“Everyone Loves New York”: A Perfectly Titled Book (Review)

Artists, creativity, and New York City: these are a few of my favorite things. Delightfully, all three are crammed into every page of the most aptly titled book I’ve read in quite some time:

Everyone Loves New York

© Everyone Loves New York, edited by Leslie Jonath
© Everyone Loves New York, edited by Leslie Jonath

Edited by Leslie Jonath and distributed by teNeues Publising, Everyone Loves New York features 85 pieces of art work that are visual love letters to the Big Apple. They each manage to capture a feeling of what life here is like: the frenetic pace, the way this town can feel so expansive one moment and so tiny the next, the colorful people all with different stories, the towering iconic buildings. The creative energy that is so palpable on the pavement of any NYC street radiates from every page.

Everyone Loves New York

It’s a coffee table book sized for New York apartments. The cliché: no one has space for typically sized coffee tables here! Everyone Loves New York will fit perfectly on the tiny end table in your studio. You can tuck it in your tote for trips a pull it out when ever you get home sick. You’ll feel instantly better. Don’t leave NYC without this book!

© Everyone Loves New York, edited by Leslie Jonath
© Michael Storrings

The book is light-hearted and whimsical- scenes of the Metropolitan Opera, carriage rides in Central Park, Greenwich Village stoops. You’ll find celebrations of the grittier side of the city on other pages: greasy Chinese food, cheap coffee, and pigeons surrounding hot dog carts.

Artists from all over the world contributed to create this collection. Their art perfectly captures the most beloved New York clichés:

The city that never sleeps.

Bright lights, big city.

“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere!”

Everyone Loves New York, edited by Leslie Jonath

If you dream of living in NYC, these images are what your fantasies are made of. If you live in NYC, or ever have, the artwork stirs up memories: “I’ve been there!” “This makes me remember the first time I tried to hail a cab.” The art will make you think of the moments you realize you love New York. Those precise times when your devotion overwhelms you so much you almost buy an I ♥ NY shirt. Almost. 

© Édith Carron everyone loves New York
© Édith Carron

You can buy this lovely little hardcover book here at teneues.com (Amazon as well, Prime shipping!). “The perfect gift for urban dwellers, art lovers, and anyone who dreams of life in the big city”- I’ll vouch for thatIt retails for $24.95

Note: I was provided with a press copy of Everyone Loves New York but received no other compensation for this review. All thoughts and enthusiasm are my own!

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