fluffy cuteness because it’s this Saturday October  22! I’ve gone the past three years and each year I *SQUEE* harder than I’ve ever squeed before. And I’m not even a huge dog person.


Honestly, I think this event is responsible for turning me into a dog person. Woof, I’m indebted to it.

The Best Halloween Dog Costumes


Every year hundreds of dogs and many over-the-top owners flock to the East Village the weekend before Halloween. They wear outfits that run a fantastically broad spectrum: from store-bought to exhaustively hand made; of-the-moment pop culture references to Halloween classics.

Obscure pop culture homage or… a masked unicorn…sitting on a cloud?
The Wicked Witch of the West and the cutest flying monkey ever

There are the kids who are living out the wildest Mom, Dad, can we get a puppy? fantasies you had as a child.

Puppy Everything!


We all need something lovable and delightful to take our minds off this maddening election. I can’t think of anything more perfect than the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade.

Let’s get a taco truck pup on every corner!


This event takes place a dog run crammed with dogs and people. You might think it’d smell like pee, with dogs getting into fights and incessant barking.

Tompkins Square Bark


But no, it’s perfect. It’s a puppy utopia where everyone is well dressed, no one humps inappropriately, and no poop goes unscooped. It’s the best.

The puppy police keep the whole event orderly and running smoothly.


It’s more of a mill-around and runway walk than a technical parade. A sizable team of judges award prizes to the best dressed dogs. But the competition very much seems secondary. Although, between the first time I went in 2013 and last year 2015, it’s been crazy to watch the growth of owners promoting their dog’s Instagrams!

Like Oscar who I love following on Instagram. He’s adorable and clearly very special.
Hey, any one know a dog I could borrow for Saturday? I’d dress up my cat, Pip, but I know he’d hate it.

So will I see you at Tompkins Square Park (500 East 9th Street, New York, New York 10009) on Saturday from 12-3? Let me advise you to bring an extra battery and/or external charger: both my camera and phone died by the end last year: SO MANY PICTURES! Or will I see you here on the blog on Monday, were we can share all the amazing pictures of PUPPY CUTENESS!!!

I clearly can’t wait.

Fluffy! From Harry Potter! (Or Cerberus, from Greek mythology if you wanna be high-brow.)
Back to the Future, look how much Marty McFly loves Doc Brown
Obviously she’s dressed up as Million Dollar Charm. Look at her face! I love this lady!
Not enough puppy cuteness for you? Can’t wait until Monday’s post? You’re in luck! Check out my previous posts from previous Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parades!

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  1. We’ve been going for the past few years too, and we’ll definitely be there again this Saturday! Maybe we’ll see you there! 😉

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