Pride Parade NYC 2015 #LOVEWINS


My phone buzzed with an alert shortly after 10AM on Friday morning. I was on the subway and surprised to have a text come through. I stared at my phone a little dazed. SCOTUS RULES MARRIAGE BAN UNCONSTITUTIONAL. MARRIAGE EQUALITY FOR ALL. I emerged from the under ground onto the bright, sunny streets of New York City in the good ol’ USA! America the beautiful where love is love and everyone can get married from sea to shining sea!

I walked down the street smiling, which turned to a grin when I saw this guy.

gay pride marriage equality nyc


He was so ready for this ruling. Pride flag out the minute the news hit the airwaves. I imagine he’s been ready for this for decades. He had his own mini Pride Parade there on Park Avenue Friday morning. The perfect start to Pride Weekend and a preview of:

NYC Pride Parade 201


I’ve been attending Pride parades and fighting for marriage equality since I was 16 years old. This was a hella (as we say in my hometown) hella special!

NYC-pride-parade 2015

Rainbows EVERYWHERE! Except in the sky! The rain held off for the parade though had it not, many were prepared with festive umbrellas!



Can I just tell you how amazing it is to be in New York City and have EVERYONE around you radiating happiness and pride? I hope you can imagine that because it is truly fucking beautiful.


Glitter and be gay!

nyc-pride-parade 15

We’re dancing in the streets! Girl walked the whole parade in those heels. It is not a short parade, it’s at least a couple of miles. RESPECT!


She’s not just see the world through rose-colored glasses, she’s seeing it through LOVE!


Diva. Fabulous. Again, in awe of the heels: that’s a real person, not a mannequin, I swear!


Gorgeous. Look at that national pride, baby!


Together 32 years! I told them they were adorable and they were like, “Cause we’re old?” No! Cause you’re so happy and clearly so in love!

nyc-pride-parade 3

But yes, the old couples who have been together for decades, not able to marry, always make me cry. Always. I see a sign, “Together 37 years, married 2” and it’s like turning on a faucet. So happy for them!


Nerd pride!


It was lovely to see many churches represented in the parade. Hooray for God loving EVERYONE. There was a church on the parade route adorned with flags, with a table out front handing out cups of water. It fills my heart with joy and hope when religion actually practices what it preaches!


Love, acceptance, tolerance, peace!


I think this guy danced down the entire parade route. He is wonderful. Makes me consider checking out the Collegiate Churches of New York!


I didn’t see a single protester or anti-gay representative. Actually, that’s a lie. I saw a guy with a “JESUS SAYS REPENT” sign but he was holding a rainbow flag. Very confusing. There’s an article going about “Orthodox Jews Can’t Protest Gay Pride Parade, Hire Mexicans Instead” but I don’t think he was part of that! Still, every single thing I saw at Pride 2015 made me incredibly happy! 


Including some great butts!


And about a dozen Marilyn Monroes.


Hope you had a chance to celebrate marriage equality this weekend! If you’re overseas, maybe you’ve gain a bit more respect for America!

Happy Pride! LOVE WINS!

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