11 Reasons You Need to Ride the Roosevelt Island Tramway

There’s a little tramway that runs next to the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge. A little red tram car runs across it, from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island, several times an hour. I heart this tram. Oh course I do! It’s my favorite color! It let’s you rise about the city! It’s the best of public transportation (tramsportation?)!

1 Celebrate the Roosevelt Island Tramway’s 40th birthday!


The tramway opened on May 17, 1976. Today, my favorite tramway celebrates 40 years of rides.

2 Fly high above all awful NYC traffic.


Laugh and point and glide above the cars stuck bumper to bumper.

3 See Manhattan and Queens from a different perspective and get a fantastic view.

Ed Koch Bridge sunset

The only place to sneak a peak through the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge.

4 It’s easier to get to than Coney Island.


The Manhattan entrance is on E 60th Street and 2nd Avenue.

5 And much cheaper than a ride on the Cyclone.


The fare to ride the tram is just a Metrocard swipe. It’s obviously not fast like a roller coaster, but it still kinda feels like an amusement park ride.

6 You want to over come a fear of heights.


7 Or just feel the adrenaline surge when you look down and see the tiny tram shadow in the East River.

roosevelt island tram east river

“I hope these cables don’t break!”

8 Go off the typical Tourist Attraction path.


There will be tourists a plenty in your tram car, but they’ll be the best kind of tourists. Ones who like going off the beaten path. The tram car will be crowded, but you likely won’t have to wait in the kind of lines you do at most NYC destinations.

9 It’s the best way to Roosevelt Island, which has some lovely sights!


Cherry blossoms in the spring time.


Amazing views of Manhattan.


An FDR Memorial at the southern tip of the Island.

roosevelt-islandTom Otterness

Tom Otterness statues in the water of the North, Manhattan facing side.

If they look familiar, it’s because the artist also created brass statues in the ABC 14t Street Subway station.


Even a creepy, abandoned small pox infirmary!

10 You’re looking for a New York Adventure.


There’s just something about riding a tramway that feels like an adventure.

11 You miss skiing.


Especially the ski lifts. If you close your eyes in the middle of the tramway, you can imagine the tram car is a gondola taking you to the slopes.

Happy Birthday Roosevelt Island Tramway! Have you been on the tram or visited Roosevelt Island? Did cabling across the river make you giddy? That’s how I feel every time I ride it!

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  1. Nice post, good reasons! May I add #12? You get so close to all those highrise apartments, it’s like flipping through a home decor magazine.

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