New York City Gave Me Homework

I haven’t had a first day of school in almost a decade fuck I’m old. Even so, there’s still something about Labor Day that makes me want all new notebooks and a fresh supply of colored pencils. Something that makes me wonder if maybe this is the year the popular kids finally notice me. It makes me want a new look, one rad enough that everyone forget what a dork I was last year! 

I took my blog back-to-school shopping this weekend. What do you think, cool kids? I hope you like it!

September makes my mind and fingers itch.

heart art nyc

Hit the books! But…I have fines on my library card.

Start a project! But…it probably won’t live up to my expectations, so what’s the point?

Create something! Okay. Fine. Right after click through these 11 click-bait articles thinking “I could’ve done a better job writing that” for 9 of them and “I could never write anything that good, why even try?” for the other two. 50 minutes later: Wait, was there something I was supposed to do? I can’t remember. Hey, maybe checking Facebook will remind me! 

Goddamn it, Mary Lane, I’m sick of your excuses! Just do your homework!

New York City gave me homework. I was walking down Mercer Street in Soho and there it was in black and white:

remind this city why the hell you're here

I saw the writing on the wall.

My homework isn’t, “Do something awesome every day…” Nor is it, “Do something perfect every day…” Not even, “Do something you’re proud of every day…”

Do something every day to remind this city why the hell you’re here.

It’s that simple.

These are my struggles. They’re about as unique as my IKEA futon. I procrastinate and tell myself it’s okay because I listened to that TED talk about how procrastinators are my creative. Self Doubt and I are in a constant game of freeze tag and I’ve been hoping someone will come along tag me out. But that’s not how it works. I have to tell Self Doubt I don’t want to play any more but….I hate confrontation?

I’m in a city that constantly inspires me. I’m creatively stimulated ever day. It’s insane!

Is there anywhere else in the world with inspiring water towers?

tom fruin watertower

Or box trucks?

street art box truck

That makes you want to read The Great Gatsby for the fourth time?williamsburg bridge

Or inspires you to crawl out the window of your tiny apartment and onto the precarious fire escape just to take in the sky show?

nyc sunset september

One thing’s for sure, it’s the only place in the world that can get me to do homework. Because I really don’t want to flunk out.

Do you feel similarly in September? Have any “homework” you’re working on? Any one want to join me in my new assignment?


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4 thoughts on “New York City Gave Me Homework

  1. I love this season as well. And yes I keep reminding myself as I build my vegan skincare business that’s it’s 1 thing a day that will keep it growing. I’ve been reading You Are A BadAss as my homework! I highly recommend it:)

  2. I think about that line all the time. I just read an awesome article about a NYer that made a goal to speak to 5 strangers every day and I thought of you – it felt like something I would read on your blog. That kind of homework is fun – challenging, but fun.

  3. I’m on board! Living in Beijing, doing one thing each day to remind me why the hell I’m here sounds amazing! Look out for my post about this coming soon 😉 I’m feeling inspired by You! x

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