My Favorite New York Minutes of the Summer

1 Lemonade stand, NYC style

nyc-lemonade-standThese kids set up their table on a corner in Tribeca. Look at that tray, look at that pitcher, look at that DECORATIVE BASIL . That wooden box of napkins in the background actually says LEMONADE. I’m not exaggerating when I claim this lemonade stand to be fancier than any cafe in the Midwest. Fuck “rice crispy treats”, these children have “Brown Butter Crispy Treats”. You bet your ass they’re gluten free. Organic too, one can assume. Despite everything, it’s still SO CUTE. And the absolute best deal you will EVER find in all of lower Manhattan.

2 Taxi driver who drives around with Wilson in his cabmr-ferrarii-taxi

“Cabbie to the stars”, guys. But look up “Mr. Ferrarii” and you’ll find his Humans New York story that 100% explains this Wilson placement. Like most HONY stories, it’ll warm the cockles of you jaded New York heart,

3 Perfect New York Cliché street sticker art


By Sophie Lambda. This is basically everything my blog stands for and makes me wonder if I should get a tattoo and dye my hair red…

4 The most inspiring garbage in all the world


The cliché is NYC is filthy, infamous for its horrendous garbage smells. Street artists in Brooklyn and Manhattan have created an amazing contrast between this waste and art.


Trash and beauty. I love it and wish all refuse could be this inspiring!

5 Moon over Manhattanmoon-over-nyc

Three pigeons, sitting on a lamp post, taking in the perfect view.

6 Pretzel over Manhattannyc-pretzel

Guerilla marketing at a hot dog/pretzel cart that makes me wonder:
Is the pretzel shellacked?
Why aren’t pigeons dive bombing for it?
When was the last time I bought a pretzel?

7 “Only 2 Red Balloons, Floating in the Summer Sky”balloons-nyc-streets

Only two, but they were so big they were nearly as striking as 99.

8 Fashion faux pas in Soho, New York’s “Fashion District”


“Oh, a guy wearing a funky hat,” you might think at first glance. NO! LOOK DOWN! Dude is not wearing any shoes!!!! Spotted him crossing Broome Street in Soho and I could not believe my eyes. No shoes on the NYC streets. Carrie Bradshaw would say he caught trichinosis. I say he reminds me of my ex-boyfriend.


This dude probably paid hundreds of dollars for this ensemble. Onesies for men are on trend now. LORD HELP US ALL.

9 A moment of fashion clarity on Riverside Drive


A pair of Crocs sitting on a park bench, abandoned. I saw them and imagined the glorious fashion epiphany of their previous owner. Maybe he walked home barefoot too! Suddenly there was an explanation for the barefooted man in Soho!

“Summer ended long ago!” you may be saying. Nah. The 5 day forecast shows all highs in the 80s. The official Autumnal Equinox is Septemeber 22. You can order PSLs with impunity on Thursday. Until then, we have 3 more days of summer. Savor the fuck out of them, friends!


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