Love Trumps Hate, Pride Conquers Fear: NYC Pride Parade 2016

So much Pride poured through the streets of NYC yesterday.

NYC Pride Parade 2016

NYC Pride 2016 flat iron

I’ve never seen so many rainbow flags and I’m from San Francisco.

NYC Pride 2016 harlem united

This 2016 Pride Parade was important in the wake of the Orlando massacre. Love, support, and PRIDE rise above all else. You can say the words, “Love conquers Hate” and believe it’s true. Hope it’s true. Standing in the throngs of Pride, I saw it with my own two eyes.

NYC Pride 2016 sailors

Love conquers Hate.
Love wins.
Pride Prevails. 

NYC Pride 2016 fierce

To stand on a New York City street and feel nothing but Love and Pride? For eight hours? That’s an astoundingly powerful force.

NYC Pride 2016 hombres lounge

I said eight hours. That’s not an exaggeration. The parade started at 12PM. I showed up at 12:40, watched and cheered for a short while, then went to brunch in Brooklyn. I got back to the parade at 5PM and it was still going strong when I left at 7:30PM. NYC Pride is EPIC.

NYC Pride 2016 planned parenthood

celebrate NYC Pride 2016

The energy was so similar to Pride 2015 and yet markedly different. Last year NYC Pride happened just days after the Supreme Court ruled on marriage equality. That parade was all joy, all celebration, and pride. The atmosphere of NYC Pride 2016 was much more complicated. Joy and celebration and saying FUCK YOU to fear, sadness, and anger. NOT TODAY, SATAN. Still, every time we heard a siren, decidedly common in New York City, we felt a pang of worry. Were strength and bravery requirements just to show up?

Not really. This was a giant city-wide event on 5th Avenue, there was police presence everywhere.

It definitely does take strength and bravery to be unabashedly yourself.

Pride phoenix NYC 2016

It takes strength and bravery to love some one. Especially yourself.

That’s what makes Pride beautiful AF.

NYC Pride 2016 unicorn

NYC Pride 2016 go magazine

NYC Pride 2016

You can’t stop love. To think otherwise is moronic!!!!

And you can’t stop NYC Pride, not for over EIGHT hours.

NYC Pride 2016 streets

Tens of thousands (edit: more like millions!!) of people cheering and waving flags, lining the 5th Avenue in love and support. That’s an unstoppable force.

NYC Pride 2016 crowds



NYC Pride 2016 orchestra

I pulled up my Pride socks, put on my rainbow, heart-shaped sunglasses and cheered and waved at Pride.


Because I’m a straight ally. Or straight enough, anyway. I’m not personally enthusiastic about labels.

NYC Pride 2016 no labels

Because love is love is love.


NYC Pride 2016 human


NYC Pride 2016 west 4th

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    1. I saw an adorable police proposal video from the London Pride Parade! Made me tear up 🙂

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