The Most Intriguing Online Dating Message Ever

There are some online dating messages you just don’t reply to. I shared 19 of them last week with the post 19 Reasons I Didn’t Reply to Your Online Dating Message. Anyone who’s tried online dating has received some awful messages. I heard from a lot of you guys about your online experiences, which was awesome! Commiserating about online dating makes it so much better!

Some who have received ones that are WAY worse than mine.

My favorite twitter buddy @golddust27 has started sending me the worst ones she gets with accompanying gifs. Everything is better when you can laugh at it! Betsy from Bitty in the City even said she’d received the exact same message from the exact same guy “Zachary”. I’d always wondered if the message quality would improve if I paid for an online dating service like but Sonya from Single Strides perfectly illustrated that is not the case with her blog post What I Learned On The 22 Best Pick-Up Lines Thus Far.

So many boring messages, so little chemistry when you actually meet people offline. It’s been getting me down. Honestly, I haven’t been dating much this 2016. I’ve been trying to focusing on other things. Finding a man is too cliché for me right now!

But then I saw the first line of this message in my inbox. No way.


I have to go on a date with him, right?? He knows wayyyyyyy more about me than I know about him, and he still wants to go on a date! Maybe he read my post 11 Reasons You Should Date a Blogger and said, “Yep, sign me up!” Will he be a like…a fan boy? Will he mention the ex-boyfriends he’s read about?? Will he comment on this post I’m writing right now??? Hey, at least I don’t have to wonder: When’s the right time to tell him I have a blog!

Maybe I can get him to write a post on what it’s like to go on a date with me! Haha, if he had a blog obviously those are the stories I’d want to read, duh. It will be a challenge to not just talk about my blog the entire date…I think I’m up for it.

That’s the thing about online dating. When you least expect it, you get a great message that makes up for all the shitty ones. And it’s important to keep in mind perspective: all it takes is one.



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6 thoughts on “The Most Intriguing Online Dating Message Ever

  1. First, thank you for mentioning my post!! Can’t wait to try dating IRL in NYC lol. Second, I’ve gone on a date with a fan before! Honestly it was great because I got free coffee out of it and he just wanted to know all about my writing. It was a great confidence boost and reminded me why I did what I did. I probably got lucky that he was totally normal though. And to close up, no second date.

  2. OMG YOU HAFTA GO OUT WITH HIM. He’s your blogging fanboi. OMG imagine the date! If he’s smart, he’ll take you for macarons and win you a stuffed animal at a carnival. He’s got all the inside knowledge! Just IMAGINE!!!
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